Demi Lovato: I Cut My Hair to Free Me from Christian Gender Expectations!

Demi Lovato has spoken about so much, from her horrifying overdose to embracing her queer identity.

Recently, the beloved pop star has been sporting very short hair.

That was not an arbitray choice. It was liberating.

And Demi is explaining exactly how she felt that this superficial change set her free.

Demi Lovato sat down wtih the incomparable Drew Barrymore to talk about recent changes.

“I cut my hair,” Demi noted.

She explained that she did this “because I just wanted to free myself.”

Specifically, Demi wanted to free herself “of all of the gender and sexuality norms.”

She detailed that these are expectations “that were placed on me as a Christian in the South.”

People’s upbringings can shape them in many ways, and it’s not always good.

“And when I cut my hair,” Demi expressed, “I felt so liberated.”

She felt freer “because I wasn’t subscribing to an ideal or a belief placed upon me.”

Demi had previously felt pressured “to be something that I’m not.”

“Secrets keep you sick,” Demi quoted.

“I’ve heard that a million times, and I fully believe it,” she affirmed.

“Now there’s no secrets for the world to find out,” Demi noted.

“I just put it out there,” Demi stated.

“And,” she added, “I’m like, ‘Hey, this is it, this is me.”

Demi declared: “If you don’t like it, fine.'”

Drew Barrymore is a fellow former child star, famously so, and found a lot of what Demi shared relatable.

“I’m really excited that I might get the chance to talk to somebody,” she said.

She continued: “That might understand certain things that I have experienced and felt and gone through.”

Demi was also thrilled, and she spoke about the uncomfortable dynamic with her parents.

“My parents, they did the best that they could,” she said generously.

“There’s no manual on how to raise a child star,” Demi observed.

“And,” Demi recalled, “when the child star retorts back after the parent says, ‘You’re grounded for sneaking out at three in the morning, whatever.'”

She continued: “I retorted with: ‘Well, I pay the bills. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do to keep me grounded?'”

“It was challenging,” Demi acknowledged.

Demi noted that realities of show business made her feel like part of adult spaces as a child.

“The adults leave work and they go and have a drink; the kids, what do we (do)?” Demi expressed.

“So it was this weird thing to think about,” she admitted.

“Especially then when you become a teenager in Hollywood,” Demi recalled.

“And,” she added, “your adult peers are going to a bar after work or whatever.”

“And,” Demi described, “you’re 17 thinking, ‘Well, what do I get to do to play?'”

“I had this mentality of ‘if you’re gonna work me like an adult, I get to party like one,'” Demi explained.

“But,” she acknowledged, “the reality was adults weren’t partying like I was.”

Demi has a lot of experience to share with the world. We are, as always, happy that she is doing so much better these days.

Demi lovato i cut my hair to free me from christian gender expec

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shady Response To Sex And The City Revival Rumors

Is it just us, or is Sarah Jessica Parker NOT happy with this possible spoiler for the Sex and the City reboot getting out? In case you missed it, John Corbett spilled some beans about the HBO Max revival series, currently titled And Just Like That… Specifically he told Page Six he was coming back to be in the show […]

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Stephanie Davison Defended by Friends: She’s Not a Pill-Popping Cougar! 90 Day Fiance Lied!

While the members of the other couple were participating in the Tell All, one star was very absent.

Stephanie Davison gave her own Tell All at home, unable to attend because she is suing TLC.

Her video was a rebuttal to her entire portrayal on the show, as we reported.

She also has a slew of direct and character witnesses prepared to tell the world that what they saw was a lie.

Stephanie Davison speaks to the camera about Belize

Stephanie had a tremendous amount to say in her own defense.

She had dumped Ryan Carr, she shared, in August before her Belize trip when he demanded more money.

She described how production had pressured her for days to get back with Ryan and film the rest of her season.

Stephanie Davison cougarcore fashion

Additionally, Stephanie shared why she had contacted Harris Flowers.

That had been, she explained, just to give her enough footage to film the rest of her season.

Obviously, after the sexual assault, she was not going to film with Ryan any further.

Stephanie Davison explains why she's single (bad dad)

One of the ways that production encouraged Stephanie to stick with the show was the fame angle.

Fame can be monetized, especially for someone who is already a successful business owner.

According to Stephanie, she did triple her weight loss clinic business after appearing on the show.

Stephanie Davison lounges beside her cat

However, she says that a team of “complete liars” reframed her time on the show.

She says that they’re behind the “fabrication” that she is “controlling.”

