Woman Who Killed Pregnant Woman & Stole Baby To Keep Her Boyfriend Sentenced To Death

A Texas woman has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of capital murder.

As we reported earlier this year, per opening statements via the Texarkana Gazette, in 2020 Taylor Rene Parker (pictured above, left & right) of Simms carried out a devastating plot to cover up her trail of lies. She had told her boyfriend she was expecting a baby to keep him from breaking up with her some months before. But as her fabricated due date got closer, she didn’t know where to go next. She put on a fake stomach to appear to be pregnant, faked ultrasounds, posted updates on her social media accounts, named the child, and even planned an entire gender reveal party — all for a baby which never existed!

But since her baby didn’t exist, she decided she had to get one from somewhere else before it was too late…

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On October 9 of 2020, Reagan Michelle Simmons-Hancock (pictured above, center) was in her home with her 3-year-old daughter as she prepared for the arrival of her second child, Braxlynn Sage, the next month. The expectant mother was seven-and-a-half months into her pregnancy when Parker entered her home and “stabbed and cut” Reagan more than 100 times — even crushing her head with a hammer — killing her. The Simms resident had told her boyfriend she was going to pre-register to induce labor at the hospital, and even considered calling in a “bomb threat” to further delay the cause, but instead went to Simmons-Hancock’s home and ripped her baby right out of her womb. Sickening…

The 27-year-old fled the scene with the newborn and left the woman’s 3-year-old daughter to hide in the bedroom as her mother lay dead on the floor. When the victim’s husband couldn’t reach her by phone, he began to worry and sent his mother-in-law Jessie Brooks to check on her who would eventually find the gut-wrenching scene. The murderer was subsequently arrested for her crimes, and just last month she was found guilty after 25 days of hearings.

Now she’s being punished to the fullest extent of Texas law — the death penalty.

According to TXK Today, on Wednesday Parker was sentenced to death after the jury debated for two hours. Brooks heartbrokenly said of her daughter during the sentencing per KTAL:

“My baby was alive still fighting for her babies when you tore her open and ripped her baby from her stomach.”

She also called the convicted felon an “evil piece of flesh demon”.

So, so sad. No mother should ever have to lose their child, especially in such a horrifying manner.

The victim’s sister Emily Simmons told KSLA she was relieved after the sentencing:

“I’m overwhelmed with happiness it’s over because [Parker] has been such a burden in our life for so long now that I haven’t been able to think about my sister without thinking about her.”

Awful, but we’re glad Emily will have a little peace now…

It’s been reported Taylor is able to appeal the death sentence, but so far no word has come from her legal team. Our hearts are with Reagan’s family and loved ones, we hope they’re able to find any amount of healing.

[Image via Idabel Police Department/KTALNews/YouTube/Reagan Hancock/Facebook]

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