Jenelle Evans: It’s SO WRONG That Amber Portwood Still Has a Job!

Which mercurial, controversial Teen Mom cast member do you think is worse overall, Jenelle Evans or Amber Portwood?

Tough question, right? There’s a whole, whole lot to consider when comparing these two deeply troubled young women.

Number of arrests, levels of drug use, how many kids they’ve traumatized and how badly … you could use so many metrics.

It’s no small task to tally everything up, but since Amber is still filming Teen Mom OG and Jenelle was fired last year, well …

Looks like MTV conducted an evaluation of the two and came down squarely on the side of the machete-wielding Portwood.

And Jenelle is pissed, to say the absolute least.

Evans believes that if she got booted out the door by the network, Amber should be gone just as fast. But don’t take it from us.

Here’s what the Carolina Hurricane has to say …

1. A Look Back

Jenelle evans frowns
As we all know, Jenelle got fired last year after a series of very unfortunate events.

2. Ugh, This Guy

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
It had been a long time coming — David was fired all the way back in 2018 after making some pretty nasty homophobic remarks on Twitter.

3. Classic David

David easons new shirt
And ever since then, he seemed to do whatever he could to make Jenelle’s filming schedule difficult.

4. Fair

David eason on the land
It got to the point where crew members were so uncomfortable that a new rule was put in place that prevented them from even being around when David was there — they filmed Jenelle at different locations away from The Land, and if David showed up, they packed up and left.

5. A Struggle

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
It couldn’t have been easy to film a reality show without interacting with the star’s husband, but they managed it for a while.

6. Oh, Nugget …

David with nugget
And then David killed Nugget last spring, and everything pretty much went to hell.

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Jenelle Evans: If You Fire Me, You HAVE to Fire Amber Portwood, Too!

It’s been almost a year since Jenelle Evans was finally fired from Teen Mom 2.

And it would be a massive understatement to say that she’s still very, very bitter about it.

Jenelle wants her job bacl, but she’ll almost certainly never get it — especially now that she’s officially reconciled with David Eason.

And so, she’ll settle for the next best thing: getting other people fired.

Evans revealed this week that she thinks MTV should have cut ties with Amber Portwood after Portwood was arrested for domestic violence back in July.

The craziest thing about this situation? For once, Jenelle is right.

Take a look:

1. Moms at War

Amber jenelle
Jenelle Evans believes MTV should have fired Amber Portwood in response to her latest domestic violence arrest. It pains us to agree with Jenelle, but she’s absolutely right on this one.

2. Kicked to the Curb

Jenelle evans is sad
Jenelle, as you probably know, was fired from the show that made her famous amid a series of stunning controversies in April and May of 2019.

3. The Nugget Incident

Jenelle evans and nugget
It all started when Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, during one of his infamous fits of rage.

4. Devastation

Jenelle evans and sons
Jenelle defended David and helped him conceal his crime from police. As a result, she lost custody of her children after the ensuing CPS investigation.

5. Terminated

Jenelle eason with dave eason
Not surprisingly, amid all of this, MTV decided that Evans had become too much of a liability, and the network severed ties with its most controversial star.

6. She Tried!

Jenelle in the snow
Jenelle eventually regained custody of her children, and in an effort to win her job back, she briefly relocated to Tennessee and pretended to break things off with David. But it wasn’t enough.

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Jenelle Evans: It’s True, I’m Back with David — And We’re Getting Jace Back, Too!

For a couple of months now, everyone’s been speculating that Jenelle Evans is back with David Eason.

Or, well, it started out as speculation, but now it’s pretty much just a fact that everyone knows but they won’t acknowledge.

But our girl Jenelle has just uploaded a brand new Q&A to her YouTube account, and in the video, she directly explains what’s going on with David.

She also gives tons and tons of info about her post-Teen Mom life.

So let’s get into it!

1. Well, Jenelle …

Jenelle evans her selfie
A couple of months ago, Jenelle did a Q&A for her YouTube account, remember?

2. Ah, Memories

Jenelle in the snow
She asked her Instagram followers to send her a bunch of questions about her life, and she compiled them so she could answer them in a video. That’s how Q&As work.

