Chrissy Teigen SHREDS Critic of Post-Baby Body!

One of the world's favorite celebrity couples, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, graced the 2018 Emmy Awards with their delightful presence. 

Unfortunately, one troll who isn't aware of how Chrissy deals with shamers decided to try to body-shame her, asking if she's pregnant.

Chrissy took to Twitter to remind the world that she's the queen of clapback.

Chrissy Teigen Laughs at the 2018 Emmy Awards

While the rest of us were groaning about who was robbed at the 2018 Emmy Awards, one alleged "fan" was concerned about Chrissy Teigen's appearance.

"I’m asking this with the utmost respectful," the tweet began, featuring a minor typo.

The tweet continues, asking a very impertinent question: "but is @chrissyteigen pregnant again?"

Oh wow.

Pro-tip, folks: there are very few respectful ways to ask if someone is pregnant if all that you have to go on is a glimpse of them in a dress.

Chrissy Teigen tweets "soo respectful"

Chrissy, even the queen of Twitter and wholly unafraid to clap back, quoted the tweet with some words of her own.

"I just had a baby," her retort begins.

Chrissy continues: "but thank you for being soooo respectful."

She and John Legend welcomed baby #2 back in May. Miles Theodore Stephens is just four months old.

Contrary to what some fitness bloggers and certain celebrities might make people believe, four months is not really a lot of time to recover from childbirth.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, 2018 Emmy Awards

That wasn't the harshest or most epic clapback that we've seen, but it was with a purpose. Chrissy's response was proportionate.

She has spoken about her post-baby body in the past, even giving fans a glimpse of her stretch marks over the summer.

Chrissy, who previously worked as a model (though she laughs when people describe her that way now), discussed how social media can give people skewed ideas about the human body.

"Instagram is crazy," she admited. "I think it’s awesome people have killer bodies and are proud to show them off (I really do!!)"

She continued: "but I know how hard it can be to forget what (for lack of a better word) regular ol’ bodies look like when everyone looks bonkers amazing."

Chrissy Teigen with Her Baby

First of all, it's great that she said bonkers because that word does not get used often enough.

Second of all, Chrissy still had more to say.

In another tweet, she wrote: "Also I don’t really call this ‘body confidence’ because I’m not quite there yet."

"I’m still super insecure," Chrissy admitted.

She concluded: "I’m just happy that I can make anyone else out there feel better about themselves!"

Chrissy Teigen with Miles and Luna

Chrissy is also not afraid to poke fun at herself, as she recently admitted on Twitter that she mispronounces her own last name.

When a fan pointed out that people say it incorrectly, Chrissy tweeted "word! gave up a long time ago. last name is tie-gen not tee-gen."

Chrissy then went on to acknowledge that she herself will pronounce her own name "tee-gen."

Chrissy tweeted: "I even correct people when they say it correctly. it’s all v effed up."

She then lampooned herself for not being assertive about her name or anything else, writing: "Wrong order? I’ll eat it. Taxi going to the wrong airport? I’ll change my flight."

Chrissy is so good.

Mackenzie Standifer: Desperately Trying to Change Ryan Edwards?

If you've been paying attention to his life over the course of the past year, then you're probably aware that Ryan Edwards has had a rough go of it lately.

Granted, many of Ryan's problems are self-created, but that doesn't make the situation any less sad for the loved ones who have had to witness his self-destruction.

Currently, Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is pregnant with his child, and fans believe she's desperate to help her husband change his ways before she gives birth in October.

Will she be able to turn their situation around in such short time?

Here's what we know about the situation thus far ...

1. The Expectant Parents

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
Ryan and Mackenzie both have kids from previous relationships, but the son who's due next month will be their first as a couple.

2. The Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
Unfortunately, news of Mackenzie's pregnancy coincided with the start of an extremely difficult time for Ryan.

3. He Fought the Law

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Ryan's legal troubles have made the most tabloid headlines, and with good reason -- the former Teen Mom OG star has been arrested three times in the past 18 months.

4. The Ravages of Addiction

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Most of Ryan's legal troubles have stemmed from his continued struggles with substance abuse.

5. Slaps on the Wrist

Ryan edwards is mad
Thus far, despite being busted for possession and failing a court-ordered drug test, Ryan has managed to avoid serious jail time.

6. Every Kind of Bad Behavior

Ryan edwards not sober
But believe it or not, despite his many arrests and the severity of his addiction, Ryan has found time to engage in just about every other sort of bad behavior, as well ...
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Matt Roloff Wishes Ex-Wife Happy Birthday, Stuns Critics

Matt Roloff has a message for everyone who thinks he and his ex-wife are in an ugly feud.

And he also has a message for that ex-wife herself.

Molly with Matt

In an Instagram caption that likely came as a shock to some people who believe everything they read online, the Little Poeple, Big World star wished Amy Roloff a happy birthday.

For real!

This really happened, despite critics around the Web often writing that Amy and Matt asre engaged in some kind of rivalry.

"A very Happy Birthday to both Amy and Molly who share the exact same big day. I hope you both have a wonderful amazing Day!!" Matt wrote alongside the image above, which features himself and his daughter.

