Mike Fisher Has Something to Say About His Marriage to Carrie Underwood

As a professional hockey player, Mike Fisher is going to let negative rumors about his marriage just skate by unremarked upon.

Words can have power and Fisher wants to make sure the public is not being played by this chatter.

Carrie Underwood and Husband

Having exhausted our knowledge of hockey-related terms, we'll now get to the issue at hand:

Last week, a report emerged online that claimed Fisher and Carrie Underwood were headed for a divorce.

This wasn't the first time we had heard that the stars may be splitting, either.

In this case, however, a source told In Touch Weekly that hectic schedules for the athlete and the singer were making it difficult to connect.

They share a son together, but they rarely share the same bed.

"Just by the very nature of their jobs, Carrie is gone on long concert tours and Mike was away playing for the team a lot," wrote this tabloid, adding that Fisher's decision to return to hockey is creating a lot of tension.

Says this anonymous insider:

"If Carrie and Mike continue to grow apart, it will surely end in divorce for them. And that would be heartbreaking."

We totes agree! They seem SO happy together!

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, CMAs

Thankfully, Fisher is here to assure us that he and the former American Idol champion plan to remain happy... together.

On Sunday, he shared a verse from from Psalm 139:23-24 on Instagram that read as follows:

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

Followers interpreted this as confirmation that his relationship was in trouble, prompting Fisher to issue a follow-up on Wednesday.

In response to a fan who said she was praying for the couple, Fisher wrote:

"We’ve never been better. Thanks."

PHEW, right?!?

That was a close one, folks.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, CMTs

According to Us Weekly, things are going so well for Underwood and Fisher that they are hoping to expand their family in the near future.

“Everyone around her knows she wants a big family, and they’re always trying for another baby,” a friend of the Grammy winner tells this publication.

Fisher, though, is planning a return to the Carolina Panthers following a five-month retirement, so the timing isn't ideal.

For her part, Underwood is still recovering from a horrific fall she suffered last November.

Both clearly have a lot going on in their lives.

Mike Fisher with Carrie Underwood

Both those lives still include each other and, based on these most recent quotes, always will.

Concludes Us Weekly:

“Carrie and Mike have a great life and a very strong marriage - one that their friends envy.

"They are completely committed to each other and in it for the long run.”

Hooray! That's more exciting than something very exciting that sometimes happens in the sport of hockey!

Jennifer Aniston: Devastated, Humiliated By Justin Theroux Split

As you've likely heard by now, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have called it quits after two and a half years of marriage.

As is always the case when an A-list couple splits, there have been countless theories as to why Jen and Justin decided to go their separate ways.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, Back in the Day

Some say Aniston wants to get back together with Brad Pitt.

Others claim Justin never wanted to marry Jen in the first place.

It may be quite some time before we know exactly what happened, but for now, accounts concur that Justin is the one who initiated the split, and geography played a major role in his decision.

Yes, geography.

It seems Justin just wasn't willing to part ways with his beloved New York City, and Jen is too much of a West Coast girl to relocate.

Jen and Justin

So how does Aniston feel about basically being dumped for a city?

Not surprisingly, she's less than thrilled about it.

"They've been separated for two months now," an insider tells E! News, "but were having intense issues for about eight months." 

"She really tried to make it work with him but the distance was a factor as he only wanted to live in N.Y.C. and there was no compromise with her."

The source adds:

"Their lifestyles were completely incompatible, and ultimately Justin decided to leave."

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux In Happier Times

It seems that though she and Justin were broken up for several weeks before they announced their split, Jen has been having an especially hard time since news of the breakup went public:

"Jen was doing OK for a few weeks after Justin left, and then things got stirred up again when the announcement was made to the media," the insider claims.

"Adjusting to living by herself and not having Justin around," the source adds.

"She is used to the empty house since it's been months now without him, but it's still an uneasy feeling for her. She knows in due time she will feel tremendously better, but is really going through the motions right now."

Of course, this isn't Jen's first high-profile breakup, and those who know her best are confident she'll pull through:

Jennifer Aniston in a Dress

"Jen knows she is strong and knows things will smooth over in time," the insider continues.

"She's been through this before, so she is trying to lay low for now and knows it's best if she doesn't go out in public for awhile."

And just as she did when her first marriage ended, Jen has been drawing strength from the support of her Friends friends:

"Courteney [Cox]'s been at her house many times, and has been by her side through it all," says the source.

"Many of her friends have known about this for months and knew it was coming. A lot of people didn't think that Jen and Justin were a good match from the start, but ultimately supported her decision."

Jennifer Aniston in Paris

Guess they really will be there for her when the rain starts to fall.

As for those rumors about Jen rekindling her romance with her first husband, the source says that while Aniston has reached out to Pitt in the months since her split, the actors have no intention of being anything other than friends.

"Jen never talks about Brad," the insider claims.

"Rekindling is not even a conversation. She has always thought that chapter is sealed and so far in the past."

Like that's gonna stop us from holding out hope!

The Bachelor Winter Games: Ben Higgins Leaves in Tears

The Bachelor Winter Games is more than just a way to pass the time between Bachelor episodes and reading each of The Bachelor Spoilers that leaks.

It's also a wild ride. This episode saw a very memorable Ghost homage on a surprisingly successful date. There was also an epic kissing contest with high stakes.

But Ben Higgins realized that he was in the wrong place. After talking it over and crying over Lauren Bushnell, he decided that it was time to leave.

For starters, it turns out that Dean and Lesley aren't just both beautiful -- they're both pretty good with a pair of skis, blowing everyone away as they raced down the slopes.