3. Gross

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
But since then, a lot of things have changed. For example, she’s no longer living in Nashville — she’s back in North Carolina full-time, which means she’s also back with David.

4. By All Means!

Jenelle eason with dave eason
But let’s let her speak for herself, OK?

5. Oh Hey Girl

Jenelle evans im back with david and life is good yall
The most popular questions were about a few specific topics: David, her career, and this whole pandemic situation.

6. And We’re Off!

Jenelle eason
She jumps around a bit, but let’s just follow her lead.

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Jenelle Evans: I’m Gonna Become a Model and Return to TV in 2020!

The coronavirus pandemic has led to widespread economic anxiety, as people all over the world have been laid off or forced to shut down their businesses for the foreseeable future.

However, Jenelle Evans isn’t worried.

You would think she would be, considering it’s been almost a year since she got fired from Teen Mom 2, and she has three kids to support with no visible means of income.

But if you think Jenelle is out there filling out job applications like some chump, you’ve got another thing coming.

No, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Jenelle still thinks she’s an A-list star with a bright future in the world of media and entertainment.

And amazingly, she vocalizes this belief in public without a shred of embarrassment.

Take a look:

1. Big Dreams

Jenelle evans on her birthday
Jenelle Evans believes this is the year that she’ll return to TV and launch her modeling career.

2. Fat Chance

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
It sounds like a joke, but it appears that the mother of three is serious about these ambitions.

3. Untouchable

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
These days, Jenelle can’t keep a sponsorship deal to save her life, as companies who make the mistake of working with her are quickly alerted to her long history of abuse, violence, and bigotry.

4. Her TV Days Are Done

Jenelle evans in commercial
So you can be damn sure no TV network will take a chance on structuring a show around Jenelle, or even putting her on camera for a split second.

5. Good Luck With That

Jenelle on insta
Regardless, Evans remains convinced that 2020 will be the year in which she triumphantly returns to television AND launches her career as a runway model.

6. The What?

Jenelle is missing teeth
Jenelle appeared on something called the Dumb Blonde Podcast this week (hey, we guess she needs whatever exposure she can get these days!), and she eagerly opened up about her plans for the future during her 30-minute interview.

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Jenelle Evans Says Online Trolls Have ‘Definitely’ Caused Anxiety & Depression: ‘Sometimes It Gets To You Really Bad’

Jenelle Evans is candidly opening up about her life in the spotlight and what the future holds now that she has parted ways with MTV. More importantly, she addressed her mental health, something that’s been weighing on her as the online trolls continue to criticize her decisions. She admitted on […]

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Teen Mom: How the Cast Members Make SO MUCH MONEY … and Who’s the Richest [UPDATED]

One of the cool things about being on Teen Mom is that you make a lot of money.

Like, a lot.

The moms and the original dads make hundreds of thousands of dollars per season, if you can even believe it, and they also get to travel for free if MTV is filming, which is pretty neat since we’ve been seeing a lot more vacations on the show recently.

But besides the show itself, cast members are pulling in crazy amounts of cash from all kinds of wild and crazy places.

“Like where?” you may be wondering.

Well, wonder no further …

[We’ve updated the list for 2020 so that you can enjoy the slow financial declines of Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. You know you’ve been waiting for this!]

1. Dang

Teen mom threesome
As we’ve said, the original cast members — the moms and the dads of their first children — all make the same amount, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000 to $400,000 a season. But what else does everyone do?

2. Amber Portwood

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
Let’s start with reviewing Amber’s side hustles — this will be the easiest to do, because she really doesn’t have any.

3. Not Much

Amber portwood on the insta
She shares articles on her Instagram page, which brings in some money, and she did appear on that one season of Marriage Boot Camp a couple of years ago, so that’s something.

4. A Quick Hobby

Amber portwood cant chill
For a little while there, she got into flipping houses with Matt Baier, but she hasn’t done that since he’s been gone.

5. Forever Haute

Amber portwood deals with matt baier
She did have that sketchy clothing company for a little while, Forever Haute, but she hasn’t talked about it in a very long time, and the brand’s Facebook page hasn’t been updated for a year and a half, so it’s probably safe to say that that’s done.