The reality star included a cake emoji and a balloon emoji and some other emojis along with this caption as well.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff and Grandkids

Matt and Amy filed for divorce in the spring of 2016, many months after they separated.

They still run Roloff Farm together and they still anchor Little People, Big World together and they still get along pretty darn well, if you ask us.

However, there's understandable tension at times because Amy is dating Chris Marek and Matt is dating Caryn Chandler and the paths of these couples often cross.

But we challenge anyone reading this to find any negative remarks out there from either Matt in Amy's direction or vice versa.

Just because Matt didn't actually celebrate Amy's birthday this past weekend certainly doesn't mean anything.

She was taken out to dinner by Marek and it would have been fairly awkward if her ex-husband had tagged along.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff Together

For whatever reason, though, many social media users leave critical comments on Matt's page any time he references Caryn; or on Amy's page any time she references Chris.

We asked a few weeks ago why fans are so obsessed with stirring up controversy when there is none, considering how smoothly Amy and Matt have continued to run their business in the wake of their divorce.

Moreover, all four of the Roloff children seem totally accepting of these new romantic entanglements.

So why can't fans of their TLC show also go along for the ride?

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff Together

For the record, this is what Amy and Matt said in their statement at the time of their official split:

After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising our four wonderful children, who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses.

Our kids and our ever-growing family, and the love and support we have for them, will be our priority. We will continue to work together side-by-side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures.

We would like to thank our family, friends, and all our fans for their continued support and understanding during this difficult time.

Unlike many other celebrities who break up, they've actually managed to stand by these words and keep their family nice and close.

Well done, you two.

And happy birthday, Amy and Molly!

Julie Chen: I’m Quitting The Talk Forever!

After her husband was ousted from CBS following allegations of years of sexual misconduct, Julie Chen addressed the scandal on The Talk. It did not go over well.

She then took a "break" from the show, but it now looks like her hiatus will be permanent.

Julie Chen has now announced that she is quitting The Talk for good.

Julie Chen in a Daring Orange

Multiple sources confirm to CNN that Julie Chen is leaving The Talk permanently -- that she is quitting the show.

She has been absent from the talk show since last week, stepping back and signing off as Julie Chen Moonves in a display of support for her disgraced husband, Les Moonves.

From what a source tells CNN, Julie isn't representing this as a retirement -- she has other activities in mind.

"She has decided that her main focus needs to be clearing her husband’s name from accusations made 25-30 years ago," the insider tells CNN.

So she will be allegedly doing that "And tending to her son."

Julie Chen on The Talk

On Tuesday, September 18, Julie officially confirmed that she is leaving, via a taped message that aired on The Talk.

"I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son," she claimed in the message. "So I’ve decided to leave ‘The Talk.'"

Getting emotional, Julie added: "I have been at ‘The Talk’ since the day it started nine years ago, and the cast crew and staff have become family to me over the years."

"I will always, always cherish the memories we shared," Julie announced.

"Most important, I want to thank you, the viewers," Julie said. "For allowing me into your home every day. It was a privilege that I will forever be grateful for."

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

Reports say that Julie will continue to host Big Brother through the rest of the season.

But considering that this season ends next week, that does not say much about her planned future at CBS.

It may be that she plans to quit in protest or in solidarity with her husband, Les Moonves.

it is also possible that she is concerned that she will no longer enjoy her former status as the network -- and that she has already grown to dislike the stigma of her association with her husband.

Her husband is certainly wealthy enough that the two of them can live in almost comical luxury, and he may receive $120 million in a severance package.

Julie Chen Moonves

Though many fans will be sad to see Julie leave The Talk, others have soured on her in recent weeks.

Obviously, she is not to blame for her husband's alleged sexual misconduct. Guilt by association is almost always unfair.

But in defending Les Moonves and affirming that she supports him, Julie picked a side. 

That resulted in her getting absolutely demolished on Twitter.

Whether she's doing it as a true believer or because she wants to cling to her husband's hefty bank account, a lot of The Talk viewers are less than enamored with Julie these days.

Julie Chen Hosts Big Brother

As for the statement that Julie will be trying to defend Les' name ... we're not sure what to make of that.

She's not, like, the world's greatest detective, and we don't mean that as an insult.

Let's imagine that Les Moonves is totally innocent of sexual misconduct and also never set out to personally ruin various women's careers for no conveivable reason beyond capriciousness and spite.

How exactly is Julie going to prove that he's been framed for this? And how does quitting The Talk free her up to make her case?

Many fans believe that Julie is just using this as an excuse to step back from the camera because she is embarrassed.

Julie Chen Appears on Big Brother

Julie certainly seems to be either embarrassed or not interested in hearing anyone else's opinion.

She has turned off Instagram comments -- on posts going back for months.

We understand that the topic is upsetting, but if she wishes to continue to enjoy the privileges of being a public figure, she may want to accept that people who don't personally work for her are going to have thoughts about her husband.

If she decides to fade from public life along with her husband, well, people may give her a break eventually.

But it's harder to imagine fans being so forgiving if she really does try to set about proving that her husband is innocent.