Additionally, she says that it’s only editing and her medical crisis at the time that made her look like she has a “substance abuse” problem.

Stephanie Davison totally boned Ryan Carr's cousin Harris

Pam is Stephanie’s medical assistant. Viewers even saw her on the show.

She spoke to the camera about how, right from “the get-go,” things were less than authentic.

Pam recalls being repeatedly told to “stop and reword that” by producers during filming.

Stephanie Davison shares how much she supports Ryan, his family

Additionally, Pam noted that producers would ask the same questions “over and over again.”

“They seriously were almost trying to trick you into saying things that you didn’t want to say,” she noted.

That is very standard for reality TV. Producers ask leading questions and refilm things to get what they need.

Stephanie Davison hula hoops wearing UV glasses

Of all of the footage that Stephanie’s coworkers, friends, and family filmed, only about 3 minutes aired.

They filmed for seven to eight hours.

Reality TV leaves much, much more on the editing room floor (metaphorically speaking) than anyone ever sees.

Stephanie Davison cousins in a state of shock

Fans also remember Shannon, who appeared alongside her sister on the show.

She shared that she and the others were constantly reminded to speak about Ryan.

Specifically? They were prompted to share any suspcions that they had about Ryan wanting Stephanie’s money.

Stephanie Davison cousin Shannon

Shannon says that they were also asked about the kind of men whom Stephanie dates.

The point of these questions was to portray Stephanie as a “cougar.”

According to Shannon, they were supposed to look unhappy and suspicious about Ryan every time that they appeared on camera.

Stephanie Davison has issues with Ryan, his family

They also, of course, delved deep into Stephanie’s portrayal.

Everyone in her life shot down the claims that she’s an alcoholic or a pill popper.

In fact, there’s a very believable explanation for why Stephanie behaved and acted as she did in Belize.

Stephanie Davison enjoys being told what she wants to hear

First, Stephanie was filming for hours and hours and hours.

A 15-hour day of filming is grueling at any job, but extremely exhausting on camera.

But that was not the only factor that turned Stephanie’s glasses of wine into alarming behavior.

Stephanie Davison clinks her glass with Harris

As we know, Stephanie was bitten by hundreds of sandflies during her time in Belize.

She had a bad reaction and was taking antihistamines to treat them.

Did you know that combining antihistamines and alcohol is contraindicated? It is. 

Stephanie Davison tries to talk her cat into accepting Harris

So Stephanie’s slurring her words and seeming to nod off and look blitzed wasn’t what it appeared.

Many fans think that, no matter what was going on, production should have stepped in and gotten help.

It is frankly a relief to hear this (very believable) medication interaction explanation. 

Stephanie Davison torches Ryan Carr's visa application

This also could explain why Stephanie did not seem at all under the influence during her scenes filmed in Michigan.

Similarly, she seemed just fine when she first arrived in Belize.

Sure, some people do drink excessively on vacation, and that’s their business. But the antihistamine angle makes sense.

Madison LeCroy Breaks Silence On Alex Rodriguez’s Split From Jennifer Lopez!

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Here’s Why Jennifer Lopez Called It Quits With A-Rod For Good — AND Why It Took So Long!

Since the announcement, there has been a ton of speculation about what led Jennifer Lopez to call it quits with Alex Rodriguez after spending weeks trying to mend their relationship. Well, it turns out it all came down to a lack of trust. On Thursday, a source told E! News that the couple had actually […]

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Carrie Might End Up With Aidan On The Sex And The City Revival!!

OMG what a twist! Possible spoilers for the Sex And The City revival, we suppose — though most of this is still in the speculation arena for now… Well, one thing is confirmed anyway: Aidan Shaw is back! Which means all those #TeamAidan fans still have a chance! Related: SATC Creator Candace Bushnell Went On A Date […]

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Syngin Colchester: I Busted My Ankles & Almost DIED Alone in the Woods!

One serious ankle injury can ruin your life for weeks or months. Two can be even worse.

Two while you’re all alone in the middle of the woods, miles from the exit of a national park?

That potentially deadly scenario is exactly what happened to Syngin Colchester this week.

90 Day Fiance fans are grateful that their favorite himbo is alive, but he has a long recovery ahead of him.

A week ago, Syngin Colchester embarked upon an exciting solo trip.

He was going down and up the east coast.

That he was going alone, without his wife Tania Maduro, caused a stir among fans.

“Howzit everybody,” he wrote in early April.

“I am leaving on a road trip alone,” Syngin announced.

“And,” he shared, “I am planning on having a blast and going down south..”

