Prince Harry Spills Surprising Plan For More Charity Trips Despite His & Meghan Markle’s Foundation Failures!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have run afoul of the Attorney General of the state of California with a major paperwork snafu involving their non-profit organization. But that isn’t keeping them from getting out there and doing more! …Even if, uhhh, the AG specifically said it SHOULD keep them from getting out there and doing more!! LOLz!

As you will no doubt recall, on Monday, it came to light the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Archewell Foundation failed to file its annual report with the state of California and pay the associated fee before the bill came due a few weeks back. So, Attorney General Rob Bonta shut ’em down. The high-ranking Cali government official sent a letter to Harry and Meghan demanding that they cease all charity work and fundraising until they can get Archewell back on track with the state!

A day after that royally embarrassing controversy first bubbled up, Harry and Meghan responded VERY strongly by claiming their foundation was not delinquent but all paid up and still in good standing! And now, Harry is indicating the couple plans to do much, much more — no matter what A.G. Bonta may have to say about it!

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First referencing the three-day trip he and the Suits alum just wrapped in Nigeria, Harry said this to People:

“It is hugely important for us to meet directly with people, supporting our causes and listening, in order to bring about solutions, support and positive change.”

Nothing wrong with that! Except “supporting our causes” might get a little dicey — at least for the time being — based on the state of California’s pretty explicit warning about Archewell’s ongoing work. Yeah…

Regardless, Harry did have some really nice things to say about how Nigeria has joined up in his beloved Invictus Games after first entering competition last year:

“I’m so happy with the growth of Invictus and to include Nigeria. You know what Africa means to me over the years. It is a very, very special place, and to be able to include Nigeria now [in Invictus], I’m very happy.”

That’s sweet! Specifically, he explained to the mag how an emotional visit this week to a military hospital in Kaduna was an epiphany for him. The Duke of Sussex recalled how the hospital was the site of “very low morale” for the 50 or so wounded men there. That is, except for two gentlemen — both of whom had participated in the Invictus Games last year:

“Out of those 50, there were two guys who were smiley and happy. And they were the two who were in Germany [at the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf] last year. That experience of knowing what life post-injury is like gives people so much hope. And hope, hope is a huge part of this.”

That’s amazing! He’s not wrong about that last part!

But then things got a little sketchy. Harry pledged he and Meghan are already looking to the future. That includes more travel opportunities meant to further mental health awareness and other initiatives about which they care deeply:

“There’s only so much one can do from home and over Zoom, so we look forward to traveling more because the work matters. Whether it’s the Archewell Foundation, Invictus or any of our other causes, there will always be reasons to meet the people at the heart of our work.”

Uhhh excuse us?! “We look forward to traveling more”?? Nobody tell that to Rob Bonta! LOLz!

Seriously, though — Harry and Meghan better get Archewell’s annual report issues in check with the state of California before they book their next flights! Whether the legal issue is just some kind of misunderstanding, like the couple’s team claimed on Tuesday, or there is a much deeper paperwork problem that needs to be remedied, they better figure it out ASAP! Just saying! Thoughts, y’all??

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