Kailyn Lowry: ALREADY Planning Another Baby with Chris Lopez?!

Right now, Kailyn Lowry is the Teen Mom with the most children.

Chelsea Houska will catch up in a few months after she has her baby, but for now Kailyn is the only cast member with four children.

She’s got Isaac, who she shares with Jo Rivera, Lincoln, who she shares with Javi Marroquin, and then she had Lux and the brand new baby with Chris Lopez.

It sounds like a lot, right?

Many people would struggle with four kids, even without the logistics of having multiple exes to co-parent with.

But Kailyn is over here talking about having ANOTHER kid.

Can you imagine?!

1. Here We Go

Kailyn lowry in sweater
Kailyn … where do we even start with this?

2. So Many Kids!

Kail and her kids
Kailyn has four kids, as we said — Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and a new baby boy who was just born on July 30th.

3. Doing All Right

Kailyn baby bump
Her relationships with Jo and Javi seem to be just fine right now, but her relationship with Chris is literally always a mess, despite the fact that their second child was just born last week.

4. So Weird

Chris lopez in blue
They first started hooking up when she was still married to Javi, he had another girlfriend while she was pregnant with Lux, and right around the time she got pregnant with the new baby, she got an order of protection against him after he was arrested.

5. Wow

Kailyn with chris
She’s previously claimed that he’s been violent, claiming that he broke a window in her bedroom right after Lux was born and that he broke into her home around the same time. And just last month she accused him of choking her and implied that’s why she got the PFA last year.

6. True Love?

Kailyn and her family
Despite all of that, Kailyn has said that Chris is the only guy she’s ever really loved, and she still seems stuck on him — but more on that in a bit.

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Jenelle Evans: David Eason Has NEVER Abused My Kids! Everything is FINE!

David Eason is awful, right?

It’s pretty much not up for debate at this point.

He’s said and done such remarkably horrible things, it would be hard to even compile a complete list of them.

But like, he murdered his wife’s dog, he’s made tons of disgusting homophobic remarks, and he was also investigated by the Secret Service because he’s just that much of a creep.

Still, Jenelle stays with him because (allegedly!) abusive relationships are weird and hard, and also because she’s always depended on the love of her current soulmate to survive.

Even considering all of this, you’re going to have a hard time believing the latest thing she’s said about him …

1. The “Happy” Couple

David and jenelle eason forever
So we don’t want to do a full recap of Jenelle’s relationship with David, but it’s super relevant here, so let’s hit the high points, all right?

2. A Downgrade?

David eason hunting
Jenelle started dating David about a month after she broke up with Nathan Griffith, and from the beginning he seemed controlling — Teen Mom fans also discovered that he’d been accused of domestic violence before, which was definitely a red flag.

3. Not Great

Jenelle evans boyfriend david eason
In his early days on the show, we saw him get into arguments with Nathan and Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, and he was also pretty mean to Kaiser.

4. … Yay?

David eason holding jenelle evans baby bump
It didn’t take too long for her to get pregnant, it never does, and soon she had Ensley. Shortly after that, they got engaged.

5. Surprise!

Jenelle and david on vacation
And after they got married, things pretty much went all to hell. Or worse hell, we guess.

6. Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser 2020
Like we said, we’d seen David being a little too mean to Kaiser, but around the time they got married, Nathan’s mother, Doris, filed for emergency custody of the boy. She and Nathan claimed that Kaiser was being abused and neglected.

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Teen Mom: Ranking the Most Insane Feuds of All Time!

From on-camera brawls to social media feuds and legal threats, the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 sure know how to go hard.

Engagements. Breakups. Marriages. Babies. 

Moments that made you cringe ’cause they were so painful, or smile ear-to-ear. Scenes that were fights, or made you fight back tears.

The franchise really does have it all, and as such, it’s become one of the most entertaining in the history of the reality TV genre.

