Jenelle Evans: Shocking New Details on Her Custody Battle with Nathan Griffith!

The custody situation between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith over their son, Kaiser, has been messy for a very long time now.

Pretty much for the poor kid’s entire life.

But last year, things came to a head when Nathan and his mother, who supervises his visits, found bruises on Kaiser they believed were from Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

And now, thanks to these new details, we know things are getting more heated than ever …

1. Well, Jenelle …

Jenelle opens up
Jenelle doesn’t have the greatest luck with men. Or anything, really, but today let’s just try to focus on the one thing.

2. So Many Mistakes

Jenelle in leggings
She picks bad dudes pretty much exclusively, and if you don’t believe us, you must not be that familiar with Jenelle.


Jenelle evans is upset
She’s currently married to David Eason, a seriously disturbed individual, but just before she met him, she was with Nathan Griffith, who isn’t so great himself.

4. You Know How Choices Be

Nathan n jenelle
They thought it was a good idea to have a baby immediately, and so they did, and nine months later, Kaiser was born.

5. What a Set of Parents

Jenelle and kaiser
Unfortunately, because of who Jenelle and Nathan are as people, the relationship didn’t last, and Kaiser suffered for it.

6. Just Awful

Jenelle evans pissed
Jenelle put her hatred for Nathan above Kaiser’s need to see his father, and then when she got with David, he refused to let her coparent with him, instead insisting that he’d be the one to deal with Nathan.

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Mackenzie Standifer: Jenelle Evans is a BITCH and I am SICK of Her!

The Teen Mom cast is fun because when you think about it, there are probably more cast members that you hate than ones that you love, right?

Farrah Abraham is pretty much universally despised, and Amber Portwood and Kailyn Lowry have more than their fair share of haters, too.

But two of the biggest villains have to be Jenelle Evans and Mackenzie Standifer.

And because we are so blessed, those two seem to be starting a great big feud with each other.


Let’s get into it!

1. So Many Struggles

Mackenzie standifer ad
So Mackenzie is going through a bit of a tough time right now.

2. Thanks, Ryan

Ryan edwards image
And that’s because, for some reason we’ll never understand, she thought it would be a good idea to marry Ryan Edwards.

3. Heroin

Ryan edwards and mackenzie edwards
For the vast majority of their relationship, if not for the whole entire thing, Ryan’s been addicted to heroin.

4. So Sad

Ryan edwards on the teen mom reunion
He was arrested in 2017 for heroin possession, and again in 2018 for violating parole by failing a drug test.

5. Getting Sadder

Ryan edwards mug shot new
He was actually arrested twice in 2018 — the second time, it was for violating probation again, this time for getting a big speeding ticket and failing to complete his community service.


Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
He kicked of 2019 with yet another arrest. In January, he went to jail for skipping out on a bar tab, and also again for heroin possession. He’s been in jail since, and is scheduled to remain there until next month.

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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Baby Daddy Drama For Jenelle!

If you’ve been watching the current season of Teen Mom 2, then you’re probably aware that the show doesn’t quite know what to do with Jenelle Evans these days.

Jenelle’s life is as dramatic as ever, but ever since her husband, David Eason, was fired from the show, it’s been difficult for producers to capture the day-to-day insanity that is Evans’ existence.

Fortunately, David is far from the first loser to get Jenelle pregnant.

The show dug deep into her past this week to unearth the deadbeat known as Andrew Lewis — and the results were predictably awkward.

Take a look:

1. Andrew Returns

Lewis 1
Remember Andrew Lewis? That’s okay, neither does his son!

2. Blast From the Past

Jenelle evans with andrew lewis
Andrew is the father of Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, and he’s participated in exactly 0 percent of the boy’s life.

3. A Model Deadbeat

Andrew lewis with jenelle and jace
Andrew skipped town when Jace was a baby, with the goal of pursuing a career in modeling.

4. Close Enough?

Andrew lewis image
As far as anyone can tell, he wound up in New York pursuing a career in partying.

