Meghan Markle’s Biographer Omid Scobie Says Even HE Was Victim of Racial ‘Prejudice’ By Royals

Finding Freedom biographer Omid Scobie revealed that he — like Meghan Markle — also experienced racial “prejudice” inside the palace.

On Wednesday, the royal writer appeared on This Morning to talk about the new chapter added to the book, which addressed the wishy-washy response to her allegations of racism from the royal family. As we all know by now, during the couple’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, they had claimed that a senior member of the royal household made some racist remarks about their unborn son, Archie. And in the new epilogue from Finding Freedom, Scobie and co-author Carolyn Durand revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex considered sharing the person’s identity but ultimately decided not to, believing it would have been “very damaging to them.”

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Additionally, the parents thought the Firm never took accountability for their actions. But does that really shock anyone? They haven’t exactly been stellar examples of how to address anything that has come to light about the systemic issues Meghan had faced within the institution. And it turns out she unsurprisingly was not the only one to deal with these problems…

Speaking on whether he thought the racism accusations were surprising on the daytime television show, Scobie confessed that he had experienced some bigotry in the palace as well. The author explained:

“We knew they had contended with issues surrounding race within the institution. I myself have experienced some prejudice from one or two royal aides in the past, so you can kind of know what Meghan was entering. And so it didn’t surprise me, but I think for it to mention a family member, that was kind of the moment that even myself, my jaw was on the floor — just like Oprah, it was the same reaction.”

Then, when asked for clarification on whether he suffered racism, Omid, who is Persian, claimed that someone in the palace “found it really peculiar that I spoke as well as I do” and dished out a “very loaded comment” that showed the “level of unawareness” in the monarchy:

“I wouldn’t say racist, but I just experienced prejudice. I’m mixed race, there aren’t many mixed race royal correspondents out there. … Someone very senior within the palace who found it really peculiar that I spoke as well as I do, and that was pretty much how they said it to me. And I’m used to ‘where are you from, where are you really from’ and all that kind of stuff, but that was a very loaded comment — and I’m sure it came not from a nasty place, but it just shows perhaps a level of unawareness within certain quarters of the institution.”

Host Rochelle Humes pushed for an answer as to “who” made the comments, but he took a page from Meghan and Prince Harry’s book, saying:

“I would not name that person.”

At this point, they should probably just start naming names because it seems like the palace needs a cleanse from those who continue to make prejudice and racist remarks towards others. You can ch-ch-check out the interview (below):

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