David Eason: If I Was Abusive to Jenelle Evans, It Was Because She Deserved It!

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the awful things David Eason has been saying about Jenelle Evans since she left him.

Not only because it’s sad and disturbing to hear the nonsense that comes out of his mouth, but also because he’s just spewed so much of it.

For his latest statement, David got especially horrible …

He just straight up blamed Jenelle for all the things he’s done to her.

1. Big Yikes

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
David has been giving off bad vibes ever since his very first appearance on Teen Mom 2 — it’s kind of his whole thing.

2. Ugh

David eason on his gram
And if the seriously, seriously bad vibes weren’t enough back then, there was also the claims of abuse from his ex, who had said in court that he’d been violent with her even while she was pregnant with their son.

3. Poor Kaiser

David eason tickles kaiser griffith
He was nice enogh to Jenelle in the beginning, but we did see him be weirdly cruel to Kaiser. Who could forget when he called him a “screaming little bitch”?

4. Getting Worse

Jenelle evans david eason and barbara evans
Then he started cutting Jenelle off from everyone else in her life — he caused tons of problems between her and Barbara, remember?

5. Senseless

Nathan griffith jenelle evans selfie pic
He also very nearly destroyed her coparenting relationship with Nathan Griffith.

6. So Sad

Kaiser griffith bruise photo
After a while, some very serious allegations started popping up. First, Nathan and his own mother, Doris, began saying that David had been abusing Kaiser.

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Mackenzie McKee: Mother Stops Cancer Treatment, Enters Hospice

If you’ve been keeping up with the story of Mackenzie McKee’s mother, Angie Douthit, then, well, you know it’s not a very good story.

It’s really just a great big tragedy.

Angie has been battling cancer — at first it was in her brain and her lungs, but it seems like it’s spread pretty much everywhere.

And judging from this new update, it seems like her battle is almost over …

Grab your tissues, friends, because this is a rough one.

1. So Sad

Mackenzie mckee and angie douthit
At the beginning of 2018, Angie went to her doctor because she thought had bronchitis, and she ended up being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer — horrifying, right?

2. Wow

Angie douthit smiles despite everything
She had multiple masses on her brain, and several in her lungs as well. It was definitely a shocking diagnosis.

3. Poor Mackenzie

Mackenzie mckee snapshot
Mackenzie and Angie have definitely had their issues over the years, but Mackenzie has been standing by her mother since then, through everything.

4. The Journey

Mackenzie mckee on her instagram
And a whole, whole lot has happened with Angie since her original diagnosis.

5. Another Blow

Mackenzie mckee on the gram
A few months after the bad news, Mackenzie revealed that the cancer had spread to her mother’s bones, and just a few weeks after that, Angie was diagnosed with another type of lung cancer.

6. Heartbreaking

Angie douthit image
She was able to stop doing IV chemo last September, which was wonderful, but then in May, she made the unfortunate announcement that her cancer had “gone wild.”

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Jenelle Evans: Kailyn Lowry is Trying to Steal My Ex!

What does Thanksgiving mean for you?

Is it a day to spend with your loved ones? A day to eat a whole, whole bunch of food? A day to just reflect on everything and be thankful?

For the cast members of Teen Mom 2, it may be those things, but it’s also apparently a day for tons and tons of drama for no good reason.

Because a whole mess of them took time out of their holiday to get into a big ol’ Twitter fight …

1. A Look Back

Jenelle evans eye roll
Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry are not friends. They used to be friends, but for a good few years now they’ve been mortal enemies instead.

2. Well, Jenelle …

As legend has it, the feud started because way back in the day, Kailyn bailed Jenelle out of jail, but Jenelle never paid her back — this was back when they didn’t get paid much to be on the show, so it was a pretty big deal.

3. Rude

Dammit jenelle
After that, they were never as close, but they were still able to get along enough to film together for reunions and to promote the show — but then in 2016, Jenelle made fun of Kail for getting a Brazilian butt lift.