5. Familiar Territory

Tm2 ex trailer 2
This week’s Teen Mom 2 started with yet another chat between Jenelle and Babs – but this time, the topic of conversation was actually of interest to fans.

6. Travelin’ Babs

Barbara evans at the beach
It seems Babs was about to make the trip from NC to NYC in order to make sure that Andrew is fit to meet his son.

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Jenelle Evans Lets Toddler Play with Gun in Shocking New Video

Jenelle Evans … why is she the way that she is?

We know all about her history — her troubled childhood, her teen pregnancy, her drug use and so on.

But still, you’d think that at some point she would learn not to do certain things, or at least not to do them in front of her nearly three million followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

It’s looking like Jenelle will never, ever learn.

And it’s also looking like her kids are suffering for it.

1. A Big Question

Jenelle and ensley at disney
Where do we even start on the topic of Jenelle’s parenting fails?

2. A Fact

Jenelle opens up
There have just been so, so many.

3. Oh, Jace …

Jenelle evans with jace
Remember when Jace was a baby and Jenelle thought she could leave him at home while she went out to party all night because he’d be sleeping anyway? She said that when he was a newborn.

4. She Wasn’t Wrong

Jenelle and barbara selfie
She thought it wasn’t a big deal because her mom was there to take care of him, and she was right, because after a few months of this, Barbara got custody of Jace.

5. Not a Good Look

Jenelle in leggings
As questionable as some of the other Teen Moms were in the beginning, none of them have ever lost custody of their children like that.

6. Going Down a Bad Road

Jenelle evans pissed
After that, she got more into partying and drugs and getting arrested, and while she talked about getting Jace back every once in a while, she obviously wasn’t in any place to do that.

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Jenelle Evans: Are MULTIPLE Exes Trying to Win Her Back?!

Jenelle Evans might not always get the love and support she needs from her family, and she’s certainly not getting it from fans.

Of course, Evans spent the past decade digging her own grave, and we have zero sympathy for her.

But maybe if she finds the functional relationship she’s been looking for, it’ll help her to become slightly less monstrous.

Or not. Yeah, probably not.

Check out the latest developments in Jenelle’s complex love life:

1. The Object of Affection

Jenelle opens up
Jenelle is having a tough time these days, and she probably needs all the support she can get.

2. Land Man

David eason shoots stuff
Sure, she’s got David Eason at home, but — do we really need to say anything more about that?

3. The Split

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
David and Jenelle recently broke up (or pretended to as a publicity stunt), but these days, they’re newly back together.

4. Trouble on the Land

Jenelle in leggings
However, that may be soon to change following the reemergence of not one, but two shady figures from Jenelle’s past.

5. Deadbeat Returns

Jenelle evans with andrew lewis
First, there’s Jace’s dad, Andrew Lewis. Teen Mom 2 has been promising an Andrew storyline all season, and now, it looks like it’s finally happening.

6. This Dude’s Style Is Too Much

Jenelle ex 1
A trailer for next week’s Teen Mom 2 promises the return of Andrew — but it doesn’t look as though he and Jenelle will cross paths yet.

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Jenelle Evans: See Her Latest, Potentially ILLEGAL Parenting Fail!

Look, Jenelle Evans isn’t some world-class thinker, OK?

And that’s perfectly fine. Most of us aren’t.

But still, after all she’s been through, you’d think she’d learn something.


Unfortunately, it seems like that’s never happened, and so we have situations like this one where Jenelle exposes her own questionable parenting and opens the door for tons of well-earned criticism.

So what did she do this time?

1. Where to Begin?

Jenelle opens up
Jenelle, she … well, she’s made a lot of bad choices.

2. Our Girl

Jenelle evans pissed
It’s interesting though, because she makes such a wide variety of them.

3. Memories

Jenelle evans cries
Remember when she was with Kieffer, and she stole her mom’s credit card and did heroin on national television?

4. Hey, Bud!

Jenelle and kaiser
Or when she thought it was a good idea to get pregnant so soon with Nathan Griffith that when her test was positive, she wasn’t sure if she was really pregnant or if it was just “leftovers” from the abortion she’d recently had after divorcing Courtland Rogers?