Wendy Williams to Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin’s Too Young For You, Bro!

Wendy Williams has a long history of saying the worst possible thing in every imaginable scenario.

But amazingly, she might find that a large segment of the celeb-obsessed population is in total agreement with her latest hot take.

Wendy Williams on Hot Topics

As you've likely heard by now, Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin in a small private ceremony in New York City last week.

Justin is 24 and Hailey is 21, which for most of the 20th century was about the age at which people got married.

But these days, that's considered to be rather young for such a consequential decision, particularly as the divorce rate in this country creeps ever closer to 150 percent.

Throw in fame, an extremely short engagement and a massive wealth discrepancy, and the likelihood of Justin and Hailey waltzing to "One Less Lonely Girl" at their 75th anniversary begins to look rather minuscule.

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

Ever the Debbie Downer, Wendy was quick to pour cold water on this happy young couple's hopes and dreams by pointing out that the odds are very much against Justin and Hailey.

“They’ve been on and off allegedly for years, but I don’t care what your background is, these days, 21 is too young to be getting married,� Williams said on a recent episode of her show.

“I know she’s a model, but she’s not one of the biggies. The biggest thing that’s happened to her is that she’s with Bieber," Wendy added.

"The biggest thing that’s happened to this family in a long time is that they’re attached to Bieber, who’s attached to 250 million dollars.

Wendy Williams on Insta

"I just feel like 21 is too young to be getting married, and he’s only 24, and that's still too young in this particular day and time," the daytime host continued.

Williams went on to slam Hailey's father, Stephen Baldwin, for his alleged eagerness to hop aboard the Bieber gravy train.

“Shame on you Stephen Baldwin for co-signing on your 21-year-old daughter getting married,� she said.

“I think the Baldwins look at Bieber as a cash cow… I think Stephen Baldwin likes to be more relevant again to young people in pop culture and Bieber is a quick way to do that,� Williams added.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

As though her pessimism wasn't abundantly apparent already, Williams went on to add:

“I don’t believe that this is a marriage that will last."

We're torn on this one, as Stephen Baldwin is a known sketch-ball, and he probably is thinking about how his daughter's relationship will affect his career.

But on the other hand, Wendy Williams is the absolute worst, and it sucks that she's going to such great lengths to rain on this young couple's parade.

So now we all have one more reason to root for Justin and Hailey -- if they last, it'll royally piss off daytime's queen of mean.

Emily Simpson SLAMS Kelly Dodd for Vicious Attack on Husband!

Though viewers saw Vicki Gunvalson flip out on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she wasn't the only Housewife to get a little hot under the collar.

When Kelly Dodd criticized Emily Simpson's husband -- when she called him a "b--ch" -- Emily lashed out, even threatening to kill Kelly.

Emily cooled off and apologized, and she's owning up to her words and actions. But she says that she's the only one who's doing so.

Emily Simpson Image

"I am in no way proud of my behavior at Tamra’s party," Emily admits in a Bravo blog post.

In her own defense, Emily says: "I feel like any wife who respects her marriage and her husband would have become as irate as I did."

"However," Emily adds. "I am the ONLY one taking any responsibility for my own actions that evening."

"And let’s be honest," Emily says, preparing to school her co-star. "For a 'death threat' to be actionable, the other party has to have an imminent and reasonable fear that their life is in jeopardy."

"The fact that Kelly continued to scream, 'Hit me! Hit me!' and was laughing means she was not scared for her life," Emily reasons.

Emily Simpson Smiles

She says that Kelly has been targeted Emily's words so that she does not have to look inward.

"Kelly’s constant focusing on what I said that night is simply a deflection from dealing with her own abhorrent behavior," Emily says.

"I have to say I’m quite disappointed in the other ladies," Emily continues.

Emily asks: "Did anyone else notice that Tamra, in her last blog, says Shane likes to cause drama when all he did was stand at a table and have a nice, quiet conversation with Steve?"

Tamra's last blog was more or less all about accusing Shane of being dramatic.

Emily Simpson Wears Red Velvet

Emily spies hypocrisy in Tamra's accusations.

"Yet she makes ZERO mention of Kelly’s behavior," Emily points out. "Can Shane ever catch a break? Is he ever allowed to speak?"

Emily then points out that Shane was in a no-win scenario.

"If he said nothing, he would be attacked for being spineless," Emily imagines. "If he speaks up, he’s attacked for causing drama."

"At the very least, it is laughable that the queen of 'That’s my opinion!' is telling Shane to stay out of it," Emily says, referring to the famous meme of Tamra screaming.

Emily Simpson for Season 13

"I am happy that Kelly and I had the opportunity to sit down face to face and work it out," Emily writes.

Emily continues: "I truly believe you can work things out by owning your own actions, forgiving, and moving on."

"I feel that we both said what we wanted to say," Emily says. "And we both took responsibility for our own part in the evening."

Emily adds: "I even texted Kelly after meeting with her and reiterated how I was happy that we chatted and worked things out."

Emily Simpson and Husband Shane Simpson

Despite that peacemaking, Emily points out that Kelly hasn't given up on her insistence that Shane is a "b--ch."

