Kelly Osbourne In Rehab After Another Relapse — And Plans To QUIT Hollywood When She’s Clean!

Kelly Osbourne is seeking help. The former child star has entered a rehab clinic in Austin, Texas, according to Radar Online. This will be the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s seventh time in a rehabilitation facility. Once out, she is supposedly planning to quit her public life in Hollywood. Sadly, according to a close […]

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Britney Spears Celebrates Freedom: PITY My Family if I Ever Do an Interview!

Though the conservatorship remains in place, Britney Spears is effectively free of many restrictions.

Jamie was suspended as her conservator last month and replaced with a qualified CPA.

Britney is in a powerful and celebratory mood, but that cheer has a bittersweet edge.

She knows that any mistake will be caught on camera, blow up in her face, and get used against her.

On Friday, October 15, Britney Spears took to Instagram with a very raw and personal message.

“I’ll just be honest and say I’ve waited so long to be free from the situation I’m in …” she began.

“And now that it’s here,” Britney confessed, “I’m scared to do anything.”

Britney explained that she is scared “because I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake!!!”

She reflected: “For so many years I was always told if I succeeded at things, it could end …”

“And,” Britney lamented, “it never did!!!”

“I worked so hard,” Britney recalled.

“But now that it’s here and getting closer and closer to ending,” she wrote of the conservatorship.

Britney expressed: “I’m very happy.”

“But,” Britney confessed, “there’s a lot of things that scare me!!!”

“The paps run through the trees and onto the road when I drive home,” she announced.

“And,” Britney characterized, “it’s creepy!!!!”

“And I have to drive by an elementary school … the kids are a big deal … but so am I !!!!!” Britney wrote.

“I don’t like that they try to scare me,” she said of the photographers, “and jump out like they do …”

Britney added: “it’s like they want me to do something crazy!!!”

“So like I said,” Britney continued, “I’m fearful of doing something wrong …”

“So I won’t be posting as much,” she explained.

Britney then sagely commented: “In a world where it’s our liberty to be free, it’s a shame !!!”

“I started experiencing that when I got the keys  to my car  for the first time 4 months ago,” Britney wrote.

“And,” she reminded everyone, “it’s been 13 years !!!!”

Britney added: “I haven’t done anything to be treated the way I have for the past 13 years !!!”

“I’m disgusted with the system,” Britney expressed, “and wish I lived in another country !!!”

“I’m celebrating Christmas  way early this year … because why not ???!!!” she asked.

Britney commented: “I believe any reason to find more joy in life is a good idea …”

“And it’s no secret that I’ve been through it in the past …” Britney pointed out.

“So,” she added, “I might have to do things a little differently from now on !!!”

It is sad to think that she — or anyone — fears losing fundamental human rights over an awkward photo.

Britney Spears IG afraid to mess up, lord help her family, etc

“Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview !!!” Britney warned.

“In the meantime … I’m staying clear of the business,” she added, “which is all I’ve ever known my whole life.”

Britney concluded: “Which is why this is so very confusing for me !!! Anyway … God bless you all !!!”

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari ride motorcycles

On a happier note, Britney celebrated her freedom on a motorcycle ride with hunky fiance Sam Asghari.

The two enjoyed themselves on Saturday evening, feeling the wind in their faces.

Britney opted to share a glimpse of this with her fans and followers.

Britney also shared another, less lengthy caption, describing her fondness for Christian religious gatherings.

“I miss church so I tried to go to church the other day,” she shared.

“But,” Britney lamented, “there were too many paps outside my house  …”

“Kinda crazy since it was mental health day last weekend,” Britney recalled.

“And,” she shared, “all I could think about was church!!!”

“I haven’t been to church in a while …” Britney reflected.

“Thankfully the paps didn’t find me and I was able to enjoy my day anyway !!!” Britney wrote.

“When I went to church when I was younger,” she shared, “I took care of the babies in the nursery during big church.”

“And,” Britney wrote, “I think the thing I miss most about going is the gathering of all the people …”

Britney Spears IG reflects upon church attendance

“But the best part was dinner in the evening … Lord Jesus my mama can cook !!!” Britney wrote.

“I never danced,” she detailed. “Really after church I always played ball  with the boys in the neighborhood until it got dark out !!!”

Britney reflected further upon the “good old times when Church was lit!!! Pssss let’s make church cool again!!!”

Not all of us can relate to the intricate ins and outs of what it might have been like to grow up as a Christian in rural Louisiana.

But Britney should be able to practice her faith without interference from photographers.

After the attempts at religious brainwashing on her, Britney’s voluntary church attendance could be very healing.

This Elderly Pug Has Captured TikTok’s Heart With His Daily Bones Horoscope!

