Jill Duggar Confirms Family Feud, Ditches Parents on Thanksgiving

Well, folks, it's official.

The Duggars and the Dillards are mired in a full-blown family feud!

And this isn't the fun kind where Steve Harvey tricks old ladies into making sex jokes on TV.

Now, this is the type of slow-burn Hatfield vs. McCoy-type beef that could drag on for generations.

At first, the families tried to hide it, but recently, Derick Dillard shared his feelings about Jim Bob Duggar in a lengthy Twitter tirade.

And now, the two clans aren't even pretending to get along.

Take a look:

1. It's On!

The dillards new house
The Duggars and the Dillards are very much at odds these days. And it seems they're no longer attempting to keep their family feud a secret.

2. The Dillards vs. the Duggars

The dillards vs the duggars
It's been quite some time since the Dillards and the Duggars were photographed together. In fact, you'd have to go back to Derick's ponytail days to find a pic of just the four of them together.

3. Hectic Schedules?

The dillards photo
But hey, life gets busy. Maybe the two families just haven't had time to hang out lately, right?

4. Hostility Reigns

Michelle duggar and jim bob duggar in silver dollar city
Yeah, we might be more inclined to believe that, were it not for the fact that the couples have had a very hard time concealing their mutual antipathy lately.

5. A History of Hostility

Jill duggar and derick dillard out and about
It all started back in December of 2017, when Derick was fired from Counting On after he made the baffling decision to launch an online bullying campaign against a teenage girl -- who happened to also be a star on the network.

6. Not Her Smartest Move

Jill duggar and derick dillard halloween 2019
Jill Duggar stood by her decision to harass Jazz Jennings, and she quit the show as a sign of solidarity.
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