Ximena Cuellar Warns Mike Berk: My Ex is a Hitman Who Threatened My Life!

From the premiere, fans have wondered what kind of future Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar have together.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5 couple has a lot of differences, including a major language gap.

On the latest episode, Ximena followed up her tearful confession with a warning to Mike about a man from her past.

She once dated and briefly lived with a hitman. When she dumped him, he threatened her life.

On Season 5, Episode 6, Mike and Ximena were still working through some things.

Ximena had shared with Mike that her fallopian tubes had been severed and cauterized after her second C-section.

She'd thought that she'd never meet a guy worth having another kid with. Then she met Mike.

Ximena expressed certainty that there was no way that she could have children.

(Perhaps it's just the language barrier, but tubal ligation prevents natural conception but not the implantation of an embryo)

Still, Ximena wanted to know if her difficult confession -- long overdue -- was a dealbreaker for Mike.

Mike had, very honestly, told her that he needed to give it some thought.

He had dreamt of having his own, biological, child.

But Mike told Ximena that he looked forward to helping her raise her children.

He understood how difficult this confession was for Ximena to make.

With this in mind, Mike did ask Ximena to agree to something.

Let there be no more secrets between them.

Ximena would keep that promise as the two spoke on a romantic vacation together.

Finally getting out of the house (where Ximena's family lives), they got to have some real alone time in a gorgeous rental.

The view of the valley was stunning, but they were more focused upon each other.

Editors didn't extend Mike and Ximena's makeout session as memorably and uncomfortably as they did with other cast members.

After some not-so-public display of affection, the two soaked in the water and took in the ambiance.

But it was time for a serious discussion, as Mike hoped to learn more about Ximena's past.

Mike of course wanted to know about the father of Ximena's children, and what sor tof relationship she had with him.

It was not, she explained, a real or healthy relationship -- she got pregnant by him, but that was it for her and her sons.

Ximena was young -- and, at 24, still is. She experienced a lot of bad men in her life.

Another ex, Ximena revealed, turned out to be a hitman.

She did not know that he was -- he was, she thought, just a tattoo artist as he appeared to be.

Just days after moving in with him, she realized what his true profession was.

Ximena broke up with him, which is when things got a lot worse and a lot scarier.

He sent her a voicemail telling her to treasure these next few days of her life, for they would be her last.

She sent the voicemail to a police officer, and has not heard from the hitman ex since.

Mike very naturally asked an important question, for himself and for viewers -- was there a chance that this guy will go after them?

Ximena told him that there was not, because this all went down about two years ago, and she hasn't heard from him.

That is honestly frightening. It is heartbreaking to think of how Ximena's life has been before now.

Ximena cuellar warns mike berk my ex is a hitman who threatened