4. Extra Rude

Kailyn lowry twitpic
And not too long after that, Jenelle leaked the news of Kail’s pregnancy with Lux.

5. It’s All Over

Jenelle evans cant believe you
That really seemed to be the last straw — after that, they refused to be around each other and the feud really heated up.

6. So Many Things

Kailyn lowry at star magazines scene stealers
We don’t have time to recap everything — we’d be here all day — but since then, they’ve gotten into countless social media spats, Jenelle sent Kail a cease and desist letter, and she even burned her haircare products. It hasn’t been pretty.

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Taylor Selfridge Reveals Heartbreaking News About Pregnancy

Last month, we learned that Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge are expecting their first child together.

And shortly after that, we learned that Cory may have been cheating on Taylor.

That sounds like a lot, and it was, but things got even weirder when Cory and Taylor both went completely silent.

We haven’t heard anything from either of them for several weeks now, so what’s been happening?

The good news is that we finally have an update!

But the bad news … well, the bad news is pretty much just the update itself.

1. The Happy Couple

Cory wharton and taylor selfridge picture
Cory and Taylor have been together since February, but they do have more of a history than that — they met in 2017 while filming Ex on the Beach, and they’ve dated here and there ever since.

2. Making It Last?

Cory wharton and taylor selfridge
But this time around, things do seem a bit more permanent — probably because Taylor is pregnant!

3. The Big News

Cory wharton
Last month, Cory hopped on Instagram to share the big news. He admitted that “we weren’t trying to have a baby right now,” but said that “sometimes God puts things into your life that you don’t really understand at the time but it’s always turns out to be a bigger blessing.”

4. Aww, Cory

Cory wharton on ig live
“All that I ask from you guys is respect for Taylor, respect for me and most importantly respect for the baby,” he asked of his followers.

5. Of Course

Cory wharton and little ryder
“All that I want is a healthy baby that is brought into a very positive environment and surround by good energy and love,” he continued. “The same way that I am raising Ryder.”

6. Here We Are!

Cory wharton on stairs
“This is a very exciting time for mine and Taylor’s families. Never did I think by 28 I would have two children but here we are.”

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Farrah Abraham: Being a Celebrity is Just as Hard as Having Cancer!

So you know how Farrah Abraham does that thing where she writes or speaks but is completely incapable of really making any sense?

If you’re familiar with Farrah at all, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

The girl is just not gifted in the art of communicating, not even a little bit.

But her latest little bit of word vomit?

It’s pretty intense, even for her …

1. Our Girl Farrah

Farrah abraham hears but does not listen
Farrah has never been great at talking, we all know this.

2. Facts

Farrah abraham confused
She’s said some very, very dumb things over the years.

3. Sure

Farrah the ambassador
Remember how she always used to go on about how she was the top female celebrity in the nation? She’s said that several times.

4. Right

Farrah strikes a pose
She’s said that the porno she released was a leaked personal sex tape, and after she was arrested last year for assaulting a hotel employee, she talked at length about how she was framed because she’s a celebrity and people want to see celebrities fail.

5. Too Much

Farrah in venice
She’s said so many dumb things over the years that we couldn’t possibly even begin to name them all, but another issue she has with talking is the part where she actually has to string the words together.

6. Wow

Farrah abraham in paris
And in her latest Instagram post, both of those problems are on full display.

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David Eason: Jenelle Doesn’t Take Care of Her Kids and Also She STOLE from Me!

It’s been about three weeks now since Jenelle announced that she’s divorcing David.

It feels a whole, whole lot longer than that, doesn’t it?

There’s just bee so much going on with it all — reports, rumors, statements, social media comments, etc.

It’s been a lot to keep up with.

Now, on top of everything else, David is making more accusations about Jenelle.

And this time, he’s really, really not holding back …

1. The Truth

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
Jenelle has never been the best person. You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

2. Also True

Jenelle evans just chills
This is no way means that she deserved any abuse she faced at the hands of David Eason, but still, it’s a big part to this story.