6. Well …

Amber portwood mugshot 2019
Right now, she’s facing years in prison after assaulting Andrew Glennon, so she’s probably not thinking so much about her next business venture, you know?

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Jenelle Evans Finally Confesses: YES, I’m Back With David Eason!

We can now safely say that when Jenelle Evans claimed to have separated from David Eason last year, she was lying to the public in a last-ditch effort to save her career.

What fans had hoped would be a step in the right direction for Evans turned out to be nothing more than the latest con perpetrated by a lifelong grifter.

David, of course, was almost certainly involved every step of the way.

After Eason killed Evans’ dog, and the resulting CPS investigation caused the the couple to lose custody of their kids, it became clear that Jenelle would never get back on TV as long as she was married to Eason — and so, the couple orchestrated a hoax.

And now, Jenelle is finally — albeit gradually — coming clean.

Take a look:

1. Here We Go Again

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
Jenelle Evans is back together with David Eason after several months of living separately as part of an elaborate hoax.

2. A Failed Con

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
The couple had hoped their fake separation would help to save Jenelle’s career and public image.

3. Busted

Jenelle evans and david eason pic
Obviously, that didn’t happen, partially because it soon became apparent Jenelle had not actually ended her relationship with David, as she claimed in October.

4. An Elaborate Hoax

Jenelle and david cuddles
She went through the motions — moving to a different state, filing for a restraining order — but fans were quick to pick up on the fact that she and David were still on good terms with one another.

5. Yeah Right

Jenelle and david eason
And we probably don’t need to tell you that these are NOT people who are capable of separating and remaining civil for the sake of their child.

6. Interesting Development

Jenelle eason with dave eason
First, Jenelle dropped her restraining order against David, a strange move for a woman who had recently informed a judge that she feared for her life and the lives of her children.

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Jenelle Evans Gets Fired From Parenting App Gig Following Backlash: Will She Ever Work Again?!

For most of her adult life, Jenelle Evans has enjoyed the sort of financial security that most single moms can only dream of.

Despite never putting in full-time hours in an office, or any other workplace that might take her away from her children, Jenelle has been pulling in six figures for the past several years.

(Of course, she also lost custody of all three of her kids despite having all that time on her hands, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

Needless to say, those days are done.

Jenelle has been fired from Teen Mom 2, and it’s becoming painfully clear that she’ll never work in media again.

In fact, it’s beginning to look like no employer in their right mind will touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Take a look at Jenelle’s latest adventures in unemployment:

1. Briefly Employed!

Jenelle evans on her birthday
Jenelle Evans has lost yet another cushy gig. And once again, her critics — Hatters, as they’re known on Twitter — stepped in to alert her employers that they inadvertently hired a truly terrible person.

2. Oh, the Irony!

Jenelle evans happy with kids
Believe it or not, Jenelle was hired by Peanut, a new app that offers parenting tips and social networking for moms.

3. A Familiar Name

Kailyn lowry has 3 kids
Teen Mom 2 fans might remember Peanut as the app that sponsored Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy announcement.

4. Big Yikes

Kail lowry fashion
That wasn’t a terribly popular move, either for Kail, or for the app. But it didn’t incite nearly as much outrage as Peanut’s decision to partner with Jenelle freakin’ Evans, of all people.

5. The Desperation Is Real

Jp 1
In a post that’s since been deleted from her Instagram page, Jenelle sang Peanut’s praises in the caption for a throwback photo of herself with her youngest child, daughter Ensley.

6. Who Wrote This For Her?

Jenelle with david and ensley
“Becoming a mother was really overwhelming for me,” Jenelle wrote, which prompted many followers to point out that she had already been a mother for nearly a decade when Ensley was born.

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David Eason: Nugget Sucked! Sure Hope My New Dog Doesn’t Maim My Kid!

After a good few years now of being aware of David Eason’s existence, we’re pretty confident in saying this:

The guy has zero redeeming qualities.

It’s just all awful, everything about him.

He’s controlling, bigoted, aggressive, and obnoxious.

According to some 911 calls from Jenelle and her statements in court last fall, he’s abusive to both her and her children.

And who could forget when he brutally killed Jenelle’s dog last year? 