“It feels like a dream come true,” Syngin expressed at the time.

“And plus,” he added, “there are no cameras following me.”

Syngin posted his planned route for his fans and followers.

“Let me know if there are place I must see and things that are a must to do down south,” Syngin asked.

“Also I am down to hang with anybody,” he shared. (During a pandemic?)

He invited fans and followers to “just dm me and let me know.”

“I am sure we can get up to some fun stuff,” Syngin wrote.

“I will be camping at state parks along the way,” he revealed.

Syngin observed: “There are so many beautiful state parks in america.”

“And I just paid $75 for 4 days and 3nights hahaha magical..” Syngin wrote.

He expressed: “I just want to be in the wild.”

“I will also be doing covid test on a regular basis just to be safe,” Syngin assured his followers.

One of Syngin’s most recent stops was Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

It would also turn out to be the final fun, outdoorsy stop on his journey.

As you can see in the accompanying video, compiled from shorter videos that Syngin uploaded, it was a disaster.

“I am at the hospital now waiting for my xrays…” Syngin captioned the set of videos.

“Make sure to watch all the videos..” he asked his followers.

“There was no signal on the mountain,” Syngin described, “nobody left..”

“I had to climb my way to safety with 2 sprained ankles, it was so painfull” Syngin shared.

He admitted: “I was a screaming in pain.”

“I was scared because there was Nobody left to help I called for help there was nobody,” Syngin lamented.

“It was me and only me that could get my self out of that mountain to safety…” Syngin described.

“Then,” he shared, “the park rangers found me at the top by the waterfall”

“..thanks sooo much @shenandoahnps they were very helpfull and kind..” Syngin expressed with gratitude.

“I will let you all know what the doctor says…” Syngin promised.

He feared: “This might put a end to my trip.”

His prediction, as he revealed in a subsequent post, turned out to be correct.

“I cant believe this!!!! I think my trip is over..” Syngin wrote.

“Well I cant go home because I cant drive haha..” he admitted.

“So,” Syngin confessed, “I dont know what i am going to do.”

“But everything happens for a reason in life,” Syngin expressed.

“And,” he vowed, “I will take this chance to see why and for what this all happend…”

“Maybe something else was going to happen or to show me something,” Syngin mused.

“But I will keep keeping on even if I have to watch @discovery and @natgeo for 6 weeks to get my nature in hahaha,” Syngin wrote.

This is one of the most Syngin Colchester things that we have ever seen.

He’s had a wrist brace. Tania’s and his brother have both had their legs in gear. It’s part of their vibe.

For no reason at all, I am leaving the definition of a “himbo” here.

If you choose to connect that definition to Syngin, that’s totally your business.

We wish Syngin a swift recovery.

Syngin colchester i busted my ankles and almost died alone in th

Joe Giudice to Melissa Gorga: You Keep My Family’s Name Outta Yer Mouth!! [Exclusive]

Family is a complicated, layered concept that changes more than people would like to admit, whether you’re on TV or not.

And sometimes, your family – even former family – know how to push your buttons much better (or worse) than anyone.

To wit, Melissa Gorga has recently had a whole lot to say about Joe Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Melissa has also taken shots at her former co-star in multiple interviews, accusing him of using her to stay relevant.

According to her, he’s just trying to profit off of their disagreements – basically trying to make money at her expense.

Well, speaking to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively, Joe himself says that this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The father of four spoke to THG earlier this month with his side of the story, and now he’s back for round two.

From Italy, Giudice explains that the reality is simple: he wants Gorga to stop stressing out his wonderful daughters.

When it comes to using them for storylines, headlines, or anything else, just keep them out of your mouth, will ya?

In his mind, hearing their own aunt go on tirades about their dad on and off of TV isn’t doing the girls any good.

And frankly, it’s not a good look for Melissa or her husband, is it? Read on to see what Joe has to say …

1. Joe Giudice has had enough

Joe giudice in shades
Despite extraordinarily unfortunate circumstances, he and his daughters and Teresa are all adjusting to their new reality. He feels like this is made so much harder when Teresa’s brother and her sister-in-law dredge up some of their family’s most painful moments. And they accuse HIM of using them to stay relevant!

2. There was a recent, heartwarming family reunion

Giudice family dinner in the bahamas
Understandably, not all ex-husbands want to meet their ex-wife’s new boyfriend, and that feeling is often very mutual. But when Teresa and her four beautiful daughters went to the Bahamas to meet up with Joe, Luis and his son tagged along.