3. Well Jenelle …

Jenelle evans cant believe you
She’s had some serious issues with being a mother — remember, she gave up custody of her oldest son, Jace, to her mother when he was just around six months old because she often stayed out partying all night because she assumed the baby would be sleeping anyway. And hey, her mom was around, so no big deal, right?

4. Wow

Jenelle evans eats
A few years went by with Barb caring for Jace while Jenelle got arrested a bunch, developed a heroin problem, and got married, and visited him sometimes. When she got clean and started dating Nathan, she started talking more about getting custody back, but she went ahead and got pregnant again first.

5. Seriously, Wow

Jenelle with kaiser and ensley
She had Kaiser, split from Nathan, got with David, and had Ensley all before the custody matter with Jace was settled — Barbara got permanent custody because at that point, she’d been raising him for years, and there was plenty of evidence that Jenelle still wasn’t exactly stable.

6. Ugh

Jenelle evans with a pillow
Right around the time that the custody stuff was wrapping up, we learned that Jenelle had been smoking weed all throughout her pregnancy with Ensley, and that CPS had investigated her after the baby had failed a drug test, which, you know, isn’t a great look.

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason: We Hated Each Other! Life is Awesome Now!

Most of us how our doubts at first, but now it’s really looking like the breakup of Jenelle Evans and David Eason is the real thing, right?

And thank goodness for that.

Their relationship has always been awful from what we could tell – and honestly there’s nothing that could have happened behind closed doors to justify the things we’ve seen from them.

But you know what the funny thing is?

Both Jenelle and David are really starting to open up about their feelings on the split … and it looks like they thought their marriage was gross, too!

1. Ah, Memories

Jenelle dave eason
Jenelle’s relationship with David has always been awful. We know that because it’s a relationship of Jenelle’s, and there’s really never any real chance that those are going to be OK.

2. Ugh

Jenelle evans david eason photo
But we also know that because once they started dating, it didn’t take long for him to start appearing on Teen Mom 2 … and boy, what a big ol’ heap of trash he was there.

3. So Gross

David eason wife
We watched as he slowly cut her off from everyone else in her life, we watched him belittle her kids … it was bad.

4. Fired

David eason and his flag
He was kicked off the show last year after going on a nasty homophobic rant, but thanks to social media and leaked 911 recordings, we were able to keep up with how quickly things were escalating — it got really scary down there on the swamp.

5. Yikes

David eason unhinged
Jenelle called 911 last October and told the operator that he’d knocked her down so hard she thought he’d broken her collarbone, and she called again in December to say that he was destroying their property because he’d gotten angry over something and she was hiding out in the attic.

6. So Normal

Jenelle evans and david eason selfie
It was also in Decemeber when he received that visit from the Secret Service for seemingly threatening to kill the president on Instagram.

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Amber Portwood: Going to Prison After Violating Probation with Threats?!

Amber Portwood does not do a great job at obeying the law.

It’s sort of why she’s a convicted felon.

In the past, she’s been in trouble for domestic violence, domestic violence in front of a kid, drug stuff, assault … really just a lot of really bad stuff

More recently, of course, she got into some domestic violence again.

Because of that, she’s on probation right now, which means that she has to be on her best behavior or she could potentially go to jail.

And we all know that Amber’s best behavior isn’t all that good …

1. Yeah …

Amber portwood cries
So Amber has proven herself to be a pretty violent person, right?

2. Such a History

Amber portwood in rehab
Who could forget those times that she assaulted then-boyfriend Gary Shirley right there on Teen Mom?

3. Convictions

Amber portwood crying
The domestic violence was part of why she went to prison several years ago — she was convicted of three counts of domestic violence, got probation, then violated it by getting caught with drugs after getting into a fight with someone else.