Josiah couldn't help shading Dean Unglert at little -- referring to Dean having "so many women at his disposal."

It sounds like a compliment or perhaps even a neutral description, but it's to remind everyone of Dean's disastrous love triangle in Paradise.

And Clare is much harsher about it.

(Oh, Deanie Babies, the Bachelor Nation is still so disappointed in you)

However, Dean and Lesley won two date cards and after a lot of soul-searching, decided to hand off one of them to Kevin and Ashley. Which is how we got this:

That's right, folks.

Kevin Wendt and Ashley Iaconetti did a full-on Ghost reenactment.

You'd think that a date that includes Ashley confessing that she's a virgin would be spent awkwardly, but Kevin was totally understanding.

(He is, after all, Canadian -- politeness is kind of their brand)

That didn't stop either of them from enjoying their spin pottery date. And Ashley said that she could really see herself falling for Kevin.

A lot of folks are rooting for these two.

After Tiffany realizes that it was time to say goodbye, Ben Higgins started questioning whether The Bachelor Winter Games was really best for him at the moment.

This resulted in the tearful heart-to-heart that he had with Chris Harrison, which you can see in the video below.

"Coming back to a place like this really brings up a lot of weird memories."

He says that he's haunted by the "ghosts" of his past, which means that this would have made a great Halloween episode. Alas.

"And then, to try to engage in relationships here, and know that the last time that I did this was one of the best moments of my life. ..."

Sometimes, you don't know that you're in the wrong place until you're there.

"But, right here, right now, it just doesn't feel right."

"My fear is not entering into a relationship, my fear is not pursuing somebody."

But he does know what his real fear is:

"My fear is that if I [were] to be broken again, I'm not full enough right now to recover from that."

We can totally understand that. You need to feel secure in yourself, emotionally. Some wounds stay raw for longer than you would think.

And perhaps being on The Bachelor Winter Games has exacerbated that.

And then he talks about what sounds like being deeply impacted by comments and fan speculation -- and not only that which was hurtful or intentionally hurtful.

By leaving, Ben Higgins (and Michael and Yuki) missed out on the kissing contest, which was judged by Rachel Lindsay, JoJo Fletcher, and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Which means that Dean, Luke, Josiah, and Bibiana were engaging in a makeout contest ... in front of their exes.

Awkward beyond reason.

The best kissing was definitely Ashley and Kevin -- they got a standing ovation.

The worst? Josiah and Ally. Ally threw up right beforehand, and that's just not a recipe to a good kiss.

Take a look at Ben's tearful conversation and decide for yourself if he was right to leave:

The bachelor winter games recap ben higgins leaves in tears

Derick Dillard Under Fire For Atheist Sympathies: Has He Abandoned His Beliefs?

It's been quite an interesting few months in the life of Derick Dillard.

It all started, of course, when Derick got fired by TLC after harassing transgender teen and fellow network star Jazz Jennings in a bizarre Twitter tirade.

Derick Dillard and his boys on Christmas

Derick issued an explanation for his remarks that he probably thinks qualifies as an apology, but fans weren't buying it, and most seemed happy to see him go.

Earlier this week, Derick doubled down on his homophobia by promoting a speaking engagement by a pastor who became famous for his support of the abhorrent practice of conversion therapy.

It briefly seemed that Derick had taken an "in for a penny, in for a pound" approach to his own bigotry and decided that since he'd already been fired from TLC, the time was right to rebrand himself as a far-right firebrand.

Today, however, something interesting occurred on Derick's Twitter page.

Derick Dillard, Awful Haircut and Cookie Dough

"I want to personally invite any LGBTQ person & anyone else who would like to come with my family and me to church next Sunday. See you there!" Derick tweeted.

These days, it seems that Derick is supporting his family almost entirely through monetary donations from fans, so many were suspicious that the tweet was simply a publicity stunt or part of an effort to rebuild his image.

But some expressed an interest in taking him up on the invitation.

One woman identified herself as an atheist and asked if it was okay for her to attend services with Derick and his family.

The former reality star astonished many Duggar fans when he responded, "Absolutely!"

Jill Dillard and Derick

Some expressed outright shock that Derick would invite someone whose beliefs are so different from his own into his house of worship.

The mini-controversy comes on the heels of reports that Derick's wife, Jill Duggar, had turned her back on her beliefs due to an Instagram post in which she revealed that she's reading a book with sections addressed to those who are questioning their faith in God.

In the end, however, it turned out there was really nothing to either scandal.

Jill was simply offering support to those whose belief had wavered, while Derick is apparently hoping to convert some non-believers, which is actually one of the expressed duties of Independent Baptists.

Oh, well. We're sure a legitimate Derick scandal will pop up soon enough.

In the meantime, watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

Coco Austin Just Started a Debate About Down Syndrome

Coco Austin has often generated controversy when it comes to her two-year old daughter, Chanel.

That's what happens when you dress your toddler in a bikini all the time, we guess.

But the latest uproar over Coco as a parent (and a person, really) is different.

It has to do with trolls on the Internet, a question about Chanel's developmental state and the difficult subject of Down Syndrome and kids.

Scroll down to find out just what the heck we're talking about to here...

1. It Started When Coco Shared This Photo

Pretty simple and extremely cute, right? How did THIS picture create controversy?!?

2. It Wasn't Due to Coco's Caption

Coco with chanel
Wrote the large-breasted model: "My little poser ... (It's nice having a 2-year-old around ...They constantly make u smile). If you would like to follow a lot of cuteness follow @babychanelnicole."

