Wendy Williams’ Guardian Just Sold Her Most Prized Possession Right Out From Under Her!

Times are changing in a major way for Wendy Williams — and she’s not the one making the decision to flip the proverbial switch on this.

According to a report from late Monday night in the New York Post, Wendy’s cherished Manhattan penthouse has been sold right out from under the daytime TV star by her legal guardian. The penthouse is in the Financial District, and was first purchased by Wendy back in 2021. It was hailed as her dream home at the time, and represented the perfect ideal of her Manhattan life. But now, it’s been shuttled off to a new buyer and Wendy can live there no longer.

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Per the Post‘s report, the transaction officially closed last Friday. The sale price on the three-bedroom, three-bathroom penthouse ended up being $3.75 million. That is noteworthy because that actually represents a pretty steep decrease — more than $822,000 — from Wendy’s purchase price of the place back in July of 2021. Of course, considering the fact that Wendy was hit with a tax lien on the property back in March, it’s possible that getting out from under the investment ASAP was necessary, lower sale price be damned.

That’s not the concerning part, though. Even more worrisome is this: the news outlet accessed legal records which claimed that the 59-year-old Wendy Williams Show alum was deemed “incapacitated” by experts. Thus, her guardian had to get involved and make all the decisions regarding the sale of the property. An insider spoke to that news org about Wendy’s penthouse being transferred off to a new buyer — and by a third party, no less. That source didn’t sound happy about it at all:

“Wendy’s dream has always been to live in Manhattan in a dream apartment but never got a chance to do so. It is a very unfortunate situation.”


As you will no doubt recall, Wendy was diagnosed months ago with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. In addition to that, she’s been facing a sea of other health issues ever since wrapping her eponymous talk show in 2022. Those medical problems include a battle with Graves’ disease, as well as a fight with lymphedema, which is the swelling of the extremities caused by a collection of too much lymph fluid. And in addition to all that, she’d also sought treatment for a time at a rehabilitation facility in Malibu to battle alcohol abuse, as well.

Amid all of this, her mental well-being and ability to recognize what’s happening around her has come into question. That was the focus of a new and shocking documentary released earlier this year that horrified fans of the talk show host and her own family alike. Recent reports have also surfaced with claims that she doesn’t have any money, and her ex has gotten worried enough about that to demand to see her bank records. In the meantime, Wendy’s brother claimed back in February that she is “stuck” living in a treatment facility. Oof.

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