It’s a bones day, y’all! TikTok has spawned all sorts of new trends and popular Internet personalities, but this may be the most endearing one yet. The latest viral sensation is brought to you by user Jonathan Graziano, but he’s merely the facilitator for the account’s real star, Noodle the Pug! Related: Holy F**k These […]

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Brian Laundrie Lookalike CUFFED By Feds On The Applachian Trail!

The search for Brian Laundrie REALLY isn’t going well! As we’ve been reporting, the manhunt for Gabby Petito’s fiancé has been going on for weeks now, with nothing to show for it. There haven’t been any leads (at least publicly) in a while, and it’s completely unclear whether Brian is still in Florida or if […]

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Olivia Jade Denies ‘Complete Rumor’ She & Married DWTS Partner Val Chmerkovskiy Are ‘Hooking Up’!

Uh, oh! Olivia Jade has found herself at the center of a whole new scandal! Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli‘s daughter has faced her fair share of backlash ever since joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars, but now she’s up against the worst rumors yet! Could she be having an affair with her […]

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Varya Malina Begs 90 Day Fiance Fans to Help Convicted Abuser Geoffrey Paschel: Send Him Money!

The majority of the 90 Day Fiance fandom rejoiced when Geoffrey Paschel was convicted.

Those of us who followed the story closely, were familiar with his history, and watched the trial had wanted to see justice done.

Not everyone is happy with this happy ending, however.

Geoffrey’s on-screen love interest, Varya Malina, is still supporting him — and hopes to hoodwink others into doing the same.

Geoffrey was convicted by a jury of his peers on all three charges that he faced.

He was convicted for a domestic assault, for kidnapping, and for interfering with a 911 call.

The charges stemmed from a brutal incident in June of 2019 when he violently attacked his then-fiancee, Kristen Wilson.

Kristen Wilson testifies as Geoffrey Paschel trial

For reasons of their own, production and TLC did not opt to explain to viewers why Geoffrey was not part of his season’s Tell All.

This meant that many viewers who did not follow news of the show, here at THG or elsewhere, had no idea what charges Geoffrey was facing.

Meanwhile, those of us who followed the story of his arrest and his history of very similar accusations from ex-wives and ex-girlfriends saw a clearer picture.

Kristen Wilson injuries photos from Geoffrey Paschel trial

Knowing Geoffrey for who and what he is, many 90 Day Fiance fans have worried for Varya.

On the one hand, it’s absolutely true that most serial abusers will delay abusing a new partner, often with the goal of discrediting an ex.

Contrary to what so many domestic abusers claim, they are not losing control — they choose when to lose control.

Even so, Varya played coy with fans, even at a time when she must have been aware of the serious charges against Geoffrey.

She would post vague Instagram updates, seemingly refusing to confirm whether she was still with him or not.

Then, after the verdict was announced, Varya deleted her Instagram.

Varya Malina IG gone after Geoffrey Paschel conviction

Varya has now returned to Instagram and made a statement.

Unfortunately, it is not good news.

Instead, she is showing support for Geoffrey … and trying to get fans to donate, presumably to help with his appeal.

90 day fiance before: geoffrey scolds varya

“For the past 2.5 years, we have had so many ups and downs,” Varya began.

“In our relationship, there were times of love and disappointment,” she wrote.

Varya continued: “Cowardice and heroism, betrayal and forgiveness.”

“But there wasn’t ever a place for indifference,” Varya recalled.

“Right now, I ask all people who are also concerned about Geoffrey to unite and help the justice to be served,” she asked.

(Just to clarify, justice was served with his conviction, and his sentencing is scheduled for early December)

“His son Dakota, on behalf of the whole family, started fund raising,” Varya acknowledged.

“By this, we all are giving Geoffrey an opportunity to clear his name,” she wrote. Gross!

“And,” Varya continued, “we are giving the children who have already been traumatized by social media cruelty, a chance to have their dad by their side when they need him.”

Varya Malina IG plea to help Geoffrey Paschel (with Natalie Mordovtseva comment)

Yeah, social media cruelty is likely not why Geoffrey’s kids are traumatized.

“I’m thankful to each of you who have reached out to me and asked how you can help,” Varya expressed.

She concluded her post by writing: “This is how you can do it:”

While we can understand that Geoffrey is likely an adept manipulator, Varya is a grown woman and this is disappointing.

We can feel sorry for Geoffrey’s children for many reasons and approach their misplaced sympathies with nuance.

However, if anyone is donating money, surely it should be to the actual victim of this vicious assault, and not to the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, Varya was not even the only Russian-speaking woman from 90 Day Fiance to support Geoffrey and then delete her Instagram.

She is not the only one to return to Instagram and inexplicably continue to support Geoffrey.

We are referring, of course, to Natalie Mordovtseva.

“Love you guys,” Natalie wrote as a comment below Varya’s post.

That is … a distressing comment, especially to many of Natalie’s fans.

Some of those fans are now former fans. There are some lines that should never be crossed.