It's part of human nature for people to get upset and defensive when their loved ones are targeted for criticism and ridicule.

And it goes with the Real Housewife franchise's territory for people to have explosive arguments on camera. Viewers expect it.

It's how the stars respond after the fact that shows fans what their character is really like. Emily, at least, is owning what she did and what she said.

We do hope that, in the future, Emily avoids issuing any death threats. It's not cool.

Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds Daughter, Is Deemed "Perfect" By Husband

Life is pretty good for Chelsea Houska anc Cole DeBoer these days.

Actually, to be more specific, life is pretty much perfect for Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer right now.

So wrote the brand new father himself as a caption to a recent Instagram photo, which features the Teen Mom 2 star chilling on the couch with her three kids -- and breastfeeding the latest addition.

Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds

"Sunday relaxation. My perfect sweeties," Cole penned along with the precious photo above.

As you can see, it depicts Chelsea on the family sofa with son Watson, infant daughter Aubrey and newborn daughter Layne.

The latter is only three weeks old, having been born to Chelsea and Cole back on August 29.

Considering this date is also Chelsea's birthday, the veteran MTV personality broke the news to social media followers by simply sharing a photo of Layne along with the following simple and sweet caption:

Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne.

Check out photos of the tiny human being on the day she entered the world below:

Ever since becoming a three-time mother, Houska has actually been struggling with mastitis.

This is a condition in which inflammation of breast tissue can cause infection or, even if it does not, often causes extreme pain when breastfeeding.

It makes the original photo above even all the more endearing and impressive, as Chelsea is willing to suck up her own pain in exchange for providing her little one with sustenance.

"Mastitis is no joke," Houska Tweeted last Friday, agreeing with a fan that she'd rather go through labor and give birth again rather than having to deal with the condition.

"I never knew it was this awful!" Chelsea added at the time.

Little Layne

Thankfully, Chelsea made it through the other side, updating followers a few days later as follows:

"This is the first day that I don’t feel like I’m dying since Thursday... I never knew how horrible mastitis was. Aaaand I never want to go through it again."

And she's regained her humor, too, if this Tweet is any indication:


All across the globe, millions of new parents are nodding along (or slapping their foreheads) in agreement right about now.

But not all these payments are as fortunate as Chelsea is to have a supportive and helpful husband around.

The Teen Mom star previously shared an adorable photo of Cole and Layne and deemed her mate to be just as "perfect" as he believes her to be.

"This man is so perfect for me," she wrote on Instagram. "The most amazing husband and daddy in the entire world. I love how much he loves us."

Man, Chelsea and Cole. You guys are way too happy and content.

Can you please get into some sort of blowup in the near future? Don't you know that drama is what draws the most clicks?!?

Farrah Abraham Lands Spot on MTV Reality Show … With Her Ex-Boyfriend Simon Saran

It's been almost ten months since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG.

The reasons for her dismissal vary, depending on whose version of events you believe, but whether it was Farrah's work as a camgirl or her notoriously horrendous attitude that got her canned, the upshot remains the same:

Farrah Abraham Solo

Ms. Abraham is no longer a cast member on the show that made her famous.

But that doesn't mean she's through working for the network that gave her her big break.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Farrah is currently in her second week of filming for MTV's Ex on the Beach Season 2.

She'll be joined on the notoriously drama-packed series by her most volatile ex, Simon Saran.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran in Bridal Shop

The news may come as a shock to TMOG fans, due to the fact that when Farrah and Simon broke up last year, it was not on the best of terms.

In fact, these two took shots at each other on social media for months after they parted ways.

Now, they'll do battle and plot revenge hookups with other pseudo-celebs on the sunny beaches of Malibu.

According to The Ashley, Saran revealed his involvement with the show in a recent social media post.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Photo

And we think it's safe to say he sounded less than enthused about the experience.

 “MTV appearance, f-ck it, why not," Saran wrote on Instagram this week.

In a way, this is a double-reconciliation of sorts for Farrah.

In addition to crossing paths with Saran again, Farrah is once more working with Viacom, the network that owns MTV.

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran MTV Movie Awards Photo

It's a bit of an unexpected reunion as Abraham sued Viacom for wrongful dismissal after she was fired from TMOG.

Maybe the company decided to throw her a one-off gig as part of her severance package.

Or maybe they've finally figured out what fans have known all along -- obnoxious as she may be, Farrah is ratings gold.

Whatever the case, we applaud the decision to re-introduce one of the most memorable trainwrecks in the history of reality TV.

Bert and Ernie: Yup, We’re Gay!

For Bert and Ernie, it really is a sunny day.

At last, the clouds that have covered up their sexuality have been swept away and they can live a life of true freedom and personal expression.

Because the long-held belief by most Sesame Street viewers has finally been confirmed...

bert, ernie

... Bert and Ernie are gay.

Shocking, right? Totally stunning, no?

Who ever would have thought such a thing about two males who sleep in the same room, play with the same rubber ducky and seemingly cannot go anywhere or do a single thing without having the other one around.