3. Nor Did Everyone See a Problem with the Image

Nor did everyone see a problem with the image
Just consider these comments. All positively gushing!

4. She Looks Just Like Daddy!

Like ice t
We guess this is a good thing, right? Depends how you feel about Ice-T, LOL.

5. Ah, But Here's the Question

An Internet user posed it to Coco in seemingly innocent fashion. She just seems curious, right?

6. We Can See Where This Question Came From

Chanel pic
We mean no judgment, of course. Not one bit. But there is a typical look to a Down Syndrome child and we simply understand, based on pics such as this one, how the rumor got started.
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Brie Bella: Check Out My Post-Baby Body!

You might know Brie Bella from Total Divas or from WWE or you might not know her at all. It happens.

But you're going to want to see her absolutely incredible post-baby body.

Suffice it to say that most people don't have this kind of figure ever in their lives.

Brie Bella and Baby

The Bella Twins are pretty darn famous within the world of professional wrestling.

They're a wrestling tag team, made up of Brie Bella and Nikki Bella.

What's more, Nikki Bella is in a relationship with wrestling superstar, actor, and living meme John Cena.

(In fact, fans saw Nikki and John Cena's Wrestlemania proposal just last year)

Brie Bella, in the mean time, is married to Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Lloyd Danielson), who's retired from wrestling but is currently the on-screen General Manager of SmackDown Live.

Bella Twins

Nine months ago, Brie Bella gave birth to her child with Daniel Bryan.

The sweet baby girl, named Birdie Joe Danielson, is absolutely adorable and photogenic.

(In fact, as you'll see in some photos below, Birdie almost looks like a Pixar creation rather than a Brie and Brian creation -- and to be clear, we mean that in a she-looks-too-cute-to-be-real way)

We've seen a few celebrity moms lose their baby weight almost immediately. But most people aren't Kim Kardashian. Most are, you know, humans.

We've recently seen Katherine Heigl's weight-loss journey after giving birth for the first time, and though she looks incredible, her 14-month journey to getting back into acting shape is a more realistic time frame.

So look at how Brie Bella looks, nine months after giving birth:

Brie Bella, Post-Baby Body

She. Looks. Stunning.

Not only do her abs look rock-hard while her entire figure looks trim ...

(Though that is certainly the case)

... But Brie had another hurdle to cross as she recovered from Birdie's birth.

Her sweet daughter entered this world via emergency C-Section in May of 2017.

For months, doctor's orders prevented Brie from exercising as she is accustomed to doing. Her road to recovery was longer than most.

Brie Bella and Baby Birdie Joe Danielson

(Take a look at this mother and daughter -- aren't they the cutest?!)

Fans commented under the pic of Brie Bella's incredible post-baby bod.

"Beautiful picture!!"

Very true.

"Thank You for being real."

Not everyone shows their journey like this, but Brie's opened up about how she felt out of shape in the first few months after delivery.

"Thanku for showing the struggle of real post baby body. We don't all snap back the day after delivery. U r looking fab!"

Such a nice message.

"Isn't it amazing what the female body can do,"

Birdie Joe Danielson

There are people who would criticize Brie Bella for sharing this image at all -- because not everyone regains their pre-baby body.


Hips are rearranged, hormones change how fat is stored. Sometimes hair color even changes (weird, I know).

But honestly, telling Brie to cover up is just another form of body-shaming, and that's not acceptable. She's free to show as much or little of her body as she sees fit, whether it's to showcase weight loss or admit how long it took her to get back to where she had been.

Good for her.

Farrah Abraham Sues Viacom for Teen Mom OG Firing!

Before we get started, let's take a moment to reflect on Farrah Abraham and the many, many hate crimes she's endured these past few months.

Let's consider how hard it's been for her, and how the things she's been going through have definitely, without a doubt been hate crimes.

Farrah on Instagram

... Are we good now?

Yes, so our beloved Farrah has been in a bit of a tailspin since October, when she was fired from Teen Mom OG.

It's taken a while to get the full story, mostly because for the first couple of months after it happened Farrah had been the only one telling the story.

And as you may have noticed, she's not the most reliable narrator. And also she has a hard time with words and figuring out how they work.

To hear her tell it, she was fired because of her work in the sex industry, and to be fired for such a reason was literally a hate crime.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Photo

She was sex-shamed by Teen Mom producers, she and her family had been manipulated for years into ruining their lives for good storylines.

She had a lot of accusations.

As it turns out, the powers that be didn't love all the porn stuff, but another very big issue was the way Farrah treated crew members.

Because she honestly treated them like absolute garbage.

There was a little confusion over whether or not she was actually fired though -- MTV owns the show, obviously but a separate production company films it, and they were the ones who did the firing.

Abraham, Farrah: A Photo

But regardless, she hasn't been filming, and it seems like she's really and truly done with Teen Mom.

Well, she's done being on Teen Mom -- she still has some loose ends to tie up, though.

Yesterday, Farrah marched down to the courthouse and filed herself a lawsuit against Viacom, Teen Mom's production company, and Teen Mom executive producer Morgan J. Freeman.


According to the documents, she's suing "to hold defendants responsible for (1) harassing her because she did not conform to gender stereotypes; (2) wrongfully terminating her employment because she did not conform to gender stereotypes; and (3) terminating her employment in retaliation for complaining about the gender-stereotyping harassment she suffered."

Farrah Photograph

It's already amazing, right?!

She also suing for "breach of contract, conversion, unjust enrichment, negligence, negligent hiring, retention, and/or supervision, tortious interference with business relations, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress."

