Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Furlan Reacts To Pamela Anderson Doc Frenzy!

Brittany Furlan isn’t exactly cool with Pamela Anderson re-hashing her years-old love story with Tommy Lee in the public eye like this!

The ex-Vine star is married to the Mötley Crüe drummer. So, she’s been dealing with the public backlash from all the recent Pam and Tommy nostalgia content floating around. There’s the Netflix doc — Pamela, a love storyas well as Anderson’s own memoir Love, Pamela that was just released. And for Furlan, it’s all a bit much!!!

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The doc in particular is a sore point, as it turns out. According to NME, there is a moment in the documentary where Pam is speaking to her and Lee’s oldest son Brandon. In their conversation, she tells the young man that she’s never felt the love in any of her other marriages that she did in her 1990s-era love with Tommy Lee:

“I really loved your dad for all the right reasons and I really don’t think I’ve loved anybody else. I think I’d rather be alone than not be with the father of my kids. I think it’s impossible to be with anybody else, but I don’t think I could be with Tommy either. It’s almost like a punishment.”

That moment was meant to be heartwarming, of course. And from Brandon’s POV, it probably (kind of) is! His parents had a real connection, even if they couldn’t stick it out for very long after he was born.

But for Tommy’s current wife, the vibe is apparently VERY different. A source spoke to Radar Online and revealed how, according to them, Furlan feels about the documentary and Pamela’s newly-released book, in which Anderson opens up about her formerly close connection to the rock star.

While Brittany isn’t worried about losing Tommy back to Pam or anything, she is reportedly still a bit miffed that their old love is bubbling up in the news once again:

“[Brittany] doesn’t believe that Tommy would go back to Pam, but she still feels it’s disrespectful and tiresome to live in the past and make him the focal point of her memoir.”


And that’s not all!

On Wednesday night, Furlan took to TikTok to (kind of) address the situation. She didn’t mention Pam by name, and she never specifically alluded to the documentary or the memoir. But it was still pretty freakin’ clear what she was talking about in her remarkably serious video!!

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Furlan started by saying:

“Hi guys, I just wanted to come on here to let you know that I’m OK, because I know people have been checking on me, which is really nice. I’m good, don’t worry. And don’t worry about all the people that are saying all the mean things that they’re saying. I don’t live in that world. So, please don’t stress. And thank you to all the people that have been so sweet.”

Prior to the video, countless comments can be seen both asking if she’s okay amid the doc press AND trolling her over it! So yeah, definitely seems like a response to that! Then, she added:

“We are only here for a certain amount of time, so I don’t sweat the comments from people who don’t know me, or my relationship, or anything like that. I love everyone that has been really kind, and I’m sending love to those that have been unkind, because I think they probably need it. It is what it is. It’s life, I guess.”


She spoke highly of Tommy, too, before challenging critics to call her out in the comments:

“I’m lucky to have a really loving husband who honestly laughs all this stuff off, and could care less. So don’t worry about anything. And thank you to everyone that’s been sticking up for me and stuff like that. I’ll leave my comments open. If you feel like you want to get it out, or say something mean to me, or try to tear me down, go ahead, please.”

Then, she wrapped things up by shading the haters with a kill-them-with-kindness conclusion:

“Honestly, I have done so much self work that I realize where it’s coming from — people who say things to people, where it’s coming from. So, with that said, I’m sending so much love out there to everyone. The good and the bad. Don’t worry about anything, and I’ll be back to my continued program as usual very soon.”

You can watch her full video (below):


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But wait! There’s still more!!

A few days ago, she tweeted:

“You know what’s good for your mental health? Living in the present.”

Since the doc and memoir are obviously focusing A LOT on the past, well… take it for what you will!

See (below):

Twitter users took it as a reaction to all the frenzy, writing:

“I thought @BrittanyFurlan tweet was a bit shady…. until I watched #PamelaALoveStory – now I get it. It felt like love letter to @MrTommyLand at times. If he was my husband I would be pissed!”

“Maybe, facing your past heals the present so you can. Know what else is good for mental health? Speaking your own truth.”

“I understand Brittney! I thought of you when I watched. Just let it go, I know it’s hard! He is your husband now and just enjoy your love together!”

“Pam Anderson is allowed to still love Tommy Lee or be in love with him. He’s the father of her only children and her first love. She’s allowed to feel those feelings and wish Tommy the best without y’all attacking her or Brittany furlan”

To Pam’s credit, she seems to understand that Tommy’s current wife isn’t so thrilled about the former flame diving back into their old love story. And she’s trying to account for Furlan’s feelings!

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Also this week, the former Playboy Playmate spoke to WSJ. Magazine about her memoir. When they asked her to consider how Tommy and Brittany might feel with the past being dredged up like this again, Anderson admitted:

“I’m sure it’s going to be annoying to his wife. I’d be annoyed.”

Well that’s pretty self-aware. At least Anderson knows it’s going to be tough on her ex and his new wife and their life together. Ya know?? As we previously reported, Pam only had nice things to say about Brit and Tom’s marriage:

“He’s married and happy and she’s good to him and I totally support that and think that’s great. I respect their relationship and just glad he’s happy and he has somebody in his life.”

What do YOU make of this drama, tho, Perezcious readers?!

Sound off with your take on Pam and Tommy down in the comments (below)!

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