Teen Mom DILF Gallery: Check Out the Show’s Hottest Dads!

Daddy? Dad? Daddy?

Those are the words that many of their children use to describe them.

But when it comes to these beefy Teen Mom baby daddies, it's also what thirsty fans and viewers all but bark at their screens.

A lot of the drama that we see on MTV can be a real turnoff.

Every now and then, on the show or on social media, one star or another whips out his DILF card to set fans back on track.

We're not just talking about Cole DeBoer, either.

There is a lot of beef in the Teen Mom stew.

Take a look below at some of the stars who are embodying (and even redefining) dad bod:

1. Cole DeBoer

Cole deboer cradles chelsea houska baby bump on christmas mornin
Cole DeBoer has had fans feeling some-kind-of-way ever since Chelsea Houska introduced him to the world, and it's not just that he's a good partner. The dude is hot.

2. He's also transformed his look

Cole deboer before and after
We wouldn't go so far as to say that Cole "wasn't always hot," because the guy's been handsome the entire time, but he definitely worked his body into shape, working fans -- and Chelsea -- into a frenzy.

3. Tyler Baltierra

Tyler baltierra bulge
Congratulations are in order for Tyler and for Catelynn. A lot of parents don't have time to work out, but Tyler makes time -- for his self-image, for his mental and emotional health, and frankly, to make himself extra hot. It's paying off.

4. Tyler has been very open about his journey

Tyler baltierra body transformation
He is always quick to point out that he has further to go on his ongoing fitness journey and to be almost apologetic when fans praise his body, but the praise is hard-earned.

5. Zach Davis

Zach davis shirtless on instagram
Not everyone who gets full body tattoos intends to display them for the world to see, but when Zach hosts an art show of his ink, people can't help but comment on the canvas. He has a stellar body.

6. Way to go, Cheyenne

Zach davis shirtless on teen mom
Zach and Cheyenne only became engaged in April of 2021, but she's known that Zach was a hottie with a body that didn't quit since they first dated in high school.
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