Real Housewives Of New Jersey Stars Danielle Cabral & Jennifer Aydin Suspended After Getting Into Bloody Drink-Throwing Fight!

Real Housewives Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin just got into a bloody brawl! Oh, s**t!

According to All About the Real Housewives, the ladies were filming for Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s 14th season last week when a massive fight broke out!

The drama all went down at co-star Teresa Giudice‘s Tipsy in Tulum party on Thursday. Sources told the outlet producers weren’t expecting things to escalate like they did — but the women were arguing before the party. An insider spilled the tea:

“Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral had a conversation prior to Teresa Giudice party where they had some words with each other.”

But it went FAR beyond just words!

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They added:

“Once Danielle arrived to the party, Danielle decided to continue the conversation. Jennifer ended up revealing something about Danielle that didn’t make her look good and it set Danielle off but no one was expecting for things to get physical.”

Another insider explained what went down, detailing:

“Danielle immediately went in Jennifer’s face screaming, ‘I see you!!’ while others tried to get her to back away.”

Nobody could get Danielle to cool down — and she ultimately took things to the next level, they explained:

“She would not step away from Jennifer Aydin’s face so Jennifer pushed her shoulder to back off. That’s when Danielle grabbed a drink and threw it upside Jennifer’s face resulting in blood.”


Things just got more chaotic from there, the confidant continued:

“People were screaming she’s bleeding and Danielle did not care, she made it like she wanted it to keep going. Jennifer was even left bruised after the cup broke on her.”

Now, according to Us Weekly sources, Cabral threw the beverage in a plastic cup — which is much better than glass! — but if it still drew blood? It must’ve been a hard hit!

All About the Real Housewives insiders went on to share that the production team jumped into action to break up the brawl, noting the show’s security stepped in “and Danielle Cabral was asked to leave from production.” Bravo is reportedly taking the incident “very seriously,” the source noted:

“They take this seriously and there is a current investigation going on so both Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral have not filmed since that night. They were both scheduled to film on Friday and it was cancelled.”

Us Weekly confirmed both stars have been suspended from filming until further notice. Neither has addressed the controversy yet, but Jennifer did unfollow Danielle on IG sometime shortly after the altercation. A tell-tale sign of trouble! Aside from that, they’ve carried on business as usual with Danielle posting a cryptic message on her social media on Sunday:

“Focus on the good. And let God handle the rest.”

Similarly, Jennifer posted about enjoying a “low-key” night at Giudice’s house on Saturday.

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This drink-throwing debacle comes one year after Aydin found herself in trouble for a different drink-throwing ordeal involving Joe and Melissa Gorga. It also comes as NBCUniversal is working to implement better guidelines for working conditions on its unscripted shows after getting a ton of pushback from stars, including Bethenny Frankel. As the Skinnygirl CEO started working with lawyers on a campaign for fair conditions, the company announced in a statement via Deadline:

“NBCU is asking for enhanced workplace training specifically tailored to unscripted production environment and all principals of production companies, including those that only occasionally interact with cast and crew.”

One of their priorities is reportedly to focus on “more serious consequences for physical violence on set.” It’ll be interesting to see if they put this into action for RHONJ. Per, there will be “alcohol trainings” on set following the incident. Whoa.

A premiere date for this new season hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s safe to say this will be a wild ride! Reactions?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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