5. Ugh

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
Or when she chose to marry David Eason, and every single second she’s spent with him since?

6. Fact

Jenelle in leggings
Those are all good examples of some life-alteringly terrible choices she’s made.

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Jenelle Evans: I’m Quitting Teen Mom 2, For Real This Time!

How many times has Jenelle threatened to quit Teen Mom 2?

Too many to count, for sure.

Whenever things don’t go her way, she throws a fit and tells everyone that she’s done with the show, but season after season, she keeps filming.

But this time, things are a little different.

Here, let’s get into the details …

1. Straight to It

Jenelle evans is upset
OK, let’s be real, Jenelle isn’t exactly having a good time right now.

2. Seriously

Jenelle evans and her daughter
In fact, it might even be safe to say that her whole entire life is falling apart.

3. Let’s Just Say It

Jenelle in leggings
And we all know the root of all her problems.

4. Ugh

David eason unhinged
His name is David Eason.

5. So Gross

Jenelle evans and david eason kissing
After Jenelle and David started dating a few years ago, things have gone steadily downhill for her.

6. Thanks, David

Jenelle evans pissed
He began trying to control her right away, and it didn’t take him long to destroy every relationship she had.

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Jenelle Evans Is "Back Together" With David Eason Following Fake Breakup

Well, we all knew this was coming.

From the moment that Jenelle Evans and David Eason “broke up” for the 478th time last week, many fans were quick to call out the split as a desperate publicity stunt from two people who are coming to terms with the fact that they have no power over MTV.

To be clear, it’s very, very likely that Jenelle and David will break up at some point.

But when it happens, it won’t be some quiet police-presence-free affair that’s civilly announced on Facebook.

So if Jenelle and David’s breakup was a fraud — which seems to be the consensus among fans — why would the couple go to such great lengths just for a failed attempt at duping the public?

Join us, as we attempt to answer that question and more:

1. The Easons

Jenelle and david hiking
Jenelle announced the split on Facebook by changing her relationship status to “separated” and posting the words “single AF.”

2. Confirmation

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
David took things a step further by skipping the “Separated” stage and jumping straight to “Single”.

3. Where’s David?

Jenelle in leggings
At one point, Jenelle posted the question, “Where’s my husband?” implying that Eason had fled the property.

4. Cracks Start to Appear

Jenelle evans is upset
It wasn’t long, of course, before fans began to question the veracity of Jenelle’s claims.

5. A History of BS

Jenelle evans her selfie
Jenelle has a long history of lying to the public, but if she really staged her breakup with David, it might be her most bizarre stunt to date.

6. Sweeping It Under the Carpet

Jenelle and david on the lot
Jenelle has a flair for the dramatic, and usually, when there’s some sort of major development in her life she shouts it from the rooftop.

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Jenelle Evans to David Eason: Stay Away from Our Child!

Jenelle Evans appears to have come to her senses…

… at last.

The polarizing Teen Mom star doesn’t seem to be with David Eason any longer; not after all the ugly words exchanged between the couple and, of course, the apparent physical confrontation they got into last October.

If Evans really is splitting from Eason, it’s obviously the right call.

But one aspect of this potential break-up has us a bit concerned.

We explain why down below…

1. Let’s Consider This Photo

Jenelle evans and her daughter
Cute, right? Just your basic cute snapshot of Evans and her young daughter, Ensley, right? We hope so.

2. But Might It Be a Message for Eason?

But might it be a message for eason
Evans wrote “MommasGirl” as a caption to the picture; which, again, could mean nothing. But calling so-called possession of the child in the midst of what must be an ugly break-up? It could also mean a lot.

3. Eason Does Actually Seem Close to Ensley

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
The little girl was born in January of 2017 and Eason, for all his MANY faults, does seem like a dedicated father to her.

4. Just Consider This Photo

Just consider this photo
Eason shared it just a few days before Jenelle claimed ownership of Ensley, writing as a caption: “Love of my life! Her first time on an airplane!”

