Kellyanne Conway’s 18-Year-Old Daughter Claudia Posing For Playboy — And She Has SOME Explanation Why!

Notorious Republican political adviser Kellyanne Conway‘s controversial 18-year-old daughter is wading into the limelight once again — by posing for Playboy.

On Tuesday afternoon — just about six months after her 18th birthday, Claudia Conway took to Twitter to confirm she has chosen to pose for the online off-shoot of the now-defunct print mag.

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Per the digital NSFW brand, Claudia is not posing nude — she’s just posing nearly nude. In a statement to multiple media outlets on Tuesday, Playboy confirmed Claudia is showing off her body in a deal that aligns her sensibilities with the iconic, decades-old brand:

“Playboy believes all women deserve to have full control over their bodies and their voices. Claudia Conway is one of many women who have found freedom, autonomy, and major financial success on our creator platform. We welcome her and support her choices.”

Per the New York Post, Claudia has been operating a subscription page with the mag for several weeks. And, as we’ve mentioned, it is not fully nude. The Post termed it a “more safe-for-work OnlyFans,” with bikini pictures and other suggestive (but not completely naked) shots.

Playboy officials themselves have called the project “artistic nudity.” Claudia and other creators signed to the brand are working to differentiate their digital content from pornography. So… cleavage close-ups, and suggestive snaps, and bikini looks, but no full frontal and all that. Gotcha! We’d say it’s unique except, you know… for the existence of Instagram.

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Still, considering who Claudia’s parents are, it’s big news. Momma Kellyanne was Donald Trump‘s longest-serving administration aide. And Claudia’s father George Conway, a conservative lawyer, became one of the former president’s biggest critics! The married couple often duked it out over political problems in public. Eventually they — seemingly inevitably — filed for divorce. But surely they must feel some type of way about this Playboy news, right?!

Sadly, per the Post, neither Kellyanne nor George have publicly commented yet about Claudia’s career choice. But the teen herself has spoken out about it!! On Tuesday afternoon, the former American Idol contestant took to Twitter to offer up some insight about her decision.

In particular, Claudia took aim at the media, which she says “preyed upon” her over the last several years while covering Kellyanne’s activities with the Trump administration:

“the only comment i’ll provide: when i was 15-16, i was exploited by the media, preyed upon, and was forced into portraying myself as something i wasn’t. my body was taken from me. now, as a young adult, i am aiming to reclaim my womanhood and femininity in a way that is truly mine. i am putting myself out there in a way that is MY OWN and no one else’s. i have full control of my body and my voice.”

Inneresting take. As we recall, no one even knew Kellyanne had a daughter — until Claudia herself started posted bizarre and attention-grabbing videos and statements. Hmm…

Claudia went on from there, adding that she is “taking back” what was lost in an effort to “reclaim” her identity and more:

“i believe in writing your own narrative, like i’ve said in the past, and taking back what was once unjustly taken from you. autonomy and freedom are two things everyone should have. don’t let someone capitalize off of your vulnerabilities— reclaim them. sending you all light and love on this tuesday.”

You can see her righteous tweets (below):


This is definitely one way to reclaim your identity and sense of self in the public eye, we suppose.

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