Lili Reinhart Responds To SUPER CRINGE Sugar Daddy Offers In Her DMs!

Even stars get strange offers from random people on the internet!

Over the weekend, Lili Reinhart decided that “it would be fun to go on here and answer a couple fan DMs” during some downtime at her parent’s home. But they weren’t all some lighthearted, fun messages from fans as one may have expected! Nope! They were very cringe!

First up, the 27-year-old actress shared a message from someone asking her how she would spend $3,000 if they sent it to her. She chose a realistic option — shopping — by revealing that she was “on the hunt for jeans and denim lately.” But then things got worse from there! Lili shared a message from someone who said he was “sorry if this offends you” — which, uh, everyone could probably guess where this is going! The DM read:

“Hey princess. … How are you doing? I’m sorry if this offends you would you let daddy spoil you with $5000 weekly no sending of nudes picture’s nor sextexting just attention and advice.”

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Yeah, you read that right. She got a sugar daddy offer! And with a straight face, Lil responded:

“It depends on what kind of advice you’re looking for, but you can message me back and let me know. You can ask me questions and I’ll try to give you the best advice that I can.”

That wasn’t the only weird DM! Another message showed someone asking how much she would charge for her used socks (oh no), adding:

“Please I’ll give you like $200 ik you don’t need the money but do it just for the fun of it.”

However, Lili wasn’t sold at that price. The Riverdale alum felt that it seemed” like a really low offer, considering– just, considering.” LOLz! You can watch the hilarious reaction video below:


Thanks for the questions! ❤????????‍♀

♬ original sound – Lili Reinhart

Wow!! Just… wow.

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