5. Let’s Say a Divorce is Imminent…

Jenelle evans family selfie
… does anyone think David would just let Jenelle have primary custody of his toddler?

6. And Here’s the Scary Thing:

Jenelle evans and little ensley jolie
Eason may have an actual case he could make it front of a judge.

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Back Together! Still Awful!

Remember last week when Jenelle Evans and David Eason broke up and got real messy on social media?

Boy, that was great, huh?

They changed their relationship statuses on Facebook, there were all kinds of reports about what was going down and what had happened and what would happen next …

It was just a really beautiful time.

But unfortunately, it seems like that time is over.

Let’s go ahead and get to the bad news, friends.

1. A Question

Jenelle dave eason
Are Jenelle and David the worst couple in Teen Mom history?

2. Maybe!

Jenelle evans and david eason pic
Well, it’s definitely a possibility.

3. A Quick History

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
From the beginning, David was controlling and weird, and kind of mean to Jenelle’s kids and her mother.

4. Also This

David eason in confederate flag
He’d also been arrested several times in the past for things like breaking and entering and DUIs (yes, plural), and his ex had accused him of domestic violence. That ex and the son she shares with David even had a restraining order against him.

5. Yikes

David eason unhinged
It really looked like he tried to cut her off from everyone else, and after he got fired from Teen Mom 2, he continually sabotaged filming for her, nearly getting her fired multiple times.

6. And This

Jenelle evans 911 call
Oh, and a few months ago she claimed that he assaulted her in a 911 call.

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Kailyn Lowry on Jenelle Evans: She’ll Always Be the Worst!

For years now, the Kailyn Lowry-Jenelle Evans feud has alternately amused and infuriated Teen Mom 2 fans,

Basically, it’s infuriating when Jenelle sees fit to talk trash about Kail and amusing when Kail claps back.

But as frustrating as the whole thing can be at times, feuds are pretty much what makes the Teen Mom world turn these days.

So both fans and producers are probably pleased by Lowry’s revelation that this beef will never expire.

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry
Sometimes, the closest friendships give rise to the most bitter feuds.

2. But Not In This Case …

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry photo
Okay, so maybe Kail and Jenelle were never the closest of friends, but there was a time when they got along pretty well.

3. Those Days Are Done

Kailyn lowry tats
These days, Jenelle and Kail find it impossible to even be civil toward one another.

4. In Fairness …

Jenelle evans in glasses
Although, to be fair, just about everyone finds it impossible to be civil toward Jenelle.

5. Always Stirring the Pot

Jenelle evans her selfie
It’s impossible to list the many ways in which Jenelle has done Kail dirty over the years.

6. We’ll Keep It Recent

Jenelle and barbara selfie
The latest example, of course, is when Jenelle and her mother laughed about Barbara Evans’ desire to “kill Kail” during an Instagram Live session.

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Jenelle Evans: Proof She’s ALREADY Back with David Eason?!

It’s been a glorious time for Teen Mom gossip, hasn’t it?

That’s because Jenelle’s just been on fire lately.

We don’t want to say that her life has been falling apart, but … well, it’s not going great.

It rarely is, honestly, but we think a divorce usually qualifies as extra bad, right?

But is she even getting divorced?

What is going on with this girl?!

1. Recap Time!

Jenelle and david on a date
OK, so there sure has been a lot going on with our favorite hot mess Teen Mom, huh?

2. Bad Times

Jenelle evans is upset
Whatever happened between Jenelle and David, it happened sometime last week — just in time for her to skip her traditional Valentine’s Day gushing.

3. More Fights?

Jenelle evans her selfie
The general consensus, and this has been mentioned in a report we’ll get to in a little bit, is that they got into some kind of fight after last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

4. Yikes

Jenelle evans and david eason pic
You know, the one that showed us what happened after Jenelle’s infamous 911 call.

5. One More Time

Jenelle evans 911 call
You’ve almost definitely heard the call by now, but for the sake of being thorough, here it is again: you can hear Jenelle sobbing hysterically and telling the operator that she thinks David may have broken her collarbone.

