The NEW Ellen DeGeneres ‘Will Have To Prove Herself’ Following Accusations About Her ‘Mean-Spirited’ Reputation!

Between the sincere apologies and self-deprecating wisecracks, Ellen DeGeneres knows she still has some real work to do to get back in everyone’s good graces again.

As we reported, Monday’s season 18 premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show kicked off a whole “new chapter” for the 62-year-old host, who did not let things get underway without addressing the toxic workplace allegations this summer and exactly how she plans to help employees and her audience to move past them.

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During the 7-minute opening monologue, DeGeneres acknowledged that she’s in a “position of privilege and power,” and she hopes to wield that influence to make amends with everyone involved in her show. She spoke candidly of her shortcomings, admitting that although she can get “frustrated” and “impatient” sometimes, she’s now committed to working on all of that instead of you know, allegedly threatening to fire people who looked her in the eye or worse.

The thing is, for all of her uh, unique quirks and demanding requests as a boss, Ellen supposedly never wanted anyone to think she was actually a nasty person! We know there are lots who’d disagree and enough evidence to point to the contrary, but one source recently told People:

“Ellen is definitely a perfectionist and knows she can be difficult, but she never wanted to come across as mean-spirited. She is looking at herself to make changes.”

Well, there’s a relief. Even though at least three other producers were named in BuzzFeed News’ initial report about the toxic workplace allegations, this introspective attitude is key in making things right again.

The comedian has already gotten a head start on that by connecting with the show’s 270 employees through Zoom calls prior to the big premiere — here’s to hoping those regular internal meetings continue in a positive way that allows concerns to be voiced and heard! As for her fans, the Finding Dory star is hoping a stacked lineup of upcoming celebrity guests including Emmy winner Kerry Washington, Adam Sandler, and Amy Schumer will help audiences move past the controversy.

One industry executive told the outlet things are already starting to turn up for Ellen, explaining:

“She did a good job of admitting her mistakes. It was evident that she has been trying and has made big changes. We’ll see how that goes.”

However, another source insists DeGeneres “will have to prove herself” a bit more:

“People want to give her a chance because this show means a lot to everyone working on it, but it’s going to be a long road.”

Here’s a quick tip! This might be hard for the funny woman, but maybe she should lay off making jokes about the incident for a little while. The last thing she needs is to appear as is if she’s just mocking the whole ordeal, right? Cause that would definitely be mean!

Perezcious readers, do U think Ellen’s reputation will ever bounce back from the drama?

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