The Heart-Wrenching Way Khloé Kardashian Reportedly Found Out About Tristan’s Love Child Scandal

So as it turns out, Tristan Thompson apparently couldn’t even tell Khloé Kardashian about his new alleged love child and contentious paternity lawsuit battle in person.

According to a new report by The Sun, the 30-year-old NBA star reportedly opted NOT to tell his 37-year-old baby momma about personal trainer Maralee Nicholsclaims of being pregnant with his child. In turn, Khloé allegedly found out about Nichols’ pregnancy and the cheating allegations in the worst way possible: via social media messages sent by fans. Yes, really…

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Per the outlet, Tristan apparently wasn’t ever going to tell her about the baby news and Nichols’ lawsuit, leaving her to discover the disturbing news online through the rumor mill. An insider explained how that happened, revealing to the publication:

“Khloe was shocked to her core when she found out — and even more shocked at how she found out. It wasn’t Tristan who told her, it was messages on social media that her team were getting way before the story came out.”

Holy s**t!

It’s bad enough to be in this situation, of which the conception of this child apparently went down back when the basketballer and reality TV star were still together. But then to not own up to it?! And to decide you’re just not going to tell the mother of your child?? Come on!

Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Have ‘No Label’ Despite Attending Kourtney & Travis’ Proposal
We just feel bad for Khloé and True as they are forced to deal with the consequences of Tristan’s actions! / (c) Tristan Thompson/Instagram

The source also revealed more deets about the dynamic between Tristan and Khloé at the time he and Nichols allegedly conceived, saying:

“Khloe may now be saying they’ve been broken up since spring — but that’s not the whole story. She had actually been giving Tristan ‘one last chance.’ He was getting therapy, and staying single and out of trouble and then they were going to see where they were at.”


Like we’ve written about in the recent past, Khloé is super trusting — probably too trusting, TBH — and sadly she’s now dealing with having been burned by somebody close to her again. It’s just absolutely mind-blowing that Tristan couldn’t just TELL her what was coming down the line, instead forcing her to allegedly find out via social media. Like, why?!?! WHY???

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Also, even though we’ve previously reported about how Khloé’s family has been bizarrely supportive of Tristan through this ordeal too, it sounds like that patience has worn thin.

This insider further explained the KarJenners are apparently pretty adamant that the 37-year-old moves on from the professional athlete once and for all, and deal with him only to co-parent daughter True Thompson:

“Her family are furious she’s been left embarrassed again. They’ve told her she’s been humiliated for the last time. They’re telling her co-parenting and a friendly relationship is fine, but getting back together with him and acting like a couple is too far.”

Let’s be real: that’s good advice. Take it, Khloé! Just saying! What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Sound off with your thoughts on Tristan’s reported cheating scandal down in the comments (below)…

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