Now, we're no lawyers, but you don't really have to be a lawyer to see that she's really just going for it with all of this.

The documents also state that on the day she was fired, the production crew "harassed, humiliated, discriminated against, disrespected, ridiculed, degraded, and sex shamed" her for working in adult entertainment.

She also claims here that Freeman threatened to sabotage any other deals she'd ever make with MTV, and that "given Freeman's hostile tone, mannerisms, and body language," she actually "feared for her life."

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back

See what we mean about how she's going for it?

Farrah and her lawyers are suing for "emotional pain, emotional suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life," and the rest of the money she was supposed to earn for this season according to her contract.

She's suing for $5 million.

Five million actual dollars.

Actually, she's asking for "an amount to be determined at trial but exceeding $5,000,000," as well as her lawyer's fees, so it's even more ridiculous than that.

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, to say the least.

There's absolutely no doubt Viacom has an amazing team of lawyers, but there's also no doubt that Farrah has zero sense and would keep pushing this until she bankrupts herself.

Grab your popcorn, friends, because this will almost definitely get good.

Adam Lind: Warrant Issued For the Arrest of Chelsea Houska’s Ex!

Adam Lind is in deep trouble these days, even by Adam Lind standards.

Lind was arrested for domestic assault back in November, and that brush with the law seems to have set Chelsea Houska's first baby daddy into a downward spiral that will likely have him serving hard time in the near future.

Adam Lind Meth

Shortly after that first incident, Lind was arrested again, this time for violating a restraining order against a second ex.

Needless to say, none of this did him any favors in his two simultaneous custody battles, particularly after it was revealed that Lind tested positive for meth just minutes before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter.

For obvious reasons, Chelsea Houska was awarded sole custody of her daughter Aubree, a move she's no doubt very happy about in the wake of recent developments in the life of Outlaw Lind.

According to Radar Online, a warrant has been issued for Lind's arrest in response to his deadbeat ways:

“He has a warrant out for his arrest for being behind on child support,” a spokesperson for the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office in tells Radar. 

Adam Lind Muscles

"The warrant is for $2,025.”

Houska obviously makes much more money than Lind, whose earnings probably hover near the zero range, so not surprisingly, the payments are owed to his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur:

“He owes her over $16,000 in child support,” a source tells Radar.

“Petitioner Lind was ordered to pay child support for Paislee Lind $500 per month,” the sheriff's office spokesman confirms.

One insider adds that Lind has not only failed to pay child support, he's also made no effort to spend time with his daughters.

“He hasn’t seen Paislee since August,” that source claims.

“He doesn’t call or check in. She doesn’t even see his family.”

Adam Lind and Aubree Photo

It's not illegal to be an absentee father, but it is strange that Lind has been battling both of his exes for custody and visitation rights, even though he seems to have little interest in being involved in his daughters' lives.

“He has the potential to be a good dad when there aren’t obstacles in his way,” the source says in Lind's defense.

“At the end of the day all that matters though is his actions and his effort and it’s just not there. He only works on his cars and sleeps a lot.”

We'll believe that bit about his potential when we see it.

In the meantime, expect Lind to be taken into custody sometime very soon.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how big of a bullet Chelsea dodged.

Demi Lovato: This Pic of My Thighs Could Save Your Life

Demi Lovato isn't just a talented singer with an ever-growing tour schedule. She's not just an actress or a gorgeous role model.

She's an inspiration.

Now, she's posting a photo of her thighs -- now that she's stopped dieting -- to share a powerful message about loving your body.

Demi Lovato, Entrancing Selfie

In the (now-deleted) photo that you'll see below, Demi Lovato shows off her thighs.

Though Demi continues to work out by practicizing Brazilian martial arts for both self-defense training and for fitness purposes, she has not stopped dieting.

In the caption of this wonderful picture, she's written:

"These are what I call no more dieting thighs and I’m proud of them #thickthighssavelives."

That's an amazing message, and here is the photo itself:

Demi Lovato Thick Thighs

As we mentioned, this gorgeous pic of the singer has announced that she's no longer dieting.

Though her figure remains enviable to the point where every single photo of her is a thirst trap, her thighs have grown powerful.

The "thick thighs save lives" motto is incredible and one that we hope to see repeated.

it's body-positive, it's empowering, and it rhymes. What more could you want?

This is not the first time that Demi has spoken up about her body image, however.

Demi Lovato in Swimsuit

Demi shared this lovely beach photo and addressed her eating disorder in the captions, writing:

"So, I’m insecure about my legs in this picture but I’m posting it because I look so happy and this year I’ve decided I’m letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism."

That sounds so wonderfully healthy!

"Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing. Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes."

By sharing her journey with the world, she can inspire others.

"Today I’m feeling strong. You all can do it too. It IS possible. Thank you God for this new chapter in my life. #EDrecovery #happyAF"

Demi Lovato Swimsuit Selfie

Demi Lovato has also opened up to People about her recovery.

"It’s a daily battle. Some days I feel great and some days I don’t feel great. And sometimes it’s periods of times."

She's admitted that she's gained weight -- a normal thing for human bodies, but difficult for someone recovering from an eating disorder.

“I stopped dieting and have gained a little weight so it’s been a struggle but at the same time, I’m happier because I’m not restricting myself from certain foods and I’m no longer food shaming myself."

That is so good to hear!

"As someone recovering from a food disorder, it’s something that I want to put out there that you don’t have to diet in order to be happy."

