Tori Spelling Just Served Cold Revenge To Dean McDermott With This Brian Austin Green Confession! Damn!

Did Tori Spelling just get her own version of revenge on Dean McDermott?!

We know the estranged couple have supposedly gotten totally amicable, and Tori is even friendly with Dean’s new girlfriend Lily Calo and everything… But she has to know this latest admission on her podcast was going to be a blow to her ex’s heart… and ego!

The House of Yes star has been getting ridiculously candid on her new show misSpelling, talking everything from bathroom habits to money woes. But this little confession she offhandedly made to her former co-star and BFF Shannen Doherty on Monday was… another level.

Speaking of Beverly Hills, 90210, the pair both talked about their relationships with ’90s bad boy Brian Austin Green. For Shannen it was an ill-conceived fling later in life, but for Tori it was special. She called him “the first love of my life.” That’s sweet — but it isn’t all!

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She also recounted to Shannen a convo she had with BAG — who she’s been close friends with for decades — about the end of her marriage. Tori confessed to her high school sweetie that she didn’t even know if she was ever in love with Dean! WTF! She recalled telling her understanding ex:

“‘Maybe I wasn’t in love. I’m not sure. No one’s broken my heart since you.'”

Damn! She maybe didn’t love Dean that way… because her heart wasn’t broken? Not like it was when she and Brian were young and in love? Whoa! That is some 90210 drama but IRL! And that impression was only heightened by how Tori told the next part:

“And there was like pause, pause. And I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the first time I’ve said it in 30 years.'”

Wow. She made clear this was NOT like it would be on the prime time soap that made them famous. It wasn’t some attempt to steal Brian from Sharna Burgess, nor was she jealous of Megan Fox during those years. It wasn’t pining all that time. And yet, as she said to Shannen…

“It’s been 30 years, we’re just friends. I love his fiancée, it’s not that. But if he says something to me, I get so flustered and riled up, and it takes me right back to being my 18-year-old self.”

And whatever that spark was, she now says she never had it with Dean? The whole time?? That must be such a shot across the bow for the guy!

Airing this out on her podcast, Tori must have known what she was doing, right? We’re so curious what Dean will say to learning his wife of 17 years, the mother of his five children… thinks maybe she was never in love with him? Oof…

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