Pringles Releases an Actual Caviar Collab, And It’s All Because of RHONY (Mostly)

Food and conflicts relating to it have been a recurring issue on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 14.

That makes sense. When you’re rich, the types of problems that you can have are limited. But everybody eats, and finding the wrong food or no food somewhere is a nightmare.

Early this season, Erin Lichy stunned castmates and viewers alike as her caterer paired Pringles with caviar.

Now, Pringles is seizing the moment … and launching a limited run of that exact product. Yes, there’s a real Pringles Caviar Collection, and you can buy it — while supplies last.

“Put it in my mouth,” Brynn Whitfield says. We suspect that we’ll see this screenshot on the internet without its original context. (Bravo)

This week, Pringles rolled out — and we are not joking — what they’re calling their Crisp and Caviar Collection.

“Crisp” is a British nonsense word for chips, as in potato chips. Caviar is an expensive, canned fish egg that tastes salty and fishy.

And part of the inspiration for the product appears to have been The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Season 14 Hamptons getaway.

This might look like a joke, but it isn’t. Pringles really did announce a limited edition Caviar Collection in September 2023. Only while supplies last, of course. (KELLOGGS)

On Season 14, Episode 2 of the landmark Bravo series, Erin Lichy hosted her castmates at her Hamptons home.

There were a number of issues. Brynn had to be late. Jenna arrived separately (and ahead of) the other Housewives.

Sai brought her own toilet paper. Ubah wanted to grab a sandwich first from Provisions. And Erin greeted her guests with an expertly catered spread of caviar.

Erin Lichy welcomes Cynthia the Caviar Caterer to her Hamptons Home on The Real Housewives of New York City S14E02. (Bravo)

Erin’s caterers seemed more cautious about what her castmates would or wouldn’t eat than she was. Erin didn’t ask if they liked caviar ahead of time.

Though Erin noted that Jenna does not eat dill, she mostly seemed to express dismay over it.

(Real talk? Jenna likely has a dill allergy. Not everyone gets hives or whatever from food allergies; sometimes, your body just rejects the taste of it in an extreme way)

Feliks was one of two Caviar Caterers who arrived on the second episode of RHONY 14 to help Erin Lichy prepare snacks for her guests. (Bravo)

Caterers Cynthia and Feliks laid out a beautiful spread of caviar.

Whether or not you eat it (honestly if I’m eating fish eggs, it’s tobiko and it’s on sushi because it just tastes better), you can appreciate the art of the presentation.

But Erin’s spread — at the suggestion of her caterers — included an unexpected element. Pringles, of course.

When Cynthia the Caviar Caterer asked Erin Lichy if all of her guests actually like and eat caviar, Erin revealed that she did not know but simply assumed so. As the episode progressed, she would learn the answer. (Bravo)

Pringles are a canned potato chip. Honestly, they’re what you get when you’re really desperate for that type of chip, and the store is completely out of Stax. (Sorry not sorry; Stax taste better)

On a scale from caviar to Pringles, you have … that’s it. That’s the entire spectrum of food fanciness, from greatest to least.

We have not personally tried mixing notoriously salty fish eggs with notoriously salty chips. But, according to Jenna, it’s “not a no.” (So long as there’s no dill on it)

At Erin Lichy’s Hamptons home, RHONY 14 cameras captured the skill and care that her caterers put into laying out a spread of caviar. (Bravo)

Sai De Silva spent much of the season being the most vocal about her food needs. (And toilet paper standards)

“They put caviar on Pringles? You a high-low type chick?” she remarked to the camera. To the confessional camera, to be clear.

“You went to the bodega and got the Pringles…” Sai marveled. “You couldn’t even get me a blini?” (A blini is an Eastern European pancake)

“I picked caviar because that’s a nice, bougie snack for these bougie bitches,” Erin Lichy explained to the S14E02 RHONY confessional camera. (Bravo)

So, what does this one little snack have to do with actual Pringles in the real world? (Rich people do not live in the real world)

Simply put, this appetizer broke containment and spilled over onto social media. Including the children’s algorithmic hell app, TikTok.

There, food aficionados were curious enough to try the same combo. All told, TikToks about this unholy union garnered about 10 billion or so views.

Erin Lichy’s guests would see how creative her caterers were with their caviar spread. (Bravo)

So, Pringles realized that there was an actual market for it outside of Erin’s Hamptons home.

There are a number of pairings of caviar flavors and Pringles.

The price ranges from $49 for one kit to $140 for another.

Did you know that Ubah Hassan does not like caviar? It’s so hard to tell with her. (Bravo)

Also? Each it includes a gold caviar keychain with a can opener and caviar spoons.

Some of them include an exclusive Pringles serving tray.

We’re sure that these trays — exclusives from a limited edition run of an almost unthinkable food combo — will receive a hefty markup on resale bidding sites.

Over the phone, Erin Lichy marveled at Ubah Hassan’s dislike of caviar, while Jessel Taank and Sai De Silva cackled with amusement. (Bravo)

You can purchase these kits on the Pringles x The Caviar Co. website, but only while supplies last.

When the kits run out, there are no current plans to make new ones.

It’s hard to see these becoming an everyday item. The cheapest kits cost the amount of, what, one delivery order for two? And the more expensive ones match the cost of a small grocery order. (Food is very expensive in 2023, by the way)

Behold, the spread of caviar-on-Pringles that Erin Lichy’s caterers set out for her RHONY 14 castmates. (Bravo)

RHONY 14 has introduced viewers to captivating characters and has been a true success.

This cast is exactly what Bravo needed to inject new life into the series.

But even if Bravo one day reshuffles things, this crowd has left an indelible mark on the world: the Pringles x Caviar collab that no one else had dared to imagine.

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