It seems that Natalie struck up a friendship with Varya and will support her blindly through whatever she does.

That is just unpleasant to see, especially since so many of Natalie’s (some former) fans felt that she dodged a bullet with Mike.

Supporting your friend does not mean encouraging dangerous choices or including her abusive partner in your “love.” It just doesn’t.

The Haunted Hayride With My Son! Halloweening With My Daughters! | Perez Hilton And Family

Something for everyone! We took J.R. Hilton to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (and scary mazes). And, yes, there was a scandal before we even got there! Plus, we also took our girls to visit their cousin and we went for a stroll to enjoy the many Halloween decorations in their neighborhood. We love the […]

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Lala Kent Scrubs Randall Emmett From Her Instagram Following Cheating Rumors!

Is it really over between Lala Kent and Randall Emmett? Things haven’t always been smooth sailing in the Vanderpump Rules alum’s relationship, but it seemed like she and her baby daddy were heading in the right direction. The couple’s wedding, originally scheduled for April 2020, was put on (seemingly indefinite) hold because of the pandemic, […]

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Woman Found Guilty Of Manslaughter After Suffering A Miscarriage — Why People Are Furious With Court!

A 21-year-old woman in Oklahoma has been found guilty of first-degree manslaughter after losing her baby during a miscarriage last year. On October 5, Brittney Poolaw was sentenced to four years in prison after miscarrying at 17 weeks gestation (according to an autopsy on the unborn fetus) in 2020, as local ABC affiliate KSWO reported. […]

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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Sumit Singh’s Mom Teaches Jenny Slatten to Clean Her Own Home!

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 8, the couples grappled with cheating, with in-laws, and with their conflicting plans for the future.

Sumit and Jenny finally got his parents to budge … but the price of being “accepted” by his family could be too much for Jenny.

And that might be the whole point, Jenny fears.

Ariela and Avi are in New Jersey for his hernia surgery, but her family reminds her that this could be the best place for her son to grow up.

Corey pleads with Evelin for forgiveness, but she can’t process this while he’s still lurking around.

Ellie and Victor have a lot to do before his house is livable again, and that means spending a lot of money — Ellie’s money.

Plus, there’s that whole cheating thing to work out.

Kenneth and Armando are great dads together, but they’re not quite on the same page when it comes to growing their family.

Steven’s hypocrisy so annoys Alina that she tells her mother about his sexual history.

1. Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny slatten hugs deepali how are you
Jenny meets up with Deepali, one of a small number of female friends whom she has made in India. We should keep in mind that she was only with Sumit for so long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone into lockdown, and that between that, being an outsider, and moving while in India, it’s hard to make friends as an adult. But it’s good that she has Deepali, because Jenny wants to talk about what Sumit’s parents have planned.

2. Deepali is totally Team Jenny & Sumit, but …

Deepali but i wont say that sumits mother is wrong
As much as she loves her friends as a couple, she knows where Sumit’s parents are coming from because hers would likely say the same if she had an age gap like theirs.

3. She can, at least, reassure Jenny

Deepali to jenny slatten thats i think a cultural difference mil
When Deepali was married, she tells Jenny, her mother-in-law moved in with them for about half a year. She explains that this is normal in India because families are so interlocked. This doesn’t entirely address Jenny’s concerns, but it does reassure her that this isn’t a hostile move in the exact same way that it would be in the United States. (In the US, a mother-in-law or frankly a mother announcing that she’s going to live with you and tell you exactly how to live your life would be a declaration of war, and the common sense response would be to seriously discuss going no-contact with her)

4. Sumit is way ahead of her

Sumit singh they can sleep in our bedroom
Back at home, they have ordered a new set of furniture to create a guest room with brand new cabinets and a brand new bed … but Sumit worries that it’s not enough, and says that they should offer his parents their bedroom if that will make them more comfortable. Jenny privately tells the camera that she hopes that Sahna and Anil will decline.

5. Sumit says that adapting to some cultural norms could help

Sumit singh waking up early
Unfortunately, one of those norms is waking up extremely early — before dawn, at 5 or 6 in the morning.

6. Jenny’s reaction is understandable

Jenny slatten does not want to wake up before dawn for no reason
It’s not that Americans don’t wake up that early. We absolutely do — if it’s part of our chosen routine, or if we have kids, or if we ARE kids going to school, or of course if we’re being paid to get up early for work. But Jenny has been enjoying living her life happily after many years of working hard, and the idea of sacrificing this happiness to appease Sumit’s parents is really not welcome.

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Late NHL Star Jimmy Hayes’ Wife Was ‘Completely Shocked’ After Finding Out His Cause Of Death

The impact of Jimmy Hayes’ death is still being felt by his loved ones. As we previously reported, the former hockey player passed away in August at the age of 31. He is survived by his wife Kristen Hayes and their sons Beau (2) and Mac (5 months). At the time of his funeral, a […]

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