Of course you remember what happened – Jenelle had a tiny little French bulldog named Nugget that she seemed to love very much, and they never bothered to teach their young children how to treat animals.

When little Ensley played a little too rough, Nugget gave her a little warning nip.

At that point, David thought an appropriate reaction to that would be to drag the dog outside and shoot it with a shotgun.

Several reports alleged that the Teen Mom 2 terror beat the dog before killing it, perhaps in front of the children.

Police opened an investigation and CPS officials temporarily removed the children from the couple’s home.

Of course, there were no permanent consequences.

These things don’t stick except in very unusual situations, and Jenelle is more than happy to cover for David.

As such, it was swept under the rug … and they now own two large dogs – a Goldendoodle and an Anatolian Shepherd.

And judging by this series of videos David recently shared, it’s clear that no one learned anything from what happened to poor Nugget.

In the videos, the couple’s three-year-old daughter Ensley can be seen sitting next to the shepherd, hugging and kissing it.

David keeps encouraging her, because of course he does.

She lays on the dog, pulls at its skin, and almost pokes it in the eye a few times, and David still seems incapable of just telling her to be gentle.

We’re not dog experts, but this one doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by her, although it doesn’t seemed thrilled either, but after what happened with Nugget, you’d think they’d be a bit more cautious, right?

But according to David’s caption, Nugget was just a bad dog.

“Dogs are meant to be loved on, kissed in the face and tolerant of children’s behavior,” he wrote.

“Junior is such a gentle, loving boy like all dogs should be!”

Because of all of this, and also because Jenelle’s recent announcement that she got another dog (the Goldendoodle named Rosey), people have been doing their best to get the dogs taken away.

As one person wrote on Instagram, “I’ve been calling animal control in Columbus County all day!”

“This is crazy for Jenelle to have another dog! I will call until they block my number!”

Other people have been reaching out to the ASPCA, begging concerned citizens there to intervene somehow.

Unfortunately, that seems pretty unlikely.

Despite their track record, they’ll almost certainly be able to keep the dogs, plus get more if they choose.

Sure, one might “run away” from time to time, or they might have to “get another home” for one for some issue or another.

And if one of them attacks Ensley, well then David will just “take care of it” like the good country boy he is.

Disturbing, right?

Jenelle Evans Teases "Fun" New Project: Is She Returning to TV?

By all appearances, Jenelle Evans’ career as a reality star – or any kind of media entity, for that matter – is completely dead and buried.

Jenelle didn’t just get fired from Teen Mom 2, she got canned with extreme prejudice and proceeded to burn every bridge available.

In the weeks after she separated from David Eason, it briefly looked like Jenelle might stand an outside of chance of mounting a comeback.

Yes, they were both negligent parents with long histories of violence, bigotry, and abusive behavior toward children and animals.

But Jenelle seemed to be planning a pivot in which she would blame her entire ugly past on David.

These days, however, it looks like that ship has sailed.

Evans and Eason are back together, which means she made a conscious decision to put her children back in harm’s way by forcing them to live with a violent maniac.

At this point, Jenelle’s career is officially toast.

We can’t tell you who will win the Democratic presidential nomination or what will what happen with the coronavirus, but we can say this much with 100 percent certainty:

No major TV network will ever again take a gamble on Jenelle Evans. Same goes for MTV for that matter.

And on the off, off, off chance that they did decide to work with her, they would quickly come to regret it.

Given her dire circumstances, you might think that Jenelle and David would choose to face facts and get real jobs.

Yeah, right.

That would mean behaving like responsible adults, which is something that’s clearly beyond their capabilities.

Despite all of this, Jenelle continues to tease “future projects” as though she’s one of the most in-demand media figures of today’s multi-platform entertainment landscape

“Cannot waaaaait to share the project I’m involved with!” Evans tweeted on Saturday.

“It’s going to be super fun, positive vibes and no drama! Very different!”

Evans added:

“I’ll keep you posted with updates within these next few months,” she added, concluding with the hashtag “#StayTuned.”

In case there was any doubt that Jenelle is talking about some sort of media project, she added microphone and movie camera emojis. Subtle!

Our guess would be that she’s following in Kail Lowry’s footsteps and launching a podcast.

