Prince Harry Will Reportedly Go After Camilla Parker Bowles AND Unmask ‘Royal Racist’ In New Book!

No one is safe in Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, including Camilla Parker Bowles and the thus far unnamed “royal racist” who expressed concern for Archie’s skin color.

In an interview with Closer magazine, Paul Burrell claimed that the Duke of Sussex does not plan to hold back on any details about royal life in his book, especially when opening up about the time of Princess Diana‘s tragic death. The 63-year-old former butler for Diana even suggested that Harry may go after Camilla and spill some of her secrets since she “stepped into Diana’s shoes.” He explained:

“I suspect Camilla will be in his sights, so I’d say Harry’s set to reveal any Camilla secrets. He’s already said he enjoys The Crown, which painted Camilla as the ‘wicked stepmother’ in a way.

That potential move will of course drive an even bigger wedge between Harry and his father, Prince Charles. As Burrell notes:

“Charles will be livid if he does go there.”

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Burrell went on to claim the 36-year-old prince also “could very well name” the family member who allegedly made racist remarks when Meghan Markle was pregnant with their now-2-year-old son, saying:

“The publisher, Penguin, will no doubt want their money’s worth in this book deal. That means they won’t want vagueness — they’ll want names and specifics.”

This is true! His readers also won’t want any more wishy-washy statements on the situation when they’ve been practically begging for the name of the person who had these behind-the-scenes discussions with the father of two for months now. As we previously reported, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand claimed in an updated edition of the biography Finding Freedom that the couple already considered revealing the identity of the racist in the household once. However, they ultimately decided that “sharing this detail” was a bad idea as it “would be very damaging to them.” Yeah, you think?

During their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the talk show host had even asked if Harry would have been willing to identify that person, to which he replied:

“That conversation I’m never going to share, but at the time, it was awkward; I was a bit shocked.”

“Never going to share”? Did things change now that a million-dollar book deal is on the line??

While Harry never said to whom he was referring, he did later clarify that it was not Queen Elizabeth or her late husband, Prince Philip. Over the past couple of months, there has been speculation on who this family member could be, with many pointing fingers at Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Anne, and, yes, at Camilla. Perhaps the tea Harry plans to drop about the Duchess of Cornwall is that she had been the one to make the disturbing comments?

We guess everyone will just have to wait and see what he decides to reveal when the memoir comes out in later 2022. What do YOU think Harry will cover in his upcoming book? Do you think he will go after Camilla and reveal the royal racist? Let us know in the comments (below).

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