Demi Lovato Poolside

"I don’t think I’ve heard that message out there in the public and of course, it’s important to be healthy and everything in moderation is fine."

It's so important to hear her talk about this. Sensible eating and moderation don't have to look extreme.

That applies to everyone, but it's especially hard for people who struggle with eating disorders to understand.

When she says that thick thighs save lives, it's almost literal -- people worried about their thighs not meeting some impossible standard might starve themselves to death or damage their organs in an effort to conform to what they think that they're supposed to look like.

Demi's message could save lives.

Audrey Roloff Can Sum Up Motherhood is One Word

As documented down below, there's a lot we don't know about Audrey Roloff.

But there's at least one thing we know very well about the Little People, Big World star and that is this:

She adores being a mother.

A Big Kiss for Ember

The TLC personality has made it clear in one social media post after another that she was practically born for this role, gushing about daughter Ember Jean and about her role as a parent.

How would Audrey define that role?

Such is the topic of her latest Instagram entry.

"GRACE. If I had to sum up what motherhood has taught me into one word, it would be grace," Roloff wrote to open this profound message.

Audrey has been criticized of late for exploiting her daughter (and/or thoughts about her daughter) in the name of product placement and promotion, but that's not a concern here.

This post is simply dedicated to life as a mother, what she has learned and how she would sum it all up.

Playing with Ember Jean

"I can be pretty hard on myself, and motherhood is teaching me to give myself grace in the moments when I feel unequipped, ill prepared, or like I don’t measure up," Audrey explains.

"On the days when I discover I haven’t been doing something that everyone else seems to be doing, grace. 

"When my ideals don’t fit to reality, grace.

"When I’m overwhelmed by all the conflicting research on all the hot button issues, grace.

"When I start to compare myself to the other mama warriors out there, grace. When I get criticized and accused, grace."

The star continues with the same theme, really hammering it home because it means so much to her.

When I realize I’m not the kind, patient, and loving wife intend to be, grace. When I get down on myself for working too much or not enough, grace. 

When I haven’t checked anything off my to-do list, grace. When I’ve worn the same outfit 7 days in a row, grace.

Aud, Jer and Ember

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed Ember into the world back in September.

Both were pretty candid at first about the challenges they faced, Audrey in particular when it came to pain while breastfeeding.

However, they relied on each other, on their strong faith and here they are now... proud and excited parents of THIS precious five-month old!

So, where were you, Audrey?

Some Ember Snuggles

"I am choosing to release my harsh and sometimes worldly standards and learning to embrace His grace in my weakness," she writes."His power is perfected in my weakness."

Referencing God and the bible again, Roloff concludes as follows:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

In response to her in-depth analysis, Audrey received praise and support from many of her followers.

Love this post so much. It encourages me and reminds me of how I should be. Thank you! wrote debrakgottschalk.

Added willspartner71: Your thoughts and words flow so beautifully and inspire me. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that God has gifted you with. You are amazing.

And here's ktpapercrafty: What wisdom and strength you have gained as a new mom! Impressive indeed. (It took me a whole lot longer to get to this point as a mom!)

We already knew Audrey was wise, though, didn't we?

But what we didn't know about her was this...

Tyler Baltierra: Catelynn Lowell’s Mental Illness is Not My Fault!

Hasn't Tyler Baltierra been through enough lately?

In case you haven't been keeping score, he really, really has.

Tyler and Catelynn Post-Therapy

Things have been ridiculously rough for the past couple of months, as we've been seeing on Teen Mom OG and as he and Catelynn Lowell have been revealing on social media.

Last fall, he and Cate began trying for another baby, and she quickly became pregnant, but as we'll see in next week's episode, she had a miscarriage not long after they began announcing the good news to family.

We don't know the exact timeline yet -- we assume it'll all become more clear as the season goes on -- but it's easy to imagine that the miscarriage led to her worsening depression.

In November, she made a statement about how she'd been thinking of various ways to kill herself, and afterwards she checked into a treatment center.

Tyler was extremely supportive of her decision, but just before all this happened, he sent his father, Butch, off to rehab for his lifelong struggles with addiction.

Tyler Baltierra Selfie

So all during that time, he was concerned about his father and his wife, he was dealing with all the emotions from the miscarriage, and he was also taking care of his and Cate's daughter, Nova, by himself.

It can't be easy for him right now.

And unfortunately it looks like some people are going out of their way to make things even harder.

OK, so Jenelle did an interview on a podcast last weekend with some people named Vince and Noel -- this is the interview in which she admitted to doing drugs during her last pregnancy.

We're not sure if they talked about Catelynn and Tyler during the podcast, but it looks like Noel made this post on Facebook last month:

Catelynn depression joke

As you can see, she's making light of Cate's depression, which simply is not cool, especially not now that Cate is having such a hard time with it.

Earlier this week, Tyler saw the screenshots of the post and tweeted them, writing that "This is the most ignorant, vile & insensitive thing I have ever seen. To mock my wife's suicidal ideation & depression is just sickening to the core!"

He tagged Noel and the other people involved in the podcast and told them that "you're part of the reason Mental Health has the stigma that it does."

She defended herself by saying that she has depression herself, and that she uses that kind of humor to deal with it, which kind of makes sense.

But still, she doesn't know Catelynn, and she was joking about her on social media. It's understandable why Tyler was so upset.

After Tyler's tweet, he and Noel had an exchange, and it seems like she deleted some of her tweets. Here's a screenshot of part of one:

Noel tweet

So that part where she wrote "Do you want to take responsibility for Cait's mental health?", that's the part we're going to talk about now.

