Taika Waititi Explains How He Knew Wife Rita Ora Was ‘The One’

Taika Waititi Explains How He Knew Wife Rita Ora Was 'The One'

Taika Waititi is opening up about his relationship with wife Rita Ora and how he knew she was “the one.”

The Oscar-winning filmmaker said in a new interview that he knew Rita was the person for him before they even started dating!

“It might’ve been when we first met, which was even years before we got together,” Taika said on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up.

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Taika confirmed they first met at a barbecue.

“We became very good friends and, you know, we were always the last people hanging out at the end of the night just chatting and then she’d say, ‘Okay, cool. I hope you got an Uber,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, see ya,’ and then a few years of that, and then she eventually, she said, what I love about her is that she knows exactly what she wants when she wants it,” Taika said.

He continued, “After a few weeks of dating, she said, we’re at dinner and she said, ‘Hey, you know how everyone says like, “Let’s just take it slow and see what happens” and you’re not to rush into things?’ I said, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ and she said, ‘We’re not doing that.’ She said, ‘We’re all in,’ and I was like, ‘Okay.’ You don’t disagree with her.”

Taika and Rita just made a red carpet appearance together the other day!