The Bachelor: The Most Stunning Exits in Bachelor History!!

Since the early 2000s, The Bachelor franchise has delivered shockers, emotional meltdowns and twists we never saw coming.

Usually, these result - or stem from - an elimination.

Or a dramatic departure of one's own volition. Or someone being asked to leave by the show itself. Or just a really bad breakup.

All of the above have left an indelible mark.

With the TV cameras rolling, obviously. Not even The Bachelor spoilers or Bachelorette spoilers can prepare you for this.

Suddenly it's no surprise that this franchise has stood the test of time, airing for 40-plus seasons, with no end in sight.

The men, the women and the moments featured on this list made their way onto it for very diverse, but very real reasons.

Often through no fault of their own.

All provided images we won't soon forget. At least not 'til the next season airs on ABC and we update this list once again.

Where does this week's Bachelor season finale, and its devastating heartbreak for multiple people, rank on the list?

Behold, the most stunning exits in Bachelor history ...

1. DeAnna Pappas AND Jenni Croft

Brad blows everything
The one that started it all: Brad Womack rejected Jenni Croft on his season finale, and looked poised to propose to fan favorite DeAnna Pappas ... who he ALSO rejected! No matter what stunners took place in subsequent years - and we've seen a bunch, including the most recent finale - walking away with nothing and breaking two hearts AT THE FINAL ROSE CEREMONY remains the least expected (and least popular) move in franchise history. And moreover, DeAnna became The Bachelorette and also left a fan favorite runner-up heartbroken (we'll get to that shortly), beginning the Golden Age of Bachelor(ette) Ratings.

2. Becca Kufrin

Arie and becca
It wasn't just that Arie Luyendyk Jr. got engaged to Becca Kufrin on The Bachelor season finale, then broke it off within a matter of weeks. We've seen that many times before. It wasn't even that he went back to Lauren Burnham, his season's runner-up, in the wake of that broken engagement. Jason Mesnick (scroll down) pulled that one off too. But the way in which Arie ended things with Becca - blindsiding her with cameras rolling, and ABC airing the 40-minute scene uncut - nearly took the top spot on this list. Just savage. Fortunately for Becca, she got a second chance as The Bachelorette that very summer, and is still together with her final rose recipient Garrett Yrigoyen.

3. Jason Mesnick

Jason mesnick deanna pappas photo
DeAnna Pappas became The Bachelorette, as we said, and threw fans for a loop by rejecting beloved single father Jason Mesnick, who was so smitten with her, in favor of Jesse Csincsak ... who she stayed engaged to for like two weeks. Jason was the most obvious pick for The Bachelor in history on the heels of this, but he generated some controversy himself.

4. Melissa Rycroft

Melissa rycroft and jason mesnick
Jason Mesnick upped the ante on both Brad and DeAnna in the finale night shocker department. After getting engaged to Melissa Rycroft on his season finale, he dumped her ... on the After the Final Rose special, in favor of runner-up Molly Malaney! At least this one had a happy ending, though: Jason and Molly are happily married, to this day, and have a beautiful family together.

5. Madison Prewett

Madison prewett picture
Madison Prewett's decision to self-eliminate on The Bachelor finale in 2020 was bizarre for many reasons. 1. She had already given Peter Weber an ultimatum about not having sex with the competition, which he clearly did. 2. She appared to be eliminating herself earlier this season, but showed up at the penultimate rose ceremony and received a rose instead of Victoria Fuller. 3. Peter's family approved of this! They seemed 100% sold on Madison's fellow finalist Hannah Ann Sluss, who is 100% sold on Peter ... but despite the fact that Hannah Ann was the only one left after Madison's departure, he's not feeling it! Remind you of Arie, anyone? Peter sure did a number on her, not to mention ...

6. Hannah Ann Sluss

Cuddling with hannah ann
Hannah Ann Sluss' exit from the show was unlike anything in franchise history. She got engaged to Peter Weber on the finale, only to get dumped after the fact and lay out - live on After the Final Rose - all the reasons Pete strung her along, led her on, withheld critical information, only proposed to her so he didn't have to let her go, robbed her of her first engagement, and most of all, failed to act like a real man. Just an epic performance by Hannah Ann, who conducted herself with the confidence and maturity you wouldn't expect from a 23-year-old. Kudos to her.
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