She attached a shot of Tyler's infamous comments about not wanting a "heifer for a wife," which, yes, was obviously not his greatest moment.

And he responded with a lengthy statement of his own.

"I take full responsibility for what I say," he began. "This conversation was constructively edited to appear more insensitive than it actually was. We have addressed this many times before, but I will explain it once again."

Tyler statement

Tyler said that during that conversation, Catelynn told him that "she doesn't desire a 'muscle headed tool' because that's not attractive to her & I responded."

"We started a diet together," he continued, "and asked to hold each other accountable to our commitments. We have been together for 12 years, so there isn't too much we won't say to each other."

"Yes, I can be abrasive with my delivery. Yes, I can be ignorant with how my delivery impacts other people. Yes, I make mistakes. But I own up to them."

But still, Tyler said, "to state that I am the cause of her mental health struggles is yet again, another very ignorant opinion."

"Her mental health struggles derive from the chaotic and unstable upbringing we both endured. We are both actively working on those struggles."

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Snuggles

He finished by telling Noel that he understands she's getting a lot of hate for her comments, "but attempting to play 'tit for tat' & scorekeeper with me is quite a pathetic approach to justify your insensitivity."

It's a pretty great statement, right?

And he's definitely right -- for anyone to try to say it's his fault that Catelynn has depression is just completely ignorant and hurtful.

Good on him for standing up for himself, and for explaining that perhaps we don't know the ins and outs of his marriage or Catelynn's complex mental health problems.

It's just sad that some people need that explanation.

Blac Chyna: I Did Not Leak My Oral Sex Tape!

According to a new report, when Blac Chyna learned that a tape existed on the Internet of her giving an ex-boyfriend a bit of oral pleasure, the reality star did a spit take.

What we're trying to say is this:

Blac Chyna swears she did not release the explicit footage that features her sucking on the penis of Mechie.

Blac Chyna Stares

Earlier this week, the Internet was shocked to learn...

... okay, let's start this section again.

Earlier this week, the Internet was anything but shocked to learn that a video exists in which Chyna is lying naked on her back while a man's genitalia is dipped in and out of her mouth.

The X-Rated footage lasts for about one minute and 23 seconds and ends with Chyna gagging on her lover's large unit.

The response by most who have followed Chyna's "career" was less surprise and more mockery, as we've documented below:

But questions over Chyna's technique were not the only thing on people's minds in the wake of this explosive* tape.

(*To be accurate, it wasn't actually explosive... if you catch our inappropriate drift.)

A nation is now wondering: Who the heck leaked this thing?!?

On Tuesday, a rep for random rapper Mechie confirmed that his client is the individual on the receiving end of Chyna's fellatio, but also insisted that Mechie did not leak the BJ.

(You likely forgot, but Mechie is the dude who got with Chyna last summer for, like four weeks, and who also got a tattoo of her initials on his neck.)

This rep alleges that Mechie filmed the very close encounter with Chyna's phone and didn't make a copy or anything of that nature.

Blac Being Blac

Just like he pointed his penis in the direction of Chyna's mouth in this sex tape, he appears to be pointing the finger of blame in her direction now.

But this isn't the case, Chyna tells TMZ.

She swears to that website that she is not responsible for this footage going viral; that her phone was not stolen; and that there's no evidence it has been hacked.

(That is, no other videos or photos have made their way online. Just the video.)

The ex-reality star says she plans to file a police report later in the week and will cooperate entirely with the investigation.

Here is a photo of Mechie and Chyna from last July, meanwhile, around when the video was filmed:

Blac Chyna and Mechie

We think we believe Chyna in this case.

What would she possibly have to gain by releasing such a video to the world?

She went through the whole nude image/revenge porn thing with Rob Kardashian last summer and we can't imagine she'd want to continually be known as someone who lets boyfriends film her in the act of sex.

As the slideshow above makes clear, this isn't even an especially flattering act, from Chyna's point of view.

Mechie, conversely, is a total unknown.

He was reportedly mad several months ago after Chyna cut him loose.

We don't want to say he definitely released this tape to embarrass his ex, but we're pretty darn sure he released this tape to embarrass his ex.

Don't you agree?

Farrah Abraham Slams Kailyn Lowry, Spencer Pratt In Bizarre Meltdown!

One never knows what to expect from Farrah Abraham.

In fact, it often seems as though Farrah herself is thoroughly surprised by the things that come out of her mouth.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Photo

Like certain White House residents, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for Farrah's behavior.

For example, why would she return to the world of sex work against her bosses' wishes when she clearly doesn't need the money?

Why would she bite the hand that feeds her by telling the whole world that she'd been fired from Teen Mom OG before the decision was even final?

And why would she now make her situation even worse by publicly attacking her co-stars, her producers, hell - even stars from other reality shows?!

We'd say only Farrah knows the answer to that question, but we highly doubt she has any idea.

Farrah Abraham Camgirl

A recent episode of Teen Mom OG showed Farrah flipping out on a producer for failing to inform her that her mother was waiting in a car parked outside her home.

Many fans pointed out that the producers are not Farrah's personal assistants, and she responded with one of her social media tirades that only fully makes sense if you're fluent in Farrah-ese:

“Fake as producing grow up and stop acting like hating on a single mother and sabotaging her life is ok because your jealous,” she wrote.

And if you think she was done there, you don't know Farrah.

This is a woman who previously accused Teen Mom of forcing women to get pregnant and using child labor.

