JoJo Siwa Brought To Tears Talking About Permanent Stress-Induced Hair Loss! Watch The Powerful Moment!

For JoJo Siwa, hair is a very sensitive topic.

The child star grew up famous for her signature ponytail and bow look, but on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, she revealed all the anxiety surrounding it! In a surprisingly emotional interrogation on Monday’s episode, JoJo opened up about how the pressures of her young life on Dance Moms caused permanent hair loss and constant judgment from fans. The 20-year-old teared up while reflecting on how her public childhood has made her “a very insecure person,” saying:

“Growing up in front of the internet, it’s the hardest thing. Everything gets judged. People told me I have a receding hairline — they don’t know that I have a stress rash and that’s why I’m balding right here.”

She motioned to one side of her hairline above her ear (as seen in the inset above).

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Addressing the unusual health issue — for someone her age, that is — she noted:

“A 12-year-old shouldn’t have a stress rash on their head that makes them bald, but I did.”

The former Nickelodeon personality previously opened up about this issue in a TikTok. Alongside videos of coach Abby Lee Miller yelling at her, she said she developed a stress rash that caused her to start balding. It’s traumatic for anyone to lose their hair, but then to be faced with hatred from the internet makes it even more difficult. No wonder she’s still emotional over it!

It’s not just the hair loss that caused the tears, though, it’s how being in the spotlight has changed the way she lives her life. It seems fun being famous, but having to be on all the time? It’s turned things that should be fun into part of her job. She elaborated:

“When I’m home, I’ve tended to be a loner. I like to do things alone. I like to have my solitude time because the reality is, it’s hard for me to go places. It’s not always fun for me to go places. It’s work, you know?”

Oof. Fame really is a blessing and a curse. See her candid conversation from this week’s episode (below).

Hopefully, her opening up about this will bring an end to the bullying and judgment! Not just of her, but of all women dealing with uncomfortable hair issues. Reactions? Let us know (below)!

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