4. A Changed Woman?

Amber portwood as one of the ogs
After she was released from prison in 2013, she convinced many Teen Mom fans that she’d changed.

5. Yay?

Amber portwood and matt baier selfie
Like, we never saw her assault Matt Baier on the show, which was admittedly a step in the right direction.

6. However …

Farrah abraham in big apple
Although she did swing at Farrah Abraham during a Teen Mom reunion a couple of years ago, so it was clear she still had some fight left in her.

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Amber Portwood: Everyone is Lying About Me! I am SUCH a Victim!

Amber Portwood has never been great, you know?

Like it’s been nearly ten years since the first time she was arrested for domestic violence, and she’s currently on probation for doing it again.

It’s bad. It’s all bad. Really, really bad.

In addition to the domestic violence, Amber also has a bad habit of staying on Instagram Live for hours going off about any old thing.

That’s what she did today, and man live, some (or pretty much all) of the things she said in real time were really just unbearable.

Unfortunately for us, we listened to every last word of it. This was a time in our lives we will never get back. But for you all at home?

We’ve got the crazy rundown for you. And it is crazy.

1. The Beginning

Amber portwood winces
Amber Portwood has messed up a lot in her life. This is not news to longtime card-carrying members of Teen Mom Nation. But she really, really screwed herself over on the night of the Fourth of July, Two Thousand Nineteen.

2. Amber, Amber, Amber …

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
You’ve heard the story, and you may have heard the audio which was leaked more recently, but the long and short of it is this: Basically, Amber went off on the father of her son James, Andrew Glennon, because they weren’t able to see some fireworks, and she went off HARD.

3. Man Oh Man

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
Andrew has said that she beat him with a shoe, and that later she threatened to kill herself and then chased him with a machete, all while he was holding their one-year-old son.

4. The Arrest

Amber portwood mugshot 2019
He sent a text to 911, police arrived and arrested her, and then the next phase of his mess began: the court battle.

5. Good for Him

Andrew glennon with son on instagram
Andrew went for sole custody and he also got a no contact order against Amber.

6. Wow

Andrew glennon with amber
He even started opening up about what his relationship with Amber had been like … and it wasn’t pretty.

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Amber Baltierra Arrested for Assault: Catelynn Lowell Responds! [EXCLUSIVE]

If you’ve kept up with Teen Mom over the years, then you know that Tyler Baltierra has always had plenty of drama in his family.

His father, Butch, has been in and out of his life for as long as we can remember, and we all are familiar with the reason for that:

He’s also been in and out of jail for drug charges.

In one particularly heartbreaking scene, we saw Butch confess to Tyler that he loved cocaine more than he loved his own son.

Yeah, that’s some really heavy stuff right there.

So much has happened with Butch in recent years, and Tyler has done so much to try to help him. Sadly, Ty has other problems.

His sister, Amber, has been struggling as well. Amber went off to rehab last year, and things seemed to be going really well for her.

But that was then and this is now, with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reporting yesterday that she was arrested on Sunday.

To find out all the details of the violent incident, as well as what Catelynn told THG exclusively in response, keep on reading!

1. Oh, Amber …

Amber baltierra
So this is Amber Baltierra, Tyler’s big sister. Loyal fans know that she’s been on Teen Mom OG here and there over the years, and that she’s played an even bigger part in the past couple of seasons.

2. Bless Her Heart

Tyler baltierra and amber baltierra
We wish the circumstances behind that fact were happier. A big part of why she’s been featured on the last couple of seasons was that she’s been going through a very difficult time in her life.

3. Dang It, Butch

Butch is back
We all know about Butch’s issues — he’s been an addict for most of his life, and he’s spent most of Tyler’s life in and out of jail.

4. Uh Oh

Enter butch
But the thing about addiction is that it can be hereditary, and although Tyler thankfully hasn’t had to deal with that, Amber wasn’t so lucky.

5. Hmm …

Amber baltierra 1
After some appearances on the show last year, many fans began speculating that Amber could be abusing drugs — she appeared to be under the influence of something, and then there was the issue with her home.

