Spanish ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Forced To Watch Her Own Alleged Sexual Assault ON CAMERA!

A reality TV star on Spain’s version of Big Brother was forced to re-watch the footage showing her own alleged sexual assault by another cast member, according to media reports.

The initial incident actually occurred two years ago, in November 2017, when 24-year-old cast member Carlota Prado (pictured, above) was the victim of an apparent sexual assault by her then-boyfriend on the show, Jose Maria Lopez.

Footage recorded by the house’s cameras allegedly shows Lopez having sex with Prado for several minutes while she was unconscious.

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As bad as that alleged sexual assault is, though, it gets even worse: days later, Prado was brought into the house’s diary room by Gran Hermano producers and ambushed with the video of the alleged attack.

According to the BBC, the reality contestant was directed to re-watch the assault by the “Super” — a disembodied voice in the house which gives commands to show contestants.

The footage, first leaked online late last week where it quickly went viral throughout Spain, played in spite of Prado’s tears and pleas for it to stop. As you can see in a 45-second clip of the controversial moment (below), the young woman is an emotional wreck as she begs the Super to stop forcing her to re-watch her assault:

Against her wishes, the Super (AKA, the show’s producers) chose not to stop the re-broadcast of the alleged crime, only repeatedly telling the contestant that “we think you need to see this, Carlota,” as she shook and sobbed while pacing around the room. Despicable!!!

We are all for reality TV drama, but this isn’t saucy hijinks we’re talking about. It’s rape.

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Lopez was booted from the show at the time, and producers allegedly reported the incident to police immediately. Prado initially chose not to press charges against Lopez, though — and ultimately returned to the house five days later — which is when she first saw the footage of the alleged assault.

Earlier this year, a judge investigating the reported attack has recommended Lopez face trial for his alleged actions, according to Sky News. And Spanish news site El Confidencial spoke to Lopez’s lawyer, who says his client denies all sexual assault allegations — despite there being apparent video proof of him engaging in a sexual act with Prado for “several minutes” before show staff allegedly spoke up over the bedroom speaker to stop him. Absolutely disgusting…

That same Spanish outlet also spoke to Prado about the matter right when this entire incident was first leaked days ago, roughly two years after it occurred on the show. The former contestant was rightfully indignant over her treatment by Gran Hermano producers, saying:

“There should have been someone at my side, a psychologist or someone who would help me face those really difficult images. They never asked if I wanted to see that … if they asked, I would have said no.”

No kidding!!!

The Aftermath…

In the last several days, dozens of Spanish companies have pulled their advertising from the reality show after outrage over Prado’s treatment has gone viral across social media networks in the European nation. Spanish politicians have even gone so far as to suggest the show’s producers ought to be criminally investigated over this incident, according to the BBC.

And Endemol Shine Group, the company behind the Big Brother format worldwide, released an incredibly tone-deaf statement on the matter to the British news outlet, explicitly apologizing for the leak itself rather than the horrific act and its aftermath:

“We’d like to stress no footage was ever shot with the intention of being broadcast. However, with hindsight we regret that the conversation where Carlota was informed took place in the diary room environment.”

So… had the leak not occurred, they would have just quietly sat on this footage forever? Just as they had been for the last two years? GEEZ!!!

Our hearts go out first and foremost to Carlota Prado for apparently enduring multiple horrific violations in several ways. We can’t even imagine…

What do U think about this difficult, unsettling incident, Perezcious readers??

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