In an interview with Queerty, writer Mark Saltzman said he has often drawn upon his own experiences when telling the televised stories of Bert and Ernie.

A seven-time Emmy winner, Saltzman explains that he has always imagined the puppets as a "loving couple" and that he has based his take on them on his relationship with Arnold Glassman.

"I always felt that without a huge agenda, when I was writing Bert & Ernie, they were [gay]," he says, adding in this interview;

"I didn’t have any other way to contextualize them. The other thing was, more than one person referred to Arnie & I as 'Bert & Ernie.'"

bert in bed

Saltzman continued with this theme as follows:

"Arnie as a film editor -- if you thought of Bert with a job in the world, wouldn’t that be perfect? Bert with his paper clips and organization? And I was the jokester," he said.

"So it was the Bert and Ernie relationship, and I was already with Arnie when I came to Sesame Street.

"So I don’t think I’d know how else to write them, but as a loving couple. I wrote sketches ... Arnie’s OCD would create friction with how chaotic I was. And that’s the Bert and Ernie dynamic."

For the record, Saltzman did not create these puppets.

ernie, bert

They made their debut on the children's program in 1969 and Saltzman did not start writing for the series until 1985.

Back in 2011, Sesame Street responded to the question of Bert and Ernie's sexual orientation by shooting down chatter that they were hooking up.

"Bert and Ernie are best friends," Sesame Workshop said in a statement responding to a petition demanding the characters get married.

It added seven years ago:

"They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.

"Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics, they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation."

Bert and Ernie New Yorker Cover

In June of 2013, however, The New Yorker used a photo of Bert and Ernie on its cover upon reporting that the Supreme Court had shot down a couple anti-gay marriage policies.

So the topic of whether Bert and Ernie were getting it on has always been a question within pop culture.

That question appears to have been answered now, leaving only two more Sesame Street-related inquiries to ponder:

  1. What gender is Big Bird?
  2. And why does Bert have one giant eyebrow, while Ernie has none?

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel: Back Together!

There was a time when Hurricane Florence seemed poised to lay waste to Charleston, before the storm pivoted to pummel North Carolina's eastern half and drench the rest.

Charleston still received its fair share of rain, but disgraced Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel didn't weather the wind and downpour alone.

Remember when he and Ashley Jacobs broke up a month ago? It didn't take -- and they waited out Florence together.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel

RadarOnline reports that Ashley and Thomas are back together, and that they weathered the storm as a couple.

"Ashley spent the whole weekend with Thomas while the hurricane hit around them," an insider revealed to the tabloid.

Though there have been reports of Ashley and Thomas secretly hanging out, it sounds like this was more than just friends surviving together.

The source announces: "They are back together now!"

Well ... that's not the worst news to come out of this storm. We'll say that much.

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs

Why, after breaking up and Thomas accusing Ashley of cheating, are they back together?

Apparently, this is Thomas' doing.

"Thomas has never been able to fully break up with Ashley," the insider explains.

Sometimes, people just have the right chemistry -- sometimes literally, as pheramones play a huge rule in attraction -- and get their hooks into each other. That's why some exes can haunt you for years.

To hear the source tell it, "he just can’t give up on her."

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley Jacobs

The insider goes on to say that Thomas remains crazy about Ashley "even though he was so mad she was dating other people."

HonestlY? You don't get that bent out of shape over your ex seeing new people unless they have some kind of hold on your feelings.

The source explains that "they have spent so much time together."

"And," the insider continues. "They are in a totally twisted love affair!"

Well, anything involving these two being back together would definitely be a little twisted. As you may recall, they were a toxic couple.

Ashley Jacobs on Insta

On Monday, Ashley made an Instagram post about the storm ... but neglected to mention that she had been huddled up with Thomas.

"Feeling incredibly fortunate that we were spared the worst..." Ashley writes. "Yet deeply empathetic to those who were not."

Coastal regions of North Carolina have been flooded. Those of us who live in the state have been recoiling at videos of interstates so submerged that they resemble rivers.

Ashley continues: "I want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts and messages this week."

"Thinking of all those affected by hurricane Florence," Ashley's post concludes. "Continuous prayers your way."

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel at Dinner

Though Ashley had wondered who would date her after seeing her antics on Southern Charm, it's clear that there's more to this rekindled romance than desperation.

Ashley saw something in Thomas that made her pack up her whole life and move across the country after only five dates.

Whatever that was, it's enough to make her support him even after multiple women accused him of sexual assault.

Thomas' own friends and co-stars tried to discourage Ashley by pointing out how unfairly he was treating her, but ... some people keep going back.

That said ... we'd be interested to hear Ashley confirm that she's back with Thomas, if it's really true.

Cory Wharton Takes Aim at Farrah Abraham: Thanks for Your Money, Loser!

In case anyone was wondering...

... it looks like Cory Wharton will fit in just fine as a member of the Teen Mom OG cast.

How can we say for certain?

Here, Daddy

Because the fitness coach is already firing shots at deposed MTV star Farrah Abraham.

Speaking to the Domenick Nati Show this week, Wharton - who cable network viewers might recognize from his days on Ex on the Beach and The Challenge - opened up for the first time about his casting on Teen Mom OG.

