TikTok Obsesses Over Pamela Anderson’s GENIUS Trick For Getting Someone To Marry You: ‘Shakespeare COULD NEVER Be This Wise’

Looking to tie the knot soon?? Pamela Anderson‘s got you covered!

The 55-year-old has been making tons of headlines this week after the release of her memoir, Love, Pamela, and her candid documentary, Pamela, a Love Story, which hit Netflix on Tuesday. Turns out amid all the time spent recollecting on her past, including her sex tape scandal and bashing the recently released Pam & Tommy Hulu series, she had some really sage advice to dish out, too! And it’s actually super reliable and relatable!

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The end credits scene of the star’s new doc has gone viral on TikTok after a fan noticed Pam share her secret to getting married five times. In the short video, the Baywatch alum spills the tea, saying:

“The best way to get married is to tell someone, ‘I am never gonna marry you.’ Within six months you’re married, for sure. That’s what you do, okay? You have to mean it. Like you’ll never marry that person, never.”

LOLz! The fan captioned the now-viral post:

“Maybe this will work.”


Maybe this will work #pamelaanderson #netflix #marriage #fyp

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Others were quick to slide into the comment section to share their thoughts on the advice — and you will be shocked at how many people have used this trick before!! They wrote:

“I’ll try anything at this point.”

William Shakespeare COULD NEVER be this wise.”

“NOTED! I’m taking her advice bc her ex husband put her in the will”

“Quick! Someone tell Robert Pattinson I’m never gunna marry him”

Those who have been there, done that chimed in:

“This is true… I told my husband the night we met he was undateable and now we’re married.”

“I did this and now I’m married after six months too. It wasn’t a game. I just thought I didn’t wanna be married. Now I’m happily married to my love”

“[My partner] proposed two weeks after I told him that if he proposes at this point [in] our relationship I’ll say ‘NO.'”

“Ha! My husband said this!!! Key word husband”


This is some serious reverse psychology at play!!

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Despite the insane amount of commenters who had experience with the Playboy model’s trick for settling down, there were plenty of doubters who pointed out that while Pamela has been married several times, her romances have all ended in divorces. But, come on, she wasn’t trying to give advice about how to stay in a long marriage — it’s all about the wedding!

If you don’t know, the Home Improvement alum most famously married Tommy Lee in 1995 — just four days after they met. After welcoming sons Brandon and Dylan Lee, they divorced in 1998. While they’ve gone their separate ways, she insists he’s the only person she ever truly loved. In 2006, she tied the knot with Kid Rock before calling things off four months later. The next year, she married Rick Salomon but filed for divorce two months later (the marriage was then annulled in 2008). They wed again in 2014 (after Rick had been sober for years), but things were done a year later.

More recently, she reportedly married film producer Jon Peters for less than two weeks in 2020, but she later clarified the marriage wasn’t legal. The nuptials may not have been court-binding, but the romance led to a lasting friendship… and Jon just confessed he left Pam $10 MILLION in his will! Okay, gurl! In 2020, she did marry Dan Hayhurst but they ended the marriage less than a year later. So, yeah, she’s had her ups and downs with love!

But after all this, she’s still not giving up! On Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, she said this when asked if she’d like to get married again:

“God, what a crazy question. I don’t know, I hope so. I still have a lot of life left.”

All she has to do is find the right guy and say the magic words! Who knew it was so simple?!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Have YOU done this?? Let us know (below)!

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