Joey Lawrence Married Again 3 MONTHS After Divorce!

Less than three months after his divorce from ex-wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson was finalized, Joey Lawrence is once again officially off the market!

The 46-year-old star tied the knot with 34-year-old actress Samantha Cope on Sunday in a “romantic outdoor ceremony” at the Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, California. So reports People, which spoke to the Melissa & Joey alum about his new bride and their close connection!

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Beaming about his decision to marry Cope just a few short weeks after his divorce was finalized back in February, Joey explained to the outlet:

“It just feels so right. Life can be challenging at times, but when God gives you the right person, it’s worth it.”

Oof, feels like kind of a shady way to put it from the perspective of the mother of his children! Joey was blessed with “the right person” when they met while filming a Lifetime thriller called A Deadly Deed back in 2021. That was about a year after the Blossom alum first filed for divorce. He had known Chandie since he was 16 years old, and they were married for almost 15 years before the split, sharing two daughters. We guess after all that time it just didn’t feel “so right” anymore?

(Innerestingly, the marriage to Chandie also happened quite quickly, just weeks after his divorce from Michelle Vella in 2005.)

Samantha also spoke to the mag about her new husband. The actress said things clicked for her very quickly after initially being introduced to the sitcom veteran on set:

“From day one, it was such a safe place to be myself. He loves everything about me and celebrates all those weird quirks about me. I was so blessed to be in a position to receive that. Two weeks in, I was like, ‘I will be with you forever.'”


She ain’t kiddin’! She shared a post of the two with the #forever hashtag pretty darn early in the relationship!

Hey, sometimes when you know, you just know! Even coming so soon off a prior marriage!

Joey added this in that earlier convo, too:

“When you meet the right person, if you’re lucky enough, it cuts to the chase so quick. I have somebody who is like-minded and has the same love language and we communicate the same way. That’s super important. And I am so thankful.”

There’s that “right person” wording again. Well, we certainly hope this does turn out to be the best thing for everyone!

Congrats to the happy couple!

[Image via Joey Lawrence/Instagram.]

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