As previously detailed, Wharton is joining the series this fall as the baby daddy (not boyfriend!) of fellow newbie Cheyenne Floyd.

Wharton has the opportunity to do so, of course, because MTV fired Abraham several months ago due to her ongoing participation in amateur pornography videos.

Does Wharton wish Abraham were still around?

Does he yearn to spar with her on air or just interact with her in various ways?

Nope, not really, he says.

Cory Wharton and Family

"I could give two sh-ts less if Farrah was on this season," Cory said during the aforementioned interview, elaborating a bit as follows:

"I think it would be great, more ratings, more exposure for us. I could care less. If she's happy doing what she's doing, I have no problem taking her spot this season."

And then here comes the shade:

"You can pass her check right over here and I'll be okay with that."

HA! We love it.

And we love it even more because we're guessing Abraham will hate it and respond in some crass manner on social media.

Farrah Abraham Solo

Wharton is following a long tradition of slamming Abraham, as Maci Bookout recently took aim at Farrah herself via a recent Instagram caption.

It also appears as if Wharton will be following the even longer-running tradition of getting into major arguments on air, considering the way he teased what fans can expect when Teen Mom OG premieres on October 1.

"There's probably be some type of physical fight," he said in the interview. "There's going to be lots of tears."

Sounds par for the MTV course.

Here's a closer look at what's to come on Season 8:

Finally, Wharton explained his relationship with Floyd a little clearer.

Folks had been under the impression in the past that Cheyenne didn't tell Cory he was the father of little Ryder until the girl was six months old.

But that isn't exactly how it played out, he now says.

"Cheyenne did tell me she was pregnant right away," according to Wharton.

"She told me there was a chance that it could be mine, but it wasn't really likely because you know, we hooked up in New York. We weren't really a thing at the time... We hooked up and after that she started seeing somebody else... They were dating.

"We didn't think it was mine beause it was only one time."

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton with Daughter

Ah, okay then.

At this point, however, Cory and Cheyenne co-parent amicably and, as anyone who follows Wharton on social media knows well, Cory gets to spend a lot of time with his child.

"Had a fun day at the apple orchard with the family," he wrote as a caption to the first image above, concluding:

"I just wanted to say thank you guys for all the positive comments and messages, I’ve gotten after letting everyone know we are joining the Teen Mom series.

"THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! Please look at Ryder’s face in the last picture. I think we already embarrass her."

Pauly D: Angelina Pivarnick Cheated On Her Fiancé With Vinny Guadagnino!

If you've been watching the show this season, then you're probably aware that producers keep introducing the Staten Island Hamster into the festering rodent cage that is Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Thus far, the decision to have Angelina Pivarnick haul her duct-taped garbage bag full of clothes all over the country in pursuit of the housemates' friendship has yielded mixed results.

Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore

Sure, Angelina remains annoying AF, but if it weren't for the rage she brings to the table, the show would be nothing but non-stop Ronnie baby mama drama.

Plus, having packed up her Hefty Cinch-Sack and exited the Shore house (twice!) early on in the show's original run, Angelina provides an interesting link to the guidos' past.

The rest of the cast has mostly moved on from the pettiness of the pasts, but Angelina is still all about that mess.

It's sort of like if you met up with your best friend from third grade and found out that paste is still his favorite food.

Angelina Pivarnick Image

Try not to think too hard about that Angelina/paste eating analogy as we continue with this story. Trust us.

As we discussed last week, Angelina hooked up with Vinny -- and, well, just about every other guy in the house during her initial, short-lived tenure on JS.

It was all thought to be ancient history, but now, a new rumor holds that Angie and Vin visited the smush room together while filming the show's current season.

That may sound like a tough one to swallow (again, we apologize for our choice of imagery), but believe it or not, Vinny's most trusted confidante says it's totally plausible.

Vinny and Angelina Pic

“I believe it, I don’t know, I believe it,� Pauly said, when asked about the rumor by OK! magazine.

“He’s allowed to hook up with women, just no other guys,� the DJ joked, referring to his bromance with Vinny.

Kidding aside, Pauly proceeded to point out that Angelina might be in trouble if it turns out the rumors are true:

“She’s engaged, though, so if they did [hook up], that’s a problem for her.� 

Vinny Guadagnino at MTV Movie Awards

Perhaps we'll find out later in the season if Vinny and Angelina really went there -- or perhaps not.

Either way, the housemates' romantic past has been a frequent topic of conversation on the current season of JSFV.

"You guys fight all the time. You have like, one more hate bang to get out,� Ronnie joked on last week's episode.

But unlike Stormy Daniels, who seems to vividly recall the horrid fungal dimensions of Donald Trump's penis, Angelina is suffering from a severe case of dong-related amnesia when it comes to Vinny.

Vinny and Angelina Hook Up

“No, I’m not f--king DTF anymore, Vin,� she said on Thursday's installment.

“Been there, done that with you. I honestly don’t remember your dick. I’m not being mean. I’m not saying it’s small. I’m saying I don’t remember!�

Sounds like Angelina may be in need of a crash course on Vinny's peen.

