Vanderpump Rules EP Teases ‘Super-Explosive’ Scandoval Timeline Twist While Debunking Top Theories!

We hope you have your popcorn ready because you’re gonna need it tonight!!

We are just hours away from the last part of the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion — and it is said to be the most dramatic reunion ep ever! In the lead-up to the show, Bravo has been heavily promoting a major plot twist that is sure to shake up everything we know about the Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss affair drama. This is kind of crazy to think about considering Scandoval has already been wild and shocking AF!

So far, fan theories have been running rampant online with the top predictions being rumors that Raquel is pregnant, thoughts Lisa Vanderpump secretly knew about the affair, or the timeline of said affair moving up, possibly to when Raquel was engaged to James Kennedy. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, a VPR EP, Alex Baskin, finally addressed some of the most popular theories and gave fans a hint at what to expect during the show on Wednesday night!

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Alex implied the twist has something to do with Scandoval (which seems pretty obvious!) and noted “the timeline evolves.” He also confirmed the SUR waitress does NOT have a secret bun in the oven:

“By any reunion standpoint, it is a super-explosive event and it is a big twist. Raquel is not pregnant. There’s no story that involves aliens or dragons!”

The creative also shot down other theories, like pointing out “the revelation is not that Raquel and [Tom Schwartz] slept together.”

He also debunked the idea that LVP plans to move the show’s setting to Schwartz & Sandy’s since Pump is closing, saying the theory is “really inventive and creative, and it’s not true. So what does happen in part 3?! Alex teased:

“And there is, as we’ve been teasing, a twist at the end of the reunion. So I think it’s the perfect capper to a season unlike any other. We wind down the day of [filming the reunion] and then a few days later, there’s yet another development. I’ll just say this isn’t a garden-variety getting-the-group-together-to-recap show or, in this case, just Raquel speaking her piece of apologies to Ariana [Madix]. There are revelations and developments that left even our heads spinning.”

Wait… so the revelation doesn’t come out during the heated reunion taping? Huh. That’s inneresting!! Because of when the twist was revealed, Alex isn’t sure who in the cast actually knows what was discovered, either. And from what we’ve heard from the stars, they seem pretty mind-blown! Take James, for example:

Also, whatever the twist is was so big, it cause the production team to decide to hit pause on filming the next season for a bit to give the cast some space to process this news. So, it’s gotta be HUGE!!

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Elaborating a bit more on the “super-explosive event” and the “big twist,” the producer went on:

“The twist post-reunion does involve Scandoval. And it is a wrinkle to what was said at the reunion. So it is a coda, or in addition to what was said at the reunion.”

He added:

“The group ended in one way, unsettled, but having hashed all this out. And then they will come to find out, or in some cases have already found out, that there’s even more to the story. It’s not some earth-shattering development about the direction of the show or someone else involved in this whole situation. It’s clarity and further diving in on what really happened versus what we thought happened, and centers around the things revealed in the reunion.”

He elaborated later:

“It’s a further development. And to me what it means is, this is hardly over. And that we’re discovering new information.”


Is it time for the reunion yet?! We are ready! Also, for anyone wondering about the status of Tom and Raquel’s relationship right now, the EP dished:

“I hear different things. That sounds evasive, but it really isn’t. I think part of it is that she has been taking care of herself and she’s somewhat isolated. But I don’t know what their exact status is.”

This man knows how to hype up a show! We are SO eager to know what this big reveal was! It sounds like it’s going to totally rattle this friend group — that’s already in shambles after this cheating scandal! Last chance to send us YOUR predictions (below)! Let’s hear ’em!!

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