Below, we look back at some of the MTV gang’s most explosive feuds, and however you might rank them, this much is undeniable:

Way back then. Not so way back then. Last year. Last month. Last week. Probably right now. There is no shortage of beef.

NOTE: We’ve saved the craziest for last, so we suggest that you a deep breath, sit back, grab a hat and hold the f–k onto it …

36. Briana DeJesus vs. Leah Messer (and Others)

Briana dejesus vs leah messer and others
When Briana DeJesus joined the Teen Mom 2 cast in 2017, she was not welcomed with open arms. In fact, she quickly became persona non grata at her first get-together with the cast – with one exception. Jenelle Evans, Briana said, “is the only one who was acting like her s–t ain’t stink. Plus she was the only one who wasn’t acting fake and choosing sides.” Leah Messer’s response was to “pay no attention to those who try to bring you down … they’re just envious of where you are and how well you’re doing.” As we’ll get to in a bit, relations haven’t exactly gotten more amicable since.

35. Maci Bookout vs. Taylor McKinney

Maci bookout taylor mckinney selfie
Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney’s relationship has produced three kids, and they seem very happily married … most of the time. Like, 85 percent of the time. Bookout alarmed fans with the confession a few years ago that revealed some trouble in paradise: “Eighty-five percent of the time we’re good to go … Fifteen percent is hell. All of our stress and emotions, we take out on each other. When the cameras leave, we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always literally the smallest things. It’s such small stuff but it blows up. It’s not going to go away.” Yikes … but at least they’ve had plenty of time to work on things?

34. Jenelle Evans vs. Chelsea Houska

Chelsea houska in a gold blazer
So Jenelle has this weird thing about Chelsea — she accused her of copying her because she made a website for herself after she’d already made her own, because making a website is something totally special and unique. She also kind of accused Chelsea of copying her when she gave birth to Watson the day after Jenelle gave birth to Ensley, which is just wild. On another occasion, Jenelle went off about Chelsea ignoring her older daughter, Aubree, after having Watson, insinuating that she’s a bad mother. Chelsea liked a tweet from someone who called Jenelle “pathetic” for bringing up Aubree, which is pretty much the most she’s ever participated in this feud.

33. Kailyn Lowry vs. Barbara Evans

Kailyn lowry barbara evans
This one is pretty weird — one time Babs “jokingly” threatening to “kill Kail” during an Instagram Live session with Jenelle. Lowry was understandably not amused and threatened to quit the show over Barbara’s threats. That didn’t happen, of course, and it’s no longer an issue since Jenelle and her family are no longer on the show, but how bizarre, right?

32. Jeremy Calvert vs. Brooke Wehr

Jeremy calvert with brooke wehr
Brooke Wehr was never a Teen Mom 2 cast member, but due to her mercurial relationship with Jeremy Calvert, her impact was felt just the same. A few years ago, the couple’s engagement ended after Brooke accused Jeremy of cheating on her with multiple women, one being a Teen Mom 2 producer, another being her best friend, and a third possibly being his ex-wife Leah Messer. Brooke even shared a screen shot of a text message conversation between Jeremy and the best friend as proof, while Calvert responded in a drunken stupor that yes, maybe he did sleep with Brooke’s best friend, but … only because Wehr slept with some other guy first. Or, as he put it, Brooke was “f-cking his brains out, every day,” and he was single, so “my dick was happy to do whatever the f-ck it wanted to do, and it did.” Shocking that these two didn’t work out … but neither party was completely off base with their allegations. Just saying. Jeremy and Leah did hook up.

31. Briana DeJesus vs. Luis Miguel

Briana and luis on tm2
Briana hooked up with Luis in a bathroom while she was drunk, and she got pregnant. They tried to make a relationship work, but he cheated on her and was generally just not great. He’s never really been around for their daughter, Stella, but he did come back around last year for a bit. Briana even decided to give him another shot — except this time, she got the clap. So yeah, they’re not on the best terms.

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