Of course, in this case, we guess you'd call it a smush course.

Jorge Nava Reports to Prison; When Is His Release Date?

90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava has reported to prison to begin serving out his 2.5 year sentence after he was caught in Arizona with a massive amount of marijuana.

We now know more details about his incarceration, including where he has been locked up and his expected release date.

But considering how far he is from Anfisa, some wonder if his marriage will survive his prison sentence.

Jorge Nava New Mug Shot

Jorge Nava donned prison orange for his new mugshot at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Phoenix.

Though his sentence is for 2.5 years, his earliest chance to leave prison will be in 22 months.

According to Starcasm, Jorge's release date is scheduled for August 9 2020.

His prison records also show that his full sentence will end on November 7 2020.

Spending more than two years in custody is a huge chunk of a person's life -- but it's much better than the quarter of a century that he might have faced at trial.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko Discuss His Prison Sentence

He was apparently transferred to this Phoenix facility from another prison complex in the state.

Jorge is currently about 5 and a half hours from Anfisa, meaning that she has one hell of a journey if she wants to come and see her husband.

We're sure that she will, but we're also sure that she's a full-time student right now and that making a journey like that can eat up your time and money.

Speaking of money, some have wondered if Anfisa will return to cam girl work to pay the bills while Jorge is behind bars.

Given her current life circumstances and her fame, it seems more likely that she will try to stay afloat using her YouTube channel -- or perhaps by running Jorge's business.

Jorge Nava Mug Shot

Jorge believes that he may have been racially profiled, which would explain why his vehicle happened to be stopped.

Unfortunately, though marijuana is thankfully legal in California, it remains illegal in Arizona, where strict prohibition laws are enforced.

Jorge struck a deal in which he pleaded guilty to a lesser offense in exchange for a shorter sentence than he would have risked at trial.

Jorge also declined to appeal his sentence upon advice from his attorney.

The perception was that his judge wanted to make an example of him, perhaps because he is a reality TV personality, and that an appeal could have made things owrse.

Anfisa Reacts

Some think that Anfisa may just leave Jorge. She's young and hot and he's going to be locked away until it's almost 2021.

No one could reasonably accuse her of running a citizenship scheme if she only leaves her husband when he's behind bars.

But let's look at this this way:

She came from Moscow to America to marry Jorge because she thought that he was rich -- at least, that was a contributing factor. He's not rich.

Last year, he also basically called her out, implying that she was supporting herself by doing sex work, on 90 Day Fiance. They're still married.

Anfisa and Jorge Kiss

If none of that was enough of a dealbreaker for Anfisa to cut her ties with Jorge, then it's hard to imagine that she's just going to abandon ship because he's in prison.

That said, in six months or a year, she may feel differently when Jorge is out of the picture.

It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops -- or falls apart -- and fans are hopeful that 90 Day Fiance's cameras will be there, somehow, to capture that storyline.

Even if TLC passes on this opportunity, fans can still tune in to Anfisa's YouTube channel.

Jessica Simpson: Pregnant with Baby #3! (And We Know the Gender)

Jessica Simpson has a very special reason to be singing a very happy tune right about now:

The large-breasted artist is expecting her third child!

Jessica Simpson with Husband

Simpson herself confirmed this exciting and unexpected news on Tuesday morning via a couple of unique and revealing Instagram photos.

They featured her two kids - Ace Knute, 5, and Maxwell “Maxi� Drew, 6 - along with a bunch of balloons that helped break this special story... and which revealed the impending baby’s gender.

First, there was this picture, which included the simple caption of "SURPRISE."

balloons and kids

Then, there was the following picture and the affiliated caption, the latter of which reads as follows:

This little baby girl will make us a family of five. We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life.

How great for Eric, Jessica and their two toddlers, right?!?

revealed gender

Back in April, Simpson opened up to Entertainment Tonight in April about her marriage of four years and the couple’s children, admitting at the time she had “baby fever."

However, she also admitted that having another one “would definitely have to be a bit of a miracle" and quipping:

"We always practice."

It's unclear why Simpson made the "miracle" reference; we don't know if she was referring to any sort of medical condition or just her age, as 38 is a tad old to be getting pregnant.

But it's certainly not unheard of for a 38-year old to be expecting, something Simpson herself can now happily attest to.

Some Cleavage

Meanwhile, for whatever reason, Simpson has often been the victim of some serious online mom-shaming.

The very last time we wrote about her, for instance, she was receiving flak for playing around in the water with her injured son.

Prior to that, total strangers were aghast that Simpson let her five-year old wear makeup.

There was also the time these same trolls called Jessica out for dressing her daughter as a mermaid.

So we're very glad to see that Simpson and Johnson did not let the haters win.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

They're here to now tell those haters to basically suck it because they are about to bring another child into the world and they don't care what anyone has to say about it.

Jessica Simpson and Family

Elsewhere, we don't know exactly when Simpson is due, but she must be somewhat far along if she already knows the gender of the baby.

An utrasound revealing this information is typically done at 20 weeks, but an older mother (and 38 does qualify as older, in this context) can have certain blood tests done that will also reveal the sex closer to 12 or even 10 weeks.

