Zach Braff Shades Emmys After They ‘Chose’ To Exclude Nick Cordero From ‘In Memoriam’

An awards show “In Memoriam” snub may be offensive to fans, but for the artist’s loved ones, it can also be very personal.

The Emmys “In Memoriam” couldn’t possibly cover everyone in the television industry who’s died, especially in a year like 2020. Still, some of the people who were left off the list were huge names and particularly impactful losses. One of those snubs was Nick Cordero, whose battle with coronavirus garnered a lot of attention before his passing in July.

Cordero was known primarily for his work on Broadway, but he made a handful of TV appearances, including recurring roles on Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU. According to pal Zach Braff, these facts were pointed out to the Television Academy… to no avail.

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Braff tweeted:

“For those wondering: The Emmys chose to leave Nick Cordero out of the memorial montage. I had no idea one had to campaign to get their loved one in. We did. They passed.”

He went on to share a direct message from the Emmys about the exclusion. The note read:

“They did want me to pass along this note: Those involved in the In Memoriam selection process are very aware of the sad passing of Mr. Cordero due to coronavirus and we assure her that his name has been given every consideration for inclusion. With so many people passing in any given year, we simply cannot ensure any particular individual is included, nor do we release the names of those included prior to the telecast.”

While there are names unfortunately left off the list every year, we rarely get to see inside the process like this. It doesn’t exactly give us insight into how a name is chosen, however. It could be a case of Cordero simply not having enough TV credits to make the cut… except Braff pointed out another snub that would seemingly contradict this:

“I should mention too, that they also left out Sam Lloyd. I would have never even considered ‘campaigning’ for Sam because he had more TV credits than most actors I know.”

Lloyd may have been best known for his role as Ted, the bald sweaty lawyer on Scrubs, but he appeared on more than three dozen television shows in his career. If those bonafides aren’t enough to make the montage, what is?

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(Interestingly, presenter David Letterman also joked during the broadcast that he “checked” to make sure Regis Philbin was in the montage, which would seemingly contradict The Emmys’ statement to Braff. Now, maybe it was just a joke, or maybe Regis was a big enough name to be a given, but it’s interesting to note nonetheless…)

It’s probably impossible to satisfy everyone with a perfect “In Memoriam”, but maybe some further transparency on how they create the montage would help make sense of it. Most of all, we hope the families and friends of these beloved artists know that their memory will live on in everything they created.

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