“Ready Player Two” Movie Adaptation In The Works?

There are fewer sure things in Hollywood than that there’s an interest in making a sequel to Ready Player One. After all, the Steven Spielberg film is based on a best selling novel by Ernest Cline, did well at the box office, got nominated for an Academy Award, and now has a sequel in book form. With Ready Player Two having hit shelves recently, the chatter about a Ready Player Two movie is ramping up. It’s still the early days, but it sure does sound like plans are in motion. Read on for a bit more about this brewing early news… According to The Playlist, author Ernest Cline has spoken about the flick being in early development over at Warner Bros. (not surprising, considering the aforementioned Ready Player One). Nothing yet on the screenwriter or director, but my guess is that Spielberg doesn’t return. Maybe Cline co-writes the script, but I think WB will look to another filmmaker like Peter Jackson, Kevin Smith (a long shot, admittedly), or Edgar Wright to take the director’s chair of this IP heavy property. Time will tell, but count me in if/when it does happen. The first book and film are so much fun, and I’m about to read the sequel, so if it happens, I’ll be there. Here’s a bit from their post: “Ready Player One” author Ernest Cline has revealed during a chat with Inverse that his follow-up novel “Ready Player Two” is now in the gestation phase of development at Warner Bros. However, he doesn’t mention who will be writing the script or who will be directing it. “It’s in the early stages right now,” Cline tells Inverse, “especially since Hollywood is in limbo right now. But I can tell from the experience of making the first movie that everybody had a lot of fun.” Stay tuned for more on Ready Player Two! (Source: The Playlist)