The big difference, of course, is that Kail has found tremendous success in that field, while Jenelle is certain to fail in hilarious fashion.

But believe it or not, Evans still has a handful of fans who are rooting for her.

“Congratulations Jenelle that’s awesome girl,” wrote one commenter.

Fortunately, the vast majority of her replies were highly critical.

“I was really rooting for you….then you went back to David. Your poor kids and any pets yall may have,” one person tweeted.

“A new self help book on how to NOT raise your children?” another suggested.

“And a kids book ‘When Animals Disappear’,” a third follower remarked.

Hmmm … we think that person may have just hit on something. 

If there ever were a Jenelle-attached project that people would actually pay good money for, that might just be the one.

David Eason: Back to Abusing Kaiser ALREADY?!

David Eason is an awful human being.

So awful that we’ve often wondered if he’s an actual human being and not just a garbage can animated by an evil curse.

One of the worst things about him is the way he treats Kaiser, his wife’s son from her relationship with Nathan Griffith.

From the beginning, he’s always been a bit off with him, to put it mildly.

Remember the scene from his early days on Teen Mom 2 when he and Jenelle took Kaiser out on a boat and he didn’t have a great time because he was two years old?

David called him a screaming little bitch and he and Jenelle both treated him like he was ruining their day.

As time went on, things only got worse.

At one point, Kaiser’s grandma (Doris, Nathan’s mother, not dear Barbara) tried to get emergency custody of him, claiming that he’d told her that David was abusive to him.

She made all kinds of stunning claims in court – she said that she’d witnessed David and Jenelle neglecting all the kids, and she even said that Kaiser had told her that David had punched him.

Doris and Nathan (pictured above, with the boy) ultimately lost that battle.

She wasn’t able to continue the court battle, so Kaiser never left.

Several months later, Kaiser was having a visit with Nathan, and Nathan refused to give him back to Jenelle because he believed David had been hurting him again.

Police and CPS got involved, and Nathan did get to keep Kaiser for a bit longer, but eventually he was ordered to return him to Jenelle.

Let’s see … and then last year, Nathan shared photos of some pretty bad bruises on Kaiser’s backside.

He said that Kaiser had told him that David had beaten him with a stick, but then Jenelle turned around and said that Nathan was the one abusing Kaiser.

Meaning that they both agreed that Kaiser was being abused, which is really just horrible to hear.

Nathan vowed to fight for custody, but soon after that, David killed Jenelle’s dog and CPS gave him temporary custody anyway.

Of course, that didn’t last long either.

Back to Jenelle he went, and the whirlwind continued with its most stunning twist yet:

In October, Jenelle left David, and she took Kaiser and Ensley with her – she also quickly got a restraining order against David, apparently by providing proof that he’d abused both her and Kaiser.

She said in court that once David had locked Kaiser in a car and refused to let him out, even when he was crying.

But now that she’s back with David, she’s saying that never happened –  that no one had ever abused Kaiser at all, period.

It’s all so sad, right?

And it’s about to get even sadder.

One would think that David would be on his best behavior right now, right?

Apparently, not so much.

David has been doing this weird thing for the past few days where he’s been sort of teasing his social media followers by posting videos that on the surface are no big deal, but when you know the context, they’re not great.

David bothering Kaiser

Like over the weekend he shared a video of Ensley tugging on one of their dogs – knowing that everyone knows the reason he killed Nugget last year was because he “nipped” at the little girl.

Because she was “being too rough,” Nugget had to die.

Pretty messed up to taunt people with videos like that. And then yesterday, he shared a video of Kaiser on his Instagram story.

David bothering Kaiser 2

In the video, Kaiser is sleeping in his car seat, and David starts poking some hard plastic thing in his ear.

Since the poor kid is sleeping, he swats it away a few times, but David is persistent.

Finally, Kaiser sits up and yells “Stop touching me!”

And David laughs.

Like we said, on the surface, this may not seem like a big deal. A lot of people tease kids like this, and a lot of times it’s harmless.

But when you consider how he’s always treated the kid, and everything he’s allegedly done to him … it’s a bit darker than that, right?

Poor, poor Kaiser …