Karen Civil Confessed To Paying A Hacker To Take Down Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Instagram

This drama surrounding Karen Civil is wild!

In case you’ve never heard of the 34-year-old, she’s a media marketing strategist who has worked with everyone from Nipsey Hussle to Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj and Hillary Clinton. But most recently, Civil made headlines for losing a lawsuit against comedian Jessie Woo, who claimed that the controversial marketer allegedly defrauded her out of millions. However, things did not end there, as she started trending on Twitter after some shocking revelations and allegations dropped over the weekend.

It all started when rapper Joyner Lucas came forward on Saturday in a series of tweets alleging that Karen scammed him of $60,000 in 2015 when he was new to the music industry and never completed the work he paid for at the time. He wrote:

“My son was on the way and you stole 60k from me before I got in the game @KarenCivil. I hired you as a consultant and below attached was the memo you sent me. I was desperate for help and you knew that. After you was paid you went ghost and didn’t expect me to pop. here I am.”

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He continued:

“After you got the money paid upfront, you stopped answering my calls & every time I hit you, you answered the phone with a attitude like I was messing up your day. I sent you hella messages pleading with you to do your job becuz my back was againts the wall. You took advantage.”

Civil reportedly fired back claiming that she had completed the work, as she contracted several people to finish the unspecified tasks. Take a look at the claims made by Joyner on social media (below):

Later that day, the New Jersey native then hopped on Clubhouse to address some of the allegations. There, she was confronted by the musician again. However, the most interesting part to come out of that chat room conversation wasn’t the accusations being thrown around by Joyner.

Instead, during the session, she apparently admitted to paying a hacker to take down Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Instagram account in 2018 after they refused to remove a post about Love & Hip-Hop star James R. calling her out for allegedly stealing $17,000. According to Hollywood Unlocked, she said about hiring a hacker:

“Jason is right on that. I told Jason to take something down. He didn’t and I did what I had to do, and I apologized. It got back to Jason — Jason called me upset flipping like ‘why the f**k would you do this, this is how I eat.’ I can own my bulls**t for that.”

Wowwww! Lee later took to Twitter to say that he is planning on taking legal action in light of the confessions made:

“Karen Civil needs to be in jail and yes, with the confession we will be seeking all legal and prosecutorial remedies available under every law. #OliviaPopeNeverAdmittedHerDirt”

We have a feeling there is no coming back from all of this! Reactions to the drama with Karen Civil, Perezcious Readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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