6. Being Supportive

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra 2018 selfie
Catelynn and Tyler let Amber and her two children move into one of their old houses, and proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, Amber went and absolutely trashed the place.

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Briana DeJesus: My Baby Daddy Has the Clap, So Watch Out, Y’All!

Hey, remember Luis Miguel?

Honestly, we understand if you don’t. Dude was only on Teen Mom 2 for about five seconds after he got Briana DeJesus pregnant.

Still, even though you may be more familiar with him as the MIA father of Briana’s second child, Stella, he’s not out of the picture.

Anyway, we’re talking about Luis on THG today because Briana just brought him up again. And what she had to say … well …

At least now it makes a little bit of sense that he’s staying away. From her, and hopefully any other young woman looking to date.

What do we mean? Buckle up.

1. The Choices We Make

Briana dejesus on mtv
Briana DeJesus is a single mother of two girls, as we know. She’s got her eight-year-old daughter, Nova, and then there’s Stella, who turned two a few months ago.

2. Oh Hey, Devoin

Nova and devoin antin
Nova’s father is Devoin Austin, and honestly, he’s not a super active dad. It was only this year that Briana allowed him to spend time with Nova outside of her home, and it went so badly that she didn’t allow him to see Nova for a while.

3. … And Luis

Luis miguel
Devoin certainly set a low bar, but his fellow baby daddy has yet to clear it. Dude is way more involved than Luis Miguel, Stella’s father.

4. Such Romance

Briana dejesus photograph
Briana became pregnant after a drunken hookup with Luis in a club. DeJesus wasn’t dating him or anything, she’s said that the only reason she got pregnant was because she got too drunk and made questionable decisions. (Hey, at least she’s honest.)

5. Making It Work?

Briana dejesus and lollipop
After she found out she was pregnant, she and Luis sort of attempted a relationship. It did not go well.

6. Wow

Briana dejesus post op photo
Briana does not hold back, and was open about the fact that she did consider having an abortion. Somewhat surprisingly, Luis did not approve. He wanted to raise their child together.

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David Eason on Jenelle Evans: She’s a Loose Liar and She’s Going DOWN!

So, how about that Jenelle Evans divorce, huh?

It’s been nearly two weeks now since the longtime Teen Mom 2 terror announced the big news that she’d left David Eason.

So, so very much has happened since.

Some of it has been nice, don’t get us wrong. It’s great that she’s able to spend time with Nathan Griffith for their son’s sake.

Most of it has just been an absolute dumpster fire, however, and given that this is Jenelle, we can’t say we’re surprised.

And speaking of garbage, you simply have to see David’s latest statements about her, because they’re pretty abhorrent.

Honestly, this situation is bound to get worse before it gets better, no matter how hard she tries to get back on Teen Mom 2.

Take a look below and see what we mean.

1. What a Mess

David eason eff you
Man … where do we even begin with this mess? Amazingly, these two have been an item for over four years at this point. It feels like a lifetime … a lifetime full of terror.

2. So Much History

Jenelle evans just chills
If you want to start at the very beginning, we could take it the way back in 2015 when Jenelle met David on Tinder and started dating him.

3. Ah, Memories

Jenelle eason david eason
Or we could skip forward just a little bit, since it didn’t take too long for David’s horrible history to come out – the gruesome twosome had barely started dating when his alleged history of emotional and physical abuse came to light.

4. So Many Possibilities

Jenelle evans david eason and barbara evans
Or we could start by talking about when David first began showing Jenelle all of his many, many red flags – you remember, when he started putting a whole lot of strain on every other relationship she had, even the one with her son’s father and her own mom?

5. It Never Ends

Jenelle evans cant believe you
There are so many places we could start today’s story – with Jenelle’s 911 call from last year, when she first admitted he was abusing her, or with the many abuse allegations from Nathan and his own mother in regards to Kaiser, or with Nugget’s death and the battle with CPS that followed.