Farrah Abraham Underwear Pic

So it's not surprising that she went after her former bosses even harder in round 2:

"The Lieing idiot 'producers' out themselves how f-cking stupid can you be!" Farrah wrote on Instagram.

"@TeenMom @MTV Like this fake scene about me from people I fired as these “producers” slander & fake lies and scenes to be around a real celebrity & epic fail @MTV @viacom Not legal, discrimination!"

Taking after her idol and possible future sugar daddy Donald Trump, Farrah then declared victory in a non-existent war:

"Moved on from this show ..never fired enjoy MTV lies their jealous and the networks shows suck #FarrahWins Viacom uses teen moms, mistreats kids."

Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom OG

Later that same night, MTV aired a Teen Mom OG after-show, with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and noted crystal enthusiast Spencer Pratt as guests:

Spencer pointed out that Farrah mistakenly believes herself to be a "superstar," and Kailyn reminded viewers that Farrah has always been awful:

“I can’t imagine on my worst day talking to someone the way that I heard her talk," Lowry said.

“I mean, I think that’s just who Farrah is, if we’re being honest,” Kail added.

“The first time I ever met Farrah, she was, like, snapping at a driver saying ‘ándale,’ like, you don’t treat people like that.”


Pratt then joked that he should be the one to replace Farrah after her tenure on the show finally comes to an end.

Naturally, Farrah was tuned in.

And of course, she had something to say about the interview:

"IM DONE with all the horrible mothers who don’t do shit but act like hateful zombies for production @Viacom @mtv @teenmom & @spencerpratt needy!" she tweeted.

She then zeroed in on Pratt, who recently became a father:

Spencer Pratt and Amethyst

"I feel sorry for your wife & child don’t spew lies about a single mother who is a dad & a mother #AfterShow Joke #fatherfailure already," Farrah concluded.

When Pratt pointed out that he actually didn't make any disparaging comments about Farrah, an incredible thing happened:

She actually apologized, stated that she looks forward to seeing him in LA ... and added a Celebrity Big Brother hashtag.

Folks, 2018 might soon get even more absurd.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Farrah's insanity.

Chip and Joanna Gaines: Did They Quit Over a Bad Contract?

Fans were shocked to learn that Fixer Upper would be ending after only 5 seasons

Rumors flew -- maybe it's because their family is still growing. Maybe it's because they wanted to work on their alleged marital troubles.

But now there's a report that might finally make all of this make sense ... despite the Gainses fervent denials.

Fixer Uppers in Texas

There's going out on a high note, and then there's canceling your show at its height of popularity.

What gives?

Well, Joanna Gaines is pregnant with her fifth child. That's a big deal for any couple on just about any show.

But if they were fine doing a show with four kids, then five wouldn't hurt, right? That would just be more Gaines family for fans to love.

Then there's the theory that they're having marital problems. Even Chip Gaines admits that their relationship has imperfections.

But they say that they aren't splitting. So why are they saying "no" to success?

Goodbye, Fixer Upper

They say that every safety rule, every regulation, every warning sign, and every contract is written based on history. On things that went wrong for one party or another.

It sounds like that extends to TV contracts, as well, because Page Six reports that Chip and Joanna are holding out for a better contract deal.

"Many years ago, when Scripps, which also owns Food Network, signed Rachael Ray, they didn’t think about Rachael starting a magazine, launching product lines, getting endorsement deals, and her books selling millions of copies."

This comes from an HGTV Network insider, folks.

"And so while Food Network turned Rachael Ray into a star, she made tens of millions and Scripps got none of it."

Some would argue that this is fair. That the network gets commercial revenue from the show itself, while Rachael Ray's other projects are her own.

Others would say that, by giving her a platform, the network deserves a piece of the pie.

"After Rachael, they made sure no talent deal would ever put them in that situation again."

Chip, Joanna

"Since the Gaineses were relatively unknown when they started, they signed the general Scripps talent contract…."

Time and time again, we've heard of unknown people with star potential signing contracts that they would later come to regret.

"The talent can’t do anything without their approval -- any appearance, any publicity, any endorsement, any product -- you have to ask them for permission."

That ... sounds like hell.

"It is awful. And on top of that, Scripps takes a big percentage of everything you make -- books, appearances, endorsements, products. If you make money, they take most of the money…."

They must feel like they're trapped. Household names, but being paid a pittance of what many would consider them worth.

"So [Chip and Joanna] are using this end of their contract as a total renegotiation to get the deal they really want: more money, less work, more control."

Joanna and Chip Gaines on TV

Apparently, the Gaineses believe that the odds are in their favor for one very good reason.

"The timing of Discovery buying Scripps worked well in their favor."

Discovery knows the value of a reality series.

"With Discovery hopefully now about to own Scripps, they are rolling the dice thinking the new owners will come running after them and give them the deal they really want."

It is a gamble, but perhaps it will pay off.

And if not, well, there are reports that the couple's been meeting with other networks to pitch a new show.

Chip and Jo

Still (as you can see in the video above), the Gaineses have denied that this is about money.

They're currently worth about $8 million each, but they suggested that they wouldn't continue at this point, even if offered a ludicrous offer.

But ... we have to consider that this could be their branding talking.

Some people find discussing money to be "vulgar," and so if they were to admit: "Hey, we're holding out for more money! Our millions aren't enough!" it might hurt their brand.

For the sake of their fans, let's hope that whatever it takes to get them back on TV happens.

Jennifer Lawrence Claps WAY Back at "Sexist, Ridiculous" Dress Ridicule

Jennifer Lawrence stars in a new film titled Red Sparrow.

