Niall Horan Calls Gwen Stefani His ‘Evil Stepmother’ After Losing ‘Dad’ Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’

Niall Horan Calls Gwen Stefani His 'Evil Stepmother' After Losing 'Dad' Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'

Blake Shelton became a father figure for Niall Horan when he made his debut as a coach on The Voice last year. Now all he’s left with his an evil stepmother – Gwen Stefani.

The 30-year-old joked about their relationship during an interview with Extra. More specifically, Niall called Gwen his “evil stepmother.”

She even confirmed that she “deserved” the title!

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Niall jokingly bestowed Gwen with the title, explaining by saying, “She’s been mean to me.”

She didn’t deny it, either. In fact, Gwen said, “I deserve that. I’ve been really mean to him… on purpose.” She even provided an example…

“It’s funny because last season Blake never mentioned Niall one time, like never even. I didn’t even know he was on the show. It’s weird,” she said, leading Niall to joke about if he and Blake were even friends.

Don’t get it twisted, though! Gwen was quick to clarify that she was just teasing. And Niall will be missing his former co-star.

“I’m gonna miss Blake,” he said, adding, “Blake was so good to have around when I first joined, to learn the ropes and see how it all works. No one knows the show better than that man.”

Blake announced that he was leaving The Voice in early 2023, prompting Gwen to make a comeback to fill his seat. This season also welcomed country star Reba McEntire.

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