Maddie Brown: Sister Wives Star Pregnant with Baby #3!

Big news for the Sister Wives crew!

Maddie Brown has just announced that she’s expecting her third child!

Maddie Brown and Cute Family

Maddie is the oldest daughter of Janelle and Kody, and she’s definitely a fan favorite on the show.

She married husband Caleb Brush back in 2016 — if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely remember seeing her lovely wedding.

They welcomed their first child, a boy named Axel, a year later.

Then in 2019, they had a daughter they named Evangalynn.

Maddie Brown 1

Maddie and Caleb have been very open about their growing family both on Sister Wives and on social media.

She allowed TLC cameras to film her long, difficult labor with Axel, and she was prepared to do the same with her daughter, but there were of course medical complications.

When baby Evie was born with FATCO syndrome, a rare disorder that affects the bones in a person’s extremities, she was open about that, too.

Maddie Brown and evie

Even when they made the decision to amputate Evie’s foot so that she’d be able to eventually walk with a prosthesis, she shared photos and updates on the big operation.

Considering all of that, it just makes sense that she’d be ready and willing to let her fans know about this incredible news!

Maddie posted a photo to her Instagram yesterday that shows Axel and Evie (who have both gotten SO BIG) posing together in front of a fireplace.

It would be an adorable photo all on its own, but then you take a closer look at their clothing …

Axel is wearing a shirt that reads “Big Brother,” which checks out, but Evie’s says “Big Sister.”

And, well, that’s pretty clear, right?

Maddie essentially said the same, writing in her caption “The picture says it all!”

“The Brush family is growing by one early February,” she added.

So exciting, right?!

And some of her family members have already publicly shared how thrilled they are at the big news.

“SUPER CONGRATULATIONS SISTA!!!” Mykelti, who is currently expecting twins herself, commented on Maddie’s post.

Maddie Brown on St. Patrick's Day

Christine also popped by to write “Can’t wait for another grandbaby!”

Janelle shared the post to her own Instagram story and wrote “So excited!!!!”

Paedon even one-upped Janelle, also sharing the post but adding that he is “So so excited!”

Maddie Brown Says Hi

We’re sure the rest of the family is just as happy to hear the good news.

Congratulations, Maddie!

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