6. Oooh, Barbara

Jenelle and barbara selfie
We always knew the call and its aftermath would have to be a big part of this season, and it has been — we even saw Barbara directly say that she believes her daughter is the victim of domestic violence.

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Jenelle Evans: Why Did She Finally Dump David Eason?

Jenelle Evans has finally made an intelligent decision.

Following an endless array of homophobic insults by David Eason, along with violent behavior that seemingly culminated in Eason assaulting Evans last October… the Teen Mom star at last separated from her awful husband.

She has not yet confirmed this development, but we have many reasons to believe it’s the case.

We also now have new information regarding what prompted this break-up.

According to The Ashley, Jenelle got into an intense debate/argument with MTV producers just days before she cut Eason loose.

What was said during this phone call? You are moment away from finding out…


Jenelle evans her selfie
Even Jenelle’s harshest critics have been clamoring for her to dump David for months and months now, even before he seemingly assaulted her in October.

2. How Do We Know She Finally Did It?

How do we know she finally did it
Single AF. Evans appeared to make it very clear a few days ago upon changing her profile.

3. I’m Also Single!

Im also single
Eason then followed suit, which is as close to confirmation as you can get these days of a break-up: both sides changing their statuses online.

4. Why Now?

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
Why not back when Jenelle openly said Eason broke her collarbone, you mean? Well… the latest run of Teen Mom 2 episodes have focused on this incident, specifically Jenelle’s 911 call that accused Eason of attacking her. Sources say this rehashing has stirred up tension between the couple.

5. This is the 911 Call in Question

Jenelle evans 911 call
Give it a listen. It could not be more clear what Evans is saying Eason did to her.

6. But We’re Gonna Talk About Another Call Now

Jenelle evans is sad
The Ashley writes that Jenelle has been growing more and more anxious as these episodes have aired. She reportedly had a lengthy call with producers mere days before splitting from Eason, specifically calling out Kristen Schylinski for trying to sabotage her marriage.

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Jenelle Evans to MTV Bosses: Show Me Some Respect or I QUIT!

In the early days of reality television, a large part of the appeal was that viewers could identify with the stars on their screen.

These days, however, cast members on hit reality shows share very little in common with their viewers.

Take Jenelle Evans, for example.

Sure, you might have a friend with an arrest record a mile long, three kids by three different baby daddies, and an overly-chummy relationship with illicit substances, but that friend probably isn’t gainfully employed.

And if she is, she almost certainly doesn’t talk to bosses the way Jenelle does.

Fans were floored to see Evans berate Teen Mom 2 producers during Monday night’s episode, and many think her outburst may be the result of a full-blown meltdown.

Take a look:

1. Jenelle’s Meltdown

Jenelle evans her selfie
Jenelle didn’t appear in this week’s episode of TM2 for very long. But during her short time on screen, she made quite an impression.

2. Small Role

Jenelle evans is upset
Jenelle’s screen time has been slashed dramatically this season, primarily as a result of her husband, David Eason, being fired from the show.

3. Making It Worse

Jenelle evans and david eason pic
Producers never planned to punish Jenelle for the homophobic tirade that got David fired, but her role on the show wound up being reduced due to Eason’s actions.

4. Menacing Dave

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
There have been reports of David “menacing” the cast and Jenelle refusing to film without her husband.

5. Big Bluff?

Jenelle in leggings
Of course, she hasn’t made good on that threat, as doing so would mean walking away from a six-figure salary and the only job she’s ever had.

6. New Co-Star

Jenelle and barbara selfie
And so, Jenelle continues to film — but far less often than she used to, and with Barbara Evans taking David’s place as the sounding board for Evans’ many complaints.

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Sounds Like Jenelle Evans & David Eason Are THIS CLOSE To Breaking Up!

They’re going through a rough patch… or maybe worse. Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, are reportedly fighting so badly right now that many think they’ve broken up. But they haven’t — yet. Related: Kailyn Lowry Claps Back At Jenelle’s Mom’s Death Threat A source spoke to Us Weekly about the […]

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