6. Here We Go

Jenelle and david sittin on a porch
But instead, let’s just focus on the most recent developments and kick things off with Jenelle leaving David a few weeks ago. Evans went all the way to New York, all by herself. Why was this so significant?

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Jenelle Evans: I’ll Do ANYTHING to Get Back on Teen Mom 2!

This really has been a wild year for Jenelle Evans, huh?

Her husband killed her dog, she temporarily lost custody of her kids, and now she’s getting a divorce.

In the midst of all that, of course, she also lost her job.

It’s safe to say that her life has completely fallen apart just in the past few months.

But despite how intense things must be for her right now, word is that she’s got a plan to turn it all around.

And honestly, she sounds pretty desperate for a win …

1. What a Ride

Pb and jenelle y
Yeah, so 2019 has been full of change for Jenelle — but like, SO full.

2. Ugh

David eason wife
We’d heard rumors and reports about David’s alleged abuse before, of course, and last fall was when we heard Jenelle’s harrowing 911 call, but it’s probably safe to say that he really amped things up this year.

3. Disgusting

Jenelle evans and nugget
Back in the spring, he killed Nugget, Jenelle’s tiny little dog, for lightly nipping at Ensley when she started playing a little too rough.

4. A Nightmare

David with nugget
The police found out and opened an investigation, and they also alerted CPS that all was not well in the Eason home, so they removed all the children — Barbara took Ensley, Nathan took Kaiser, and Maryssa went to stay with her grandmother.

5. Poor Kids

Jace ensley kaiser maryssa
Jenelle and David had court dates for a few weeks, and in their downtime they took parenting classes — David also took some anger management classes.

6. Kick Her While She’s Down

Jenelle evans just chills
It was also during this time that MTV broke the news that they’d stopped filming with Jenelle.

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Jenelle Evans: Back with Nathan Griffith?!

It’s been a very, very busy time for Jenelle Evans these past few weeks.

You know, what with filing for divorce from David Eason and all.

She’s left all her belongings behind to move herself and the two children she has custody of to a whole new state, she’s gathered proof of David’s abuse and filed a restraining order against him.

All that sounds like a ton of work, even when you don’t consider how taxing it all must have been emotionally for the Teen Mom 2 firebrand – whatever you think of her personally.

But still, even though Jenelle’s been doing all of that, she still found some time to spend with Nathan Griffith, the father of her middle child, Kaiser, and sworn enemy of David.

Yes, really. Let’s get into it.

1. Jenelle and Nathan

Nathan griffith jenelle evans selfie pic
Okay, so yeah, this isn’t a current picture of Jenelle and Nathan … because there aren’t many. They haven’t had the opportunity to take a photo together for the past few years because their breakup was pretty messy, and because David is the worst.

2. Gross

David eason wife
Jenelle and David first started dating like a month after she and Nathan broke off their engagement and relationship, and it seems like David’s always been super insecure about that, to the point where Jenelle simply wasn’t allowed to speak with him.

3. Ridiculous and Terrifying

Jenelle evans and david eason in ny
We’ll never forget an early appearance of David Eason on Teen Mom 2 where he went with Jenelle to meet with Nathan to discuss custody stuff … he was so mad that he threatened to “fill this whole street with uppercut.” Yes, that happened.

4. So Immature

Nathan griffith shirtless photo
Shortly after that, he decided that Jenelle wasn’t allowed to communicate directly with Nathan, even though she shared a small child with him. Instead, he’d be the one to deal with Nathan when it came to Kaiser.

5. Poor Kaiser

Kaiser enters kindergarten
And speaking of Kaiser, many fans believe that David was allegedly abusive towards him because he does look so much like his dad — more on all that in just a moment though.

6. Setting the Stage

Jenelle eason david eason
So we’ve established that David has always hated Nathan, right? Good, let’s move on to the next part of this story.

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