In reality, however, the actress is red with anger at the moment over the way some people have reacted to the sight of her in a revealing black dress.

Jennifer Lawrence Dazzles

Allow us to explain:

Earlier this week, Lawrence took part in a London-based photo call along with co-stars Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons and Matthias Schoenaerts, along with director Francis Lawrence.

She was the only woman in a shoot that took place outside on a rooftop, and she bared a whole lot of skin for the event, rocking a Versace gown that exposed her shoulders, her cleavage and her left leg.

She looked positively amazing.

But a handful of social media users who likely thought of themselves as very woke to the #MeToo Movement lashed out at this set-up.

They simply presumed that Lawrence, as a woman, was forced to dress in a scantily-clad manner... while the men were allowed to bundle up and actually dress for the weather.

Jennifer Lawrence, Co-Stars

To wit:

“It must be about 3 degrees in London ATM, cold enough that the bloke actors have to wear coats and scarves to their press call and yet poor Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a small amount of fabric some might call a dress,” one person Tweeted.

This person was obviously trying to be on Team Jennifer.

But Jennifer herself has now come out and made it clear she doesn't need any cheerleaders, thank you very much!

She is anything but a damsel in distress.

(Or a damsel stuck in a sexy dress, one might say.)

“Wow. I don’t really know where to get started on this ‘Jennifer Lawrence wearing a revealing dress in the cold’ controversy," the actress wrote on Facebook.

She then clapped back against the so-called scandal. HARD.

j. law response

"This is not only utterly ridiculous, I am extremely offended,” the 27-year old added.

"That Versace dress was fabulous, you think I’m going to cover that gorgeous dress up with a coat and a scarf? I was outside for 5 minutes.

"I would have stood in the snow for that dress because I love fashion and that was my choice."

Hear that, folks?

Jennifer Lawrence knows all about sexism in Hollywood and wants to make it clear that this was NOT an example of it.

Jennifer Lawrence in Versace

"This is sexist, this is ridiculous, this is not feminism," continued to pissed-off star.

"Over- reacting about everything someone says or does, creating controversy over silly innocuous things such as what I choose to wear or not wear, is not moving us forward.

"It’s creating silly distractions from real issues. Get a grip people. Everything you see me wear is my choice.

"And if I want to be cold THATS MY CHOICE TOO!"

Game. Set. Match, J. Law.

This is not some "poor" woman who needs anyone to fight her battles for her.

This is frickin Katniss Everdeen, people! She can handle her own business.

Adam Levine Welcomes Baby #2 … Will He Leave The Voice?

Just a couple of days ago, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo welcomed the birth of their second child, a daughter with a very unique name.

Many have wondered if the demands of being a father of two young girls will finally tear him away from his swiveling chair on The Voice.

But apparently NBC is pulling out all of the stops -- and by stops we mean cash -- to entice him to stay. Will it work?

Adam Levine, Favorite Glasses Selfie

Fans rejoiced at the news that Blake Shelton and Behati Prinsloo were expecting baby #2.

Their first young daughter, Dusty, is still a very little girl, so these two sweet girls will be very close in age. Dusty Rose is, for the record, 16 months old.

And this second baby is named Geo Grace Levine.

But ... how much of their childhoods is Adam prepared to miss with his work on The Voice?

Though obviously he and Behati have the means to provide childcare for their children no matter what their schedules might be, that can mean missing valuable bonding time.

Is being on a talent competition show really worth missing your daughter's first word?

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice

It's worth noting that a number of factors aside from fatherhood might draw Adam away from the show, and that he's not the only one.

For example, new judge Kelly Clarkson has been accused of "diva" behavior behind the scenes on The Voice. That doesn't really match her brand, but one could imagine how fame and success can go to just about anyone's head.

Then, of course, there are rumors that Blake Shelton might quit The Voice ... and reports that the Country crooner has gained an inflated sense of self-importance since going on the show, and may now believe that he's too good for it.

There have also been rumors for a while now that Blake and Adam dislike each other on a personal level, one well beyond playful rivalry for cameras.

Overall, The Voice isn't the same as it was when Levine joined it -- so why would he stay when he could be at home with his stunning wife and two beautiful daughters?

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Oscars

As it turns out, the answer to that might be simple: money.

RadarOnline reports that Adam Levine has been offered a lot of money by NBC in an effort to get him to remain on The Voice.

Specifically, a massive bonus of $500,000.

That might seem like pocket change to a guy whose net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the range of $60 million.

But remember that he's believed to make somewhere from $10 million to $12 million per cycle of the show. So this is a bonus, like sprinkles on ice cream.

(We won't say icing on the cake, as cake without icing is just pointless bread)

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Pic

Why are execs at NBC so desperate to keep Adam Levine that they're paying him so much?

Apparently, when word first reached fans that Adam might consider leaving the show, fans protested. In a very vocal manner.

Many longtime fans of The Voice, which has always had a rotating cast, that the show just wouldn't be the same without Adam Levine.

For what it's worth, many of them said the same about Blake Shelton. Probably a different group of fans.

The Voice's fandom sure is passionate.

Adam Levine Naked with Child, Dusty Rose Levine

Of course, not everyone has a lot of confidence in Adam Levine's fathering skills.

Recently, he was slammed for "naked time" with his young daughter.

While plenty of folks might love to be in the room with a naked Adam Levine, they point out that Dusty Rose is too old to see her father naked.

That's bordering on a taboo that exists for a very good reason, but many parents bathe with their children who are babies. It is unlikely, though possible, that Dusty will grow up remembering what her dad looks like naked.