Kristen Bell Warned Russell Brand Not To Touch Her On Forgetting Sarah Marshall Set!

Another day, another controversial resurfaced clip of Russell Brand!

Amid the star’s sexual assault scandal, numerous old interviews have come to light which have only made him look worse as he denies the very serious accusations levied against him. Now, the latest in the bunch asserts his reputation proceeded him!

Back in 2010, Kristen Bell opened up to about what it was like playing opposite Russell in the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which he starred as the sex-obsessed rock star Aldous Snow — a personality apparently not so different from his IRL persona. She said:

“I made it really clear from the beginning that I would sock him in the balls if he tried anything. So, he was intimidated.”

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In another chat with Daily Record that same year, the Frozen star insisted she didn’t give the comedian a chance to do anything NSFW, declaring:

“He didn’t try to mess with me or get in my pants. He knew I would lop his nuts off.”

Damn! She — as his coworker! — should NOT have had to put up such dramatic boundaries just to feel safe around him on set! Jeez.

Interestingly, Kristen felt his messy reputation wasn’t the whole picture, adding:

“Russell loves everyone to know that he’s a womanizer and he’s done all these strange things, but I think secretly hiding inside Russell is a very nice boy.”

We wonder what she thinks now…

As mentioned, the 48-year-old has been accused by four women of rape, sexual assault, and sexual and emotional abuse via a bombshell report out by The Times, The Sunday Times, and the Channel 4 show Dispatchers.

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