Kathy Hilton & Kyle Richards Are Still On The Outs — The Sisters Are ‘Still Not Speaking’ After RHOBH Meltdown

Things are no bueno between Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards.

As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know all too well, the two siblings had a major meltdown during a season 12 cast trip to Aspen that was shown on Bravo last year. Then, at that season’s reunion special, Hilton and Richards got into it once more, leading to a vicious brouhaha that shocked the entire rest of the cast — and Andy Cohen, to boot.

Now, it sounds like things still aren’t back to normal for the two sisters and longtime reality TV veterans. In fact, judging by this new insider info, it’s apparent there hasn’t been really any progress towards reconciliation at all. Ugh!!

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On Wednesday, People published a few new quotes from an RHOBH insider. That source revealed how 54-year-old Kyle and her 64-year-old half-sister are still at an impasse despite months having gone by since the season 12 reunion rumble:

“Nothing has really changed since the reunion. They’re still not speaking.”


By this account, it sounds like the impasse might continue for a while, too. Wednesday morning’s insider explained to the mag how neither sister has made any sort of move recently to come to the other one hat in hand and ready to apologize.

There is an uneasy distance between them, as the source explained, and the two half-sisters are very clearly enduring a significant relationship rift:

“Nobody has made an effort to sit down and patch things up. Kyle is busy focusing on herself right now and Kathy is doing the same. But they’re family and each of them are supportive of the other and always will be.”

FWIW, they aren’t completely not speaking. After all, both Kyle and Kathy were in attendance at Elton John‘s 31st annual Academy Awards Viewing Party in El Lay on Sunday night. But as People notes, the two siblings chose to sit at separate tables. Other RHOBH cast members and ex-stars were in attendance, too — including Lisa RinnaDiana Jenkins, and Crystal Kung Minkoff — but none of ’em pushed any kind of kiss-and-makeup scenario for Kathy and Kyle.

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That might be a good thing, tho. At least for right now! As the insider also explained to the news outlet, Kathy’s future with Bravo is itself still very much up in the air. Of course, RHOBH fans will recall how Hilton joined the cast as a Friend at the beginning of season 11.

But while season 13 is currently filming, Kathy hasn’t yet decided whether she will return to the show for it. While she is figuring out what to do next, RHOBH mainstay Kyle is playing the waiting game:

“Kyle is waiting like everyone else to see if she ends up doing the show.”

So there you have it, Perezcious readers.

There is no shortage of drama between these two. They go way back — way before Bravo, and RHOBH, and reality TV — and so spats like this undoubtedly bring up a lot of old, previously-settled s**t.

We just hope they can come to whatever conclusion is right and move forward appropriately. Onward and upward!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

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