Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Are Making Huge Holiday Plans With BOTH Families!

The world’s most in-demand couple is speeding towards the holidays!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are doing whatever they have to do to be together for the holidays! Even with her busy schedule and his demanding weekends playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, they’re determined to make it work. And with their families, too!!

According to a Monday report from TMZ, the pop star and the tight end are working out their schedules to spend as much holiday time together as possible. First of all, Thanksgiving — which comes up on Thursday of this week in case y’all haven’t been looking at the calendar — is likely to go down in KC. Travis’ family will already be there, since he and the Chiefs play his brother Jason Kelce‘s Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.

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Sources are saying this could be a two-family Thanksgiving, with Taylor’s fam-bam planning on showing up to KC, too. Y’all!!! Putting together the two families for a holiday like this is a HUGE step!!! Plus, Travis just bought a massive new home in Kansas City that’s far more secluded within a gated community. So, that could make things easier when it comes to hosting A-list Taylor and her loved ones. Eee! Such a big moment!!

Christmas is still more up in the air, apparently. Per that same source, the couple hasn’t made firm plans. FWIW, the Chiefs host the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day, so perhaps Taylor could spend it in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium?? And the Chiefs are also at home against the Cincinnati Bengals on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. So, there might be a lot of Missouri time ahead for Taylor! (And her ‘rents!)

However it plays out, insiders told TMZ the couple is dead set on spending the holidays together. Taylor has a ton of tour obligations next year. She’ll be traveling the world all year beginning in February in Tokyo, and at various intervals clear through next December. So they’ve got to get quality time in now!!

Our big question is… will there be another big question coming this Christmas? Look, y’all know what we mean. Families coming together for the holidays. Very traditional time for a family-oriented couple to get engaged. Look, everyone is thinking it, we’re just saying it out loud is all! LOLz!

Do YOU think it’ll happen??

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