Maryland Dad Beaten To Death — Allegedly By His Child’s School Bullies

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Maryland father was savagely beaten to death last week after a school fight was brought to his doorstep.

Last Friday, Christopher Michael Wright laid down his life to protect his family when a group of three adolescents and two adults showed up at his residence with the relentless desire to continue a fight that first broke out at his child’s school.

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Tracy Karopchinsky, Wright’s fiancée and the mother of his children, told WBAL-TV Monday her 14-year-old son Trenton got into some sort of confrontation with another teen at his school, Brooklyn Park Middle School in Anne Arundel County, earlier that day. That evening a group of five showed up at their home looking for her son, and Chris came out to diffuse the situation. Sadly, things went south quickly:

“Chris came out to tell them, like, he’s not coming out here to fight, and they threatened at one point to come in and get him, and then they said, ‘If he’s not going to fight, then you’re going to fight.’”


Chris was then ganged up on by the ferocious group, getting relentlessly beaten and having his head repeatedly slammed into the concrete in front of his family. When emergency responders finally arrived, they quickly rushed him to a nearby shock trauma center, but it was too late. Tracy told the outlet:

“The damage was done before the ambulance ever took him away. He’d had a seizure, it was done. There was nothing that the hospital could do.”

One day later, the 43-year-old father died from a traumatic brain injury. How absolutely heartbreaking.

Chris’ sister-in-law, Kristin Karopchinsky shared with the outlet through teary eyes:

“I will never forget the noises my nephews made when we had to tell them [their father] was gone.”

The whole scene was caught on the family’s and a neighbor’s security cameras. Tracy explained that she attempted to review the footage, but it all became too much for her when she saw her 12-year-old son rushing to try and help his father:

“I was at Shock Trauma, and initially, my dad and I tried to go onto the camera to look, and the first video that comes up is my 12-year-old son screaming, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy,’ and running out of the house into the street to go help his dad. And, I couldn’t watch anymore after that. I just couldn’t.”

Who could blame her? We can’t even imagine…

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BPMS confirmed the fight between the teens, and said they are working with law enforcement on the investigation. Anne Arundel County Police Department spokesperson Marc Limansky shared with the outlet:

“Anybody who assisted or abetted, or was an accomplice of the main suspect, or the primary suspect in this incident would be culpable.”

See more (below):

As of now, the suspects have not been named, but the investigation is ongoing. A GoFundMe for the family, which you can visit HERE, has been started to help cover related costs.

Our hearts break for Chris’ family. We hope they can find some sort of justice — though obviously nothing will ever bring their husband and father back.

[Image via Kristin Karopchinsky/GoFundMe]

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