Kourtney Kardashian Was ‘More Than Happy’ To See Scott Disick Enter Rehab Amid COVID-19 Stress

Scott Disick was forced to make a tough decision this year when the coronavirus spread across the country and lockdowns hit his home area in southern California.

As you’ll probably recall, the 37-year-old reality TV star immediately struggled with the pace of shutdown life, feeling trapped and restless inside his home, without the ability to work and travel at the pace to which he’s accustomed.

Soon after the pandemic hit this past spring, then, the Flip It Like Disick star opted to enter rehab to work on “past traumas” and avoid a tense, stressful situation with quarantine.

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Now, on this week’s season 19 finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we get a look at how that entire unsettling situation went down on camera. And just as we expected, the pandemic’s quarantine requirements — and Scott’s realization that he needed help — seriously affected baby momma Kourtney Kardashian and the pair’s three children.

In a new sneak peek showing off highlights from the upcoming finale, Scott can be seen stressing about the structure of the quarantine period.

At one point, he opens up to the Poosh founder about the difficulties he’s been having, revealing he tried and failed to get away to Malibu (below):

“I don’t know, this whole COVID staying in, no structure, it just like doesn’t work for me. It’s like making me feel like I just can’t handle staying home, not working. Like, renting a house in Malibu for an escape, that turned into a total s**t show with paparazzi. OK, this is no sanctuary at all.”

Not good!

The dad of three further laments his situation in a confessional, telling the camera he feels like he cant get “any privacy,” and that he’s “wasted all this time” during the lockdown:

“I just can’t handle having nothing really to do. And the truth was, I started feeling more and more anxious, more and more depressed. Like, I was gonna do something bad if I didn’t figure something out or take myself out of this position.”

Scary! But very smart and mature of him to realize self-destruction could be on the horizon, too…

Back in his convo with Kourtney, the New York native revealed his eventual solution: rehab.

Rather than do something potentially damaging to himself or his family, Scott instead explained to his co-parent his desire to get help:

“I go to therapy every week, but I never have any breakthroughs and I never feel happy, you know what I mean? I just didn’t grieve my parents correctly or give it enough time. I just want to be the best person I can be for my family … I just want to learn how to deal with everything the right way.”

Amen to that!

After revealing to the 41-year-old that he was able to find a facility which “specifically deals with past traumas,” Scott was all but ready to go and get healthy.

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Without hesitation, Kourtney gave her blessing for the treatment, saying in her own confessional:

“I am caught a little off guard, you know, because for the first time, Scott isn’t being asked to go away. He isn’t having an issue with alcohol or drugs and it’s like, his idea. So, I think it feels really different. And I’m more than happy [to support him]. This time, I think it’s really bringing up important work that we all have to do.”

Now that’s how you co-parent…

You can watch the full thing happen in Wednesday’s KUWTK teaser clip (below):

Super supportive!

And just in time to wrap things up with the season finale on Thursday night, at 8:00 pm ET on E!

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