We're sure Simpson will keep us well apprised of her pregnancy progress over the coming days, weeks and months.

For now, allow us to simply say the following:


Counting On Recap: Jinger Duggar Learns She’s Having a Girl!

Counting On suffers from the same problem as so many reality shows nowadays, in that its stars are so famous and so popular on social media that it's very easy to stay up to speed with what's going on in their lives.

Some have argued that these circumstances render reality TV obsolete, but Counting On remains as popular as ever, and last night's episode provided some potent reminders of why that is.

Jinger-ing All the Way

The installment served up major developments on different fronts, as the two most rebellious Duggar siblings each prepared for the next stage in their life.

Back in July, Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child, a girl named Felicity.

But at the time that Monday's episode was filmed, the young couple was still clueless as to the baby's sex.

"There was a lot of anticipation waiting to find out the gender," Jinger told the cameras of prior to her doctor's appointment.

Jinger Duggar and Daughter

"Who's the baby going to look like? We were both so thrilled."

Jeremy -- clearly overwhelmed by seeing an image of his daughter for -- struggled to put the profound moment into words.

"That's incredible," he said at one point.

"This was my first time ever being in an ultrasound, and the fact it's my child was astonishing," Vuolo later added.

Jinger Duggar: Ready to Pop!

"I was almost at a loss for words."

Despite some initial misgivings, Jeremy and Jinger opted to find out the baby's gender as early as possible, and lucky for us, the emotional moment was caught on camera.

"We opted not to be surprised so maybe we could have more time to reflect on the name, and maybe down the road we may choose to be surprised," Vuolo said.

"When the technician told us what we were having, we were both overjoyed," Jinger told the cameras.

Felicity at a Month

"We just could not believe it."

Just a few months later Felicity Nicole Vuolo entered the world at 8lbs. and 3oz. 

And so far, fans have continued to share in every moment of her young life.

Of course, Jinger and Jeremy weren't the only ones gearing up for a life-changing moment on last night's show.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Wedding Pic

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got married in June, and on Monday's Counting On, fans got a peek at the preparations as Lauren attempted to find the perfect dress for the occasion.

The Duggars and their fundamentalist community are typically very big on gender roles, but Lauren broke with tradition by bringing her dad along on her dress-shopping excursion.

“Before Josiah came into the picture, my dad was my very best friend," Lauren told the cameras.

"He was someone I always would talk to about anything if anything was wrong, and I really value my dad's opinion."

Swanson and Josiah Duggar

Of course, there are downsides to shopping with the guy who's footing the bill:

"I really wanted him to be part of it. My dad will probably be more concerned about the price, just knowing my dad," Lauren said.

"He's very frugal. I don’t necessarily like to pick the expensive things. I don’t tend, to but that happens.�

Clearly, Lauren's not as conservative as the Duggars -- so it's a good thing that she found happiness with the most non-traditional of the Counting On clan.

David Beador: Did He Get His Hot Young Girlfriend Pregnant?!

Note to Shannon Beador:

You may not want to scroll down and read the crux of this story.

Go binge watch The Crown or do something else instead, okay? Just do anything except learn about the latest step in your ex-husband's new relationship...

David Beador and Lesley Cook

According to Reality Blurb, David Beador and his relatively new, young and very attractive girlfriend, Lesley Cook, have moved in together.

An insider has confirmed the major life step to the aforementioned website, while also answering the most pressing question on the minds of most fans after learning of this news.

Are Beador and Cook shacking up together because the latter is pregnant?

Is David about to be a father once again?

No, the source emphasizes.

Cook is not pregnant.

The two are just in love, we guess, and their relationship is simply this serious.

Lesley Cook with David Beador

David and Lesley went public with their romance in February, about three months after Shannon Beador announced she was divorcing her husband of 17 years.

Not just divorcing him, we should say -- but divorcing him and taking EVERYthing she could.

This strong stance has supposedly been taken by Shannon because David confessed to cheating on her in 2015; and because many believe he was also cheating on her with Cook.

Both David and Lesley have denied this allegation, with the latter calling Tamra Judge a liar for claiming that Cook and Beador met last October, while he was still married to Shannon.

We have no inside knowledge of when this romance started, so we aren't going to join in this speculation.

Lesley Cook and David Beador on a Plane

We will reiterate, however, just how ugly a split this has become.

Shannon is allegedly receiving $30,000 per month from David is spousal support, while David has reportedly demanded that his estranged wife drop his last name.

That's something you almost never see happen.

Shannon and David share three kids together (17-year-old Sophie and 14-year-old twins Stella and Adeline) and it does at least seem like this vicious split isn't having a negative effect on them.

We mean, we're sure it is.

How could it not?!?

David Beador, Lesley Cook

But Cook at least told Us Weekly this spring that David "goes above and beyond for his daughters," adding:

"David is an absolutely amazing dad. He takes his daughters to school every morning, well the ones that don’t drive. He takes them to all of their after school activities, drives them to their tournaments, and is always there for them.

"His daughters are the absolute light in his life, and he loves them so very much.

"The girls will always come first."