3. It’s important for them to see their dad

Joe giudice daughters and teresa giudice in the bahamas
Joe was ripped from their lives by unjust circumstances beyond their control. While in many ways, he was more fortunate than many victims of deportation, the heartbreak of not being with his family throughout most of the year is unthinkable. Fortunately, the Giudice family pulls out all of the stops to make sure that the girls can spend a lot of time with their father — while of course putting their educations first.

4. It was an extended family dinner

Giudice extended family dinner
Family sometimes means making it work, so Joe and Teresa do what they can for their girls, even when they have their own love lives. Joe and Teresa also both posted very graciously about the dinner afterwards, with Joe giving a shoutout to Luis and to his son.

5. But every family has its troubles

Joe gorga talks to the door
In case it wasn’t already clear that there is some tension between Teresa’s brother and sister-in-law and the father of her children, things exploded on last week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

6. Teresa’s feud with Jackie turned into something very different

Teresa giudice takes a seat as asked
She confronted her brother, Joe Gorga, for not defending her earlier … which spawned a short sequence of events that led to Joe and Melissa’s over-the-top explosion.

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Kailyn Lowry Calls Chris Lopez a "Sperm Donor" for Ghosting His Kids

At this point, Kailyn Lowry’s on-again, off-again status with Chris Lopez is a nightmare for her fans.

They want to support her, but they cannot understand her choices.

Kail is trying to explain why she keeps giving new chances to a man who keeps squandering them.

But at the same time, she says that Chris is more like a “sperm donor” than an actual father.

Kailyn Lowry chatted with her friend, Toni, on her Baby mamas No Drama podcast.

Together, the pair of mothers commiserated over the epic highs and lows of single parenting.

And there’s more to their day-to-day struggles than just doing parenting things on their own.

Toni discussed her son, Brandon, and how Brandon’s father does not seem interested in being a dad.

Kailyn remarked: “I don’t know what I would say to Brandon if he ever wanted to go meet his dad.”

“I don’t even want to call him a dad,” Kail then added.

Toni then jumped in: “No, we call him the sperm donor.”

“Yes,” Kailyn agreed.

“That’s what I call mine, too,” she shared.

Kailyn is of course referring to two-time baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

He is the most recent man to have kids with her and the only one to have two Kailyn babies to his name.

He also seems to be, well, the worst of the lot.

Kailyn and Chris were first publicly known to be dating in 2017.

It was not long after that when Kail learned that she was pregnant.

Her baby was born in 2018 … but it was weeks before he had a name.

The reason for the delay was that, apparently, Chris couldn’t be bothered to participate.

Many parents have strong opinions about what names their children should have.

Eventually, Kailyn had to give up and give her son a (genuinely good) name, Lux.

Kailyn and Chris did not break up permanently, unfortunately.

Over the next two years, they had an extremely toxic co-parenting relationship.

All the while, they also had an on-again, off-again romantic relationship.

This was even more disastrous than it sounded.

Some of their fights allegedly became physical, raising cries of alarm from fans.

These fans were then horrified when, in early 2020, Kailyn announced that she was once again pregnant.

Creed was born in July of 2020, and did not have to wait as long as Lux to receive a name.

Chris’ contributions — or lack thereof — towards his two children have been a major source of annoyance for Kail.

It has caused many fans to wonder why Kail even holds out hope. Aren’t the kids better off without him?

Kailyn recently addressed this very question.

“For the listeners who do not understand my wanting to include Chris in things or wanting to have a second child by him,” she said.

Kail then asked: “What is it about relationships with men or relationships in general.”

Kail continued: “It could be with women I guess or having children with him, whatever that looks like.”

“And,” she added, “still wanting to include them even though they’ve made us cry.”

Kailyn listed “they’ve broken up with us, they’ve done x,y, or z, lie, they do whatever…”

“And we want them to be involved with these children that we’re having,” Kailyn tried to explain.

She also shared that she had suffered a miscarriage during her relationship with Chris.

According to her, she only let Chris return to her life because, for some reason, she wanted to give him a chance to do better.

“I ended up pregnant not once, not twice, but Chris and I had a miscarriage before… ” Kailyn revealed.

“Through all the s–t, maybe he would pick me kinda,” she mused.

“Not pick me over the child… like not in a way like I’m going to get pregnant so he loves me,” Kailyn clarified.

“I am pregnant so maybe this kinda will open his eyes,” Kailyn explained her mode of thinking.

It’s always interesting to hear insight into how and why people make the mistakes that they do.

A lot of people can